Marketing Skills

Marketing Skills
June 17, 2018 Judith Kokuletage

Judith Kokuletage from Kampala Uganda shares her path of employment as she learned valuable skills in Marketing and this has been a great benefit in her business ownership. Africa #000199

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Marketing Skills

By Judith Kokuletage

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello, I’m Gary Shotton and I’m the founder of inspiring better business Ibbtalks and today I want to introduce you to a friend of mine a new friend Judith we were in the country of Uganda in the city of Kampala and in the process of being in the mall we bumped into and introduced ourselves to Judith and her partner Christina and they’re in the jewelry business and they agreed to take some teachings from their experience and Judith will do that and she’s going to talk about the subject of how she was trained in the marketing field, you know God has a plan for all of us and it involves gaining knowledge and being prepared and taking on Instructions and we’ll hear from happen in her life. Hello My name is Judith from Uganda Kampala. I’m 28 and I have three kids I have a nine-year-old, a four year old and right now, I have a six month old daughter So I have two boys and one daughter and it all began When I was 18, I got pregnant but before the pregnancy on my holidays from school I could do I could go and do small jobs as a Promoter it was an agency of marketing. So in that agency here in Uganda we When children are going back to school we do promotions in Supermarkets to search them the products that are on the market. So when I got pregnant For my first child. I was working for a very nice man. It was a part-time job and When when I got pregnant he decided to give me a permanent job. I’m going to give you three sets of that fall into marketing There’s being a marketeer. They being a salesperson. There’s being a merchandiser and there’s being a promoter First here. They train you to be a promoter first so that you can sell up you can be able to sell a product to the customer and then be a merchandiser how You’re taken into a shopping mall You know you get to know how to display the products to attract the the buyer so a salesperson you get to the You get into the markets into the fields. That’s the right word go into the field and try to look for the market try to sell the product in retail shops in Supermarkets now a marketeer. You have to look for the markets convince a buyer, convince someone to Buy the products, be a distributor to to a certain person so when I got pregnant Got I went to be a promoter From a promoter. I went to being a merchandiser from a merchandiser I went to be a salesperson and then I ended up being a marketer, but I’m telling you all this Here I stopped in senior 3 I didn’t finish school. But what helped me what really motivated me that I was able to work even though I did not have papers for This job, so I just went on building My experience. My work was based on Experience not papers because you might be there having papers, but then you don’t have the character to sell So what I did is I went from being Experienced and this this is what helped me. This is what pushed me to start my own business This is what pushed me with the experience of six years that I have Has helped me to start my jewelry business sell to my customers Even right now when I don’t have like a shop I can sell to you my product and you can buy it So experience is very very important. Experience is very very important You have to have a tongue that sells your product you have to be confident. You have to be bold, you know, you can find a customer that is very very difficult to please It’s very very difficult to take in your word be able to stand there people who are going to pull you behind You know push you away But be able to stand and face those challenges Because from those challenges you’ll be able to succeed you’re able to push on you’ll be able to go forward Don’t fall back. Just go forward


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