Knowledge And Wisdom

Knowledge And Wisdom
July 15, 2018 Gary Shotton

Using God given knowledge and wisdom in doing business can be the one most significant lesson a business person might learn. By Gary Shotton #000210

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Knowledge And Wisdom

By Gary Shotton

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Hello, my name is Gary Shotton, and I’m so happy to be here with you as a part of Inspiring Better Business and today we’re going to talk about the subject of knowledge and Wisdom and the difference in how they go together and you know, this is not going to be a preaching session But I’m going to start off by saying God gives us the wisdom, but we must do the research to gain the knowledge This is a joint effort on help having God help us in this and there’s some natural Abilities in some people that don’t believe God’s helping them, but I believe that’s our primary source. Well, these are two words They’re the work hand-in-hand, but they are different and knowledge I’d like to say is that what you gain knowledge from the accumulation of your past? Experiences. I’m going to give you several examples in this but you know, it’s so important that you Recognize that you are gaining knowledge Every single day from probably the day you’re born till right now You gained not a lot of knowledge in the first few years, but as you grow on into your business career You’re certainly gaining knowledge at every job every encounter with every person you meet Believe that you’re gaining knowledge and then wisdom is when you put that knowledge to use in making good decisions Going into the future going forward Knowledge is a little bit of going back or where you’re at currently and you gain knowledge Historically and wisdom in my opinion is something you’d look into the future a little bit more well Knowledge is gained by several specific things in your life Working for someone else your very first job out of high School or even as a youngster all the way from every job that you’ve ever encountered There’s some people that want to own a business and they’ve not actually ever worked for someone so they understand the workingman There’s a knowledge gained by doing research. Maybe you’re going to go into a project and and just plain-old experience There’s gun knowledge gained from tests. Not everything is going to be perfect. You’re going to have some failures All of that is good if you can just gain knowledge is school of hard knocks Sometimes it’s the best thing you can do in gaining knowledge and you know Some people are going to try to do that on their own again but I believe God will help you gain knowledge and Here’s where I feel like he how he helps you You see your your the primary force in gaining knowledge, but God will connect you with the right people at the right time to get the right lessons You need to further your experience level not everything you do is Gonna work not everything you read in Google is right not everything you read in a book is right so somehow you’ve got to come under the understanding that Learning the right and wrong things will give you that knowledge. Let me give you some examples of me gaining knowledge Okay, the moving business at one point in my movie career. I had about seven or eight years into it and I was doing interstate Transportation and I needed some trailers I got to cut the story short But man, I researched where I could get trailers how I could get trailers where I couldn’t make the connections and then God Directed me right under my nose was was a group of traders in For sale in another agent and I was able to buy ten trailers used for the price of one brand-new trailer I don’t think I would have found those traders God led me to that source because I was out doing something gaining that knowledge We’re currently in purchasing the machine shop, you know, I spent six months Thinking about doing my research thinking how would this work? And then God led me to the right people He gave me some insight He gave me the right people to talk to I was gonna make a mistake and I got caught by Having a partner in a key person a very good friend of mine right now told me Gary you can do this on your own Well, that was God stepping in while I was gaining knowledge another I’m currently in a machine shop And I’m I’m wanting to add robotics. We don’t have enough manpower. I’m researching robots I’m researching we’re getting four quotes from a different robot company. I’m gaining knowledge. I’m gaining confidence My friend Octavian starting a garden farm and I watch him and he’s gaining knowledge He’s they’re putting God’s putting him in contact with Bill and and the extension agent and people that really are giving him some wonderful help He’s gaining the knowledge and it’s amazing that that when you get the right people and the right Information you gain confidence and you gain confidence this is going to work so if you’re starting a business or you’re taking another step in your business ask Yourself? Am I putting in the effort to get the knowledge that I need am I? Expecting God to do too much or am I leaving God out of the picture. It’s the combination of both Well wisdom Well, I believe with enough knowledge. You can move forward and making good decisions. Even if you don’t necessarily Logically think that’s a good choice You know, what wisdom a lot of times is something you do when others are not telling you. Yeah, this is perfect I think in the Old Testament where wisdom was following God and Moses led the people of Israel in against the Red Sea and And boy that was not smart except for the wisdom that that was showing God them how to use that Go in the right direction and it worked out well in my case back to the moving business. I had trucks and I’m I’m I’m it wasn’t logical that I as I finished Bible school I would put four and a half years of college on the shelf and never use it again I had ten years of experience in a high level a High high caliber engineering and I put that aside and started a moving and storage business. That’s where you carry furniture up out of the house into a truck. It’s hot it’s sweaty. But for me, that was the Wisdom that God guided me into something was in one sense naturally Illogical I could have resisted that I swallowed my pride. I have a machine shop now. I’ve had it for twelve years. You can do the math. I did it I bought it when I was age fifty-five. I went into a lot of debt. I purchased an existing shop. That really wasn’t logical most people at age 55 wouldn’t go into debt and Certainly into a business that I really didn’t have a lot of first-hand knowledge in myself well, God led me I was using all of my back experience and I put it together and say You know, I have confidence to go forward with the wisdom God’s given me back to the robotics My workers are not all overly encouraging they’re saying well this robotics won’t work. We used to do it this way I’m pushing forward it’s the wisdom that I’ve had gained from all the experience of the past and working with these same men in this case that that I know how they’re thinking I know they’re a bit unsure of this but we can push through we will have 5 to 10 robots in our shop in the next two years I know it’s gonna happen. But it’s the wisdom that God puts me and he puts me in in even in that with the right people to choose Not the most expensive with them but the best robotics that would work for us well once again, Some people can go a long ways with just natural knowledge They gain and they can have their natural wisdom that they can apply and they can go a long ways with that But I wouldn’t even think about going on without God’s help God gives the wisdom But we must do the research to gain the knowledge God helps in both of those but there’s a driving force That’s just a little different between the two Between the two knowledge is a lot of times looking backwards and up to this point I’ve gained knowledge and wisdom is a little bit of moving forward into the future Well, I hope this helps you as you’re looking at your business have have you asked God for wisdom. Just ask yourself Are you really open to his wisdom, even if it’s not logical in the natural? That’ll make the difference. Well, thanks for being a part of IBBTalks, Inspiring Better Business.  Please share these with other people if you choose. Thank you.


  1. Octavian 4 years ago

    Thank you so much, Gary, for sharing with us about wisdom and knowledge. I like your quote “God gives us the wisdom, but we must do the research to gain knowledge.”

  2. Tim 4 years ago

    good stuff, as always. Thanks for sharing.

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 4 years ago

      Your support and feedback is greatly appreciated!
      Your Friend For Life!!

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