Light4Life – Part 3of3

Light4Life – Part 3of3
September 16, 2018 Paul Light4Life

Part #3 of 3, Paul shares the vision and details about how Light4Life started with 11 men pooling their money to reach $1,000, now have more than $2 million in equity. By Paul from Eldoret, Kenya – Africa #000228

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Light4Life – Part 3of3

By Paul from Eldoret

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

my name is Nina Rabia I’m a businessman in Eldoret was in visual County our offices are based in Riverside a kdrama if you want we are a company that deals with microfinance we deal with the real estate management and development and that really now we are launching construction industry that is where we are going we we believe in making Africa to grow and also bringing the life and change of the community and the people surrounding us to be much more good I know from our discussions that your company has helped more than 1000 businesses to get started give some practical insights on how someone could start small and grow step-by-step action is very very important because even Jesus in the book of Hebrews says without faith it is impossible to please God now how do you please God will without faith how do you please God with faith you see it is a matter of now applying what you have learnt that is to me if I want to to do any kind of business that which I have let us not only look for the finances but the little that I have this is the idea now if I want to be a shopkeeper I doesn’t need it to fast home a supermarket a high permit so that I may learn it to know that I’m a very good entrepreneur in a supermarket what you requires just a small kiosk where you can buy two packets or three packets of rye 2 kgs of shoe then you can tell your neighbors I have a sugar I have a solved I have a flaw you can come and purchase it that is where you begin but you cannot say that I need a very big supermarket so that I can be able to apply what I’m thinking of that is good even if you have a very big idea it’s okay but it is good now you come into paperwork where do you start where do you start how much do you have so how much you have that is what you depend you might not be having money but you have an energy you can go and do a lot of casual labor as you and money then after saving that is where you can start but it doesn’t have to go from back to back looking for money bank to bank looking for money that comes after you have started the business and it is progressing well that is renewal for a foreign idea please go deeper into your attitude and the way you do things to help people not just get money but to be success in life share more please in focus and ease mess we remember informed for you to be Patna with us is does you have to be a friend of mine that is to mean to say if I can give you my $10,000 or even fifty thousand dollars it doesn’t have to have any why about it if I come to that to you then I can bring you on board that is the building that trust me so that is how it is it’s an impossible idea and then when we came together the nomination that we stand with you as a brother we come positive a family we come closer with your business we partner together not only do we partner in terms of imaginary but also spiritually you no matter how the fellowship was a month by we know meaningful a man of God to bring the word of grace for us they must only believe in giving to the community after every financial area there is a certain percentage that is attached the communities we know Marissa transforms in my support they’re old right now we are working out there is a book that is working out to make their own that people especially from 70s and above that are affected so much in the community we are looking forward I think like two months from now to make sure we have administered to them also me know my supports education of children right now I think we have four to five to them Shyamalan primary school others are in the high school but one of the composer’s we have come with these maps nobody even after they complete in the high school we shall hold them like our brothers and our sisters like our sons and our daughters and make sure liquid into the college’s to the technical institution and they find that light into the life and implement it and to see what they were born to be but enough for me believed in those years to be the history that is what we know I do also we normally have so many people that now have started trusting and having confidence or vieira being right now we have many investors even become retailers now what even interest more with you that is what some of others outside us they have been doing there are so many brothers they still racing you know I know in my company now I can give you my $50,000 you can stay with it for money of trieste bring it back but we don’t matter we all feel bad cause when you normally give it back with some interest that is happening because we believe in investing we believe in changing the values of the people and we will transforming the lives of communities so it does not only rely on our stuff that we make ourself to be good but also to make their life of one has to be good please share your faith and how the Bible has brought lessons of truth about business be specific and give us some examples please it is good to understand the nature of life when God created man he made sure he make sure that he has given him all the kind of the information he requires so you are given brain you were given a heart to believe and I would like to take you a little bit in the Bible where there was this man who was called Peter for him to be Jesus disciple he had gone for the fishing the entire night without catching a single fish at the end of the day at the end of the labor he was distressed full of anxiety he was tired even didn’t have enough energy to go back but Jesus appeared to him and what did Jesus told Jesus would have told him now Peter you can go home as you go home you will find something in your wardrobe you will find money there you will find whatever you require but what did Jesus tell him can I use your boat can we go back it was obedience it was commitment of PETA it was the feed in his heart that he said even though I have been fishing the entire night and not getting anything being bitten by mosquitoes and blood but by the word of my lord we can go together with him where did he went at the same same sea where he was then tonight what was the outcome it was only once cast in the net he only casted the net once but it was much more that is to mean the environment that you are in it is the same environment you are required to use it is the same environment you are required to work it out on and to see the change and that is where your miracles is so your miracles is found on the field that you are working on you are you are your your help is found in the field that you are working on that is how things are done

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