Left Behind

Left Behind
March 10, 2019 Gary Shotton

In starting your business, don’t trust your feelings if it looks like others are advancing fast than you. Building your foundation will take some time by Gary Shotton #000270

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Left Behind

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and I’m here as a part of Inspiring Better Business and we’re happy you’re a part of this today I’m going to talk about the subject left behind and how did I get this subject well we called in two countries abroad and that we asked them to ask us tough questions and it became obvious that this was a young group that were mostly students and some of the students some of those in the group were kind of starting their own business and I could sense in the discussions that some of them were getting in the group we’re getting very anxious because wow I’m not owning my own business I I don’t know what to do next everybody’s kind of things are happening and they’re feeling like they’re getting left behind and they should really have a business by now now keep in mind this is only about six weeks after we have started talking to them and they’re anxious they’re ready to go and I got to reassure you that there’s a little gap in time or even quite a bit of gap in time from when you start thinking about a business and when you actually could actually own what could set it be considered your own business and in that I hope to give some pointers and give my experience in this and help you along the way here so number one is don’t get in a hurry all there’s pressure there’s people it’s self-imposed but you hear one of your friends is already doing this and another friends doing that and I’ll make the analogy of some of my children who are now grown they were comparing themselves or they were getting in a hurry because some of their friends were getting married and oh my goodness we got to get in a hurry to get a spouse no no no no you should wait until it’s right and right time so don’t be in a hurry let some time grow get some experience we’re going to talk about that number two don’t compare well that’s a big one because you’ve got it learn to become content and actually rejoice with other people as therefore they’re businesses and they’re getting started oh it could be easy to become jealous Oh they’ve already got this much sales and they’ve already got one employee don’t compare yourself with other people it’s a big habit that we do even maybe you’ve got a brother or sister and that we call that sibling comparison oh my brother my sister they’re already at this level what’s wrong with me probably nothing wrong with you just look at it that God’s developing you a foundation a much bigger foundation than maybe the others and as you’re building a building you know you don’t see the high-rise the what’s coming out of the ground very fast until there’s actually something below the ground called the foundation and that’s what you’re probably building in the early stages especially a little bit based on your age too there’s a lot of growing up to be done while you’re at a year earlier yeah age and and many successful businesses the founders of those businesses didn’t even start until they’re in their 50s or 60s I’ll give you my example and they were very successful why because they built a strong foundation so don’t compare while you’re in this process go ahead and experiment and learn the technical things and start narrowing your field of interest not because somebody else is making money in it or not because you learned that it was a high profit it’s another entire different teaching that says help find what you’re called and good to do stay inside your corridor and so inside that corridor always be doing your technical skills learning technically about what you’re interested in research and if you can work in that general field where you’re wanting to have your business try to get inside of that arena that world in other words if you’re interested in a restaurant and baking and you’re currently working in a hair salon you know judge this whole thing and may quit the job in the hair salon and even take a lower pay in the field that you’re interested in and then there’s of course the business side you should always be learning both the technical side and the business side of what you’re going to be doing and the business side are things like accounting bookkeeping be observant about other businesses see if you’re looking at the business side of something you can walk into any business even if you’re not interested in the product or service at all you can say wow the way they handle their customers were is really cool or the way I was handled as a customer was terrible learn from the business skill sides not just the technical side now here’s your action plan number one I suggest that you view this as if you’re planting seeds that while you’re waiting for your business to manifest to come forth find somebody else that has a visions has a plan has something going especially in the business world and you do everything you can to help that person help put them over especially if you’re working for them don’t do it that you’re learning something to compete with them and their words spin off and start to compete because you learn all about this business but learn the business skills but learn how and the value of being the absolute best helper best employee to someone else if your report time to work is 8 o’clock be there at 7:45 if you’re going to end the day at 5 o’clock work an extra 15 minutes 30 minutes don’t try to be paid for every little thing you’re doing because you’re learning in that business and then be inquisitive be a problem solver in other words wherever you’re at now whether you’re working or a volunteer you have tons of things with tons of lessons you can learn and recognize that this is where you’re learning and you’re developing those skills for your future business ownership and you know there’s just no way around it you’re not going to read all this in a book you’ve got to experience these things and why not learn while you’re working for somebody else and then before I give my examples I want to talk about another thing as you’re getting down the line and you’re thinking about okay I’m about to start my own business now these are complete different teachings but please start small start from what’s in your hand don’t grow too fast wait wait wait be patient and then there’s always a temptation to jump on something that looks good and right behind good is great there’s just such a temptation you’re anxious you’re at the starting blocks of like a race and you want to get going and I’m telling you many times good will present itself but if you wait just a little longer great is right behind it well let me talk about me first of all I was raised on a farm and ranch I learned a ton of things not knowing it but my dad’s an entrepreneur I worked hard for my dad it was expected that I worked hard for him I was put on a lot of responsibility as a young age at a young age I was responsible at different times for major things inside my dad’s farm it was great although I recon Oh didn’t realize it I learned a ton of things there then I always knew that I’m gonna own my own business I’ve known that since a young young child or at least a young adult and but I went to college I graduated I work nine and a half years knowing that I’m gonna own my own business but I got my paycheck from oil company where I worked there 50 60 maybe 65 hours a week working for someone else and I will tell you I did my very best that even just the hard work nature and the idea of quality to do everything I could for that company within my power to do a good job I think God saw that I had mistakes and I had to fix it and in the midst of the though I was experimenting so I had my regular paycheck I’m working guarded by the way that helps if you’ve got a family of five you got a regular paycheck and you know what I had a little acreage and so I started bought it buying some cattle and I had some baby calves I started feeding those baby calves and then I saw the opportunity to do to collect kind of a rocks they were they were stones that you would do instead of bricklaying and these happen to have a nice growths on them we call them a moss or growth there were orange and black and white and I filed for a claim and got a trailer and went out and got those I had a big garden we didn’t actually sell anything with the garden but it offset expenses in other words while I was at my job I was doing many things on the side that that that took effect and and were creating I was satisfying my desire to own something because even though it wasn’t my main income you could consider it a hobby I was actually making money on the side in fact when I decided to leave my company in the way it all worked out I moved to a new town and I sold some cattle and I had eleven thousand dollars in my pocket when I left that town going to my new assignment in a new state you know if I had just relied on my paycheck I wouldn’t have had eleven thousand dollars and this is back quite a few years ago so I’m telling you put somebody else over learn learn experience don’t hurry don’t compare and learn what you can at the level of your heart you know what’s happened is on the idea of planting seeds you know I help other people be successful in anything and everything I was helping them to do and I planted those seeds of help you know there’s a idea that and it’s it’s a god-given idea if you plant corn you’re going to get corn if you plant wheat you’re gonna get wheat but if you plant friendship you’re going to get friends if you plant difficulty you’re probably going to get difficulties I planted so many seeds of helping put somebody else over in their business or in the businesses eyes working there came time for me to need help all that seed has come back to me I have the best workers I have people right this moment I’m sitting here in front of this camera and I’ve got some a whole staff of people that are putting me over partly because I planted some seed in that area well I hope this helps I hope you will be patient there’s a verse that says godliness with contentment is great gain


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  1. Octavian 4 years ago

    Comparison is the biggest killer of many visions and dreams. The 12 spies in the book of Numbers 13 when they compared themselves with the Anakites who lived in the promised land. They concluded that they were like grasshoppers and forgot the promise God gave them, that He was the one who would fight for them.

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