Making Money

Making Money
May 26, 2019 Gary Shotton

Understanding the core values for earning money in your business is paramount to being successful by Gary Shotton #000286

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Making Money

By Gary Shotton

Hello! my name is Gary Shotton and am here as a part of Inspiring Better Business IBBTalks. Today I’m going to talk about making money, and you know that’s a slogan or saying that a lot of times we think that’s the idea of we are making money but to be honest with you if you are making money you might want to move to Denver or one of the Federal Reserve locations where they’re printing money and stamping out coins. Because they are really the ones making money we are here to earn money and that is true for the person that is got a job you don’t really make money at your job, you earn that by what you do in practice when you improve your skills and your education. You are in a position to earn more and without doing something there’s not going to be any money coming in so I’m not trying to be cute with this let’s talk about your business now. You know it’s important that on almost anything we do we look down to the very core of why we are doing something it is easier to accept challenges or situations when we know the core values of our life and why we are involved with something.

I will give an example how many of us enjoy changing dirty diapers that is a really fun thing to do of course but we are there because our core thought is to see our child grow and develop and we are willing to put through ourselves through a lot of difficulty and maybe the smell of dirty diapers and spilled milk and cleaning up. Messing’s messes because our core is there to see that child grow and develop into an adult and to love the Lord and to be productive in life that is why we do that, and in a similar way why is the quieter you want to own a business I mean that is pretty important. It is pretty important to ask yourself why do I want this business now, in other teachings we talk about lifestyle business and so a lifestyle business without the whole teaching is one that you know, when you go to work every day you are going to make money every day. But no one else is telling you when to go to work and when to come home. You are making money according to your skills but when you don’t go to work that next day you are probably not going to make any money. That is a business but it’s a lifestyle and you can set yourself at whatever lifestyle you want and accomplish whatever revenue you want in my lifestyle, business to enjoy life well.

I want to go past that I have a business where I don’t report every day, I’m owner of a business that has systems and processes of people but why would I go through that I and how do I actually make money earn money in that situation. Well interesting enough as life’s gone on and I have a pretty successful business I have a lot of inquiries would I sell my business? I have probably an inquiry a week asking me if I would be interested in selling my business now, these are not actual buyers these are brokers that are trying to make their Commission, but I get at least an inquiry a week and you know, I’m thinking I’m not doing this because I want to whenever and however I sell my business. I want to sell it to someone that actually earns and understand the core of how you earn money and it isn’t by being focused on profit. You have got to know whether you’re making profit but it’s focused on taking care of the customer taking care of the needs of the customer and more importantly taking care of the needs of your workers.

This is not some cute little play on words or some kind of a theoretical thought that I will woke up this morning and  putting out to you I’m serious about this that if you don’t take care of those people your customers your vendors  and your employees you can buy a business that is earning money, and the owner is carefully taking care of those people and it is producing profit and you could buy that with the wrong motive, and it’ll be a couple three years and that thing will be drove in and driven into the ground because you were not there to take care of the customer. It happens all the time somebody sees that there is money coming in and they overspend they change their lifestyle they buy boats they buy a vacation homes they waste their money. That is not what you can do and continue earning the money from your customers and having your employees being loyal to you man one of the most frightening things is to think of having a system with 60 employees and half of a walkout. What am I going to do now this is not going to be any fun I don’t know how to make the parts I don’t know how to measure the parts and so I have to be confident and focused on making sure I’m taking care of those employees. I’m not there earning their pay or that this is goes down the line they have to earn their money along with me but when they do that am I being fair to them and those customers am I really taking care of them, in a way that I’m not focused on the sale price or the profit but I’m focused on making sure they are taken care of and it fly applies your vendors. You are not going to have vendors that want to serve you and give you good prices and good service unless, obviously you paid them on time and occasionally pay them ahead of time and listen to their needs along with yours and make things better well this is not some theory that I read book these are things that I believe that I wake in the morning and I have the thoughts that are consistent with God’s plan and our life and I want to share those.

And this is one of those you are here to earn money through your business and then it ultimately says why would you do that, well in my case and I think I would not suggest there is a bigger cause what do you do with that money and if you are not you cannot just send it out and share it in the sense of mail. It in the mail but how do you give it for the Gospels sake how do you invest with the care that you are not creating the concept that when helping hurts and you are hurting people by giving them too much money, this is a pretty intricate discussion because you can hurt people by just lavishly bestowing on earned money on them and they become dependent upon you. Whether it is overseas or missions or a family member I’m very careful about this now hope this is a not a heavy. I hope this is a light-hearted you are not here to make money you are here to earn money you do that by taking care of your customers taking care of your employees taking care of your vendors and then you have a purpose for that money it is up to you to determine that as well and I believe that blessings of God come to you when you can line those things up and you have some sort of control on these things yeah you are going to make mistakes and that’s okay. God understands that make some mistakes he would rather you make some mistakes trying than sitting on your tail in watching a TV all day and not out there hustling well Inspiring Better Business that’s what I’m all about we love to produce these and I hope that you enjoy and learn from them thank you very much.



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