Men and Money – Part 2 of 3

Men and Money – Part 2 of 3
April 21, 2019 Pastor Willie George

This lesson was taught by the founding Pastor Willie George at a men’s breakfast at Church On The Move, Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 5, 2019 #000280

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Men and Money (Part 2 of 3)

By Pastor Willie George

Money Is converted from one of four things

  1. Labor

In all labor there’s profit. Some people get more for their labor than others do, and the reason is because they have more highly skilled labor.That’s why the doctor gets more money than the ditch digger.The ditch digger works harder physically,but he doesn’t get as much money as the doctor because the doctor has something else to go along with his labor, wisdom.


Wisdom can be converted to money.When you go to a seminar, you’re going to receive wisdom. Actually, when you come to church and pay your tithe you’re paying for wisdom.Wisdom is something that you can convert into something that will bless your family. It should bless your bank account,it should bless your finances, it ought to bless you mentally.So wisdom can be converted to money.


Product is where we take our labor and wisdom and create something. The product is valuable because it can go where I can’t.I can mass-produce a product and get money in exchange for what I’ve done.


And finally, there’s one more thing that makes money, and that is money itself.The more surplus money you have can be used to invest, and turn that money into more money.

Those are the four things money can be converted from. Everything that makes money can be put in one of those four categories It comes through labor, wisdom, product, or other money.

A new way of thinking

Now, when we start thinking about money our thoughts ought not be,”How do I get money”, but too often that’s how we think. Often, our first thought is ,when we’re in a great need,is “who out there can get me money?” You’ve got to change the way you think.I had to learn this the hard way.I grew up without any money, neither one of my parents was successful financially.Money was always a struggle.

I had to adjust and learn a new way of thinking, First, I had to quit resenting rich people.I presumed that everybody who was rich was a crook.One day the Lord spoke to me and said you can’t be blessed financially till you quit thinking like that.He said there are some that are crooks,but he said there are a lot of people who worked hard and they’re a blessing to this community.They’ve made jobs, they stuck their necks out, they brought income into this community. They’ve put a lot of people to work,they’re a blessing to a lot of folks, and you’re resenting them just because they have something you wish you had.You better get your attitude fixed.As long as you have that kind of an attitude, you will remain in poverty There is a spirit, I believe from Satan, called the poverty spirit,and it’s designed to keep you in ignorance about money..What you need to see is that God wants to bless you and break that in your life so that money is not a mystery to you.If money is a mystery to you, you will never have much of it.You will always be its slave.

Money flows through channels

Now, what I want you to see is that the Bible teaches that money flows through channels.Malachi chapter 3, talking about the tithe.”Bring you all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be meat in my house and prove me now herewith, says the LORD of Hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing,that there shall not be room enough to receive.” God has this thing that he works through called the windows of heaven.A window, is a channel.If you open your window it will channel in cool air, or hot air, depending on the season.If you pull the shades back your window will channel light.If you had an emergency and had to get out of the house quickly your window might channel you.But it is a passageway from one dimension to another.God says when I give you blessings financially they’re coming through the windows and so a window is a channel.Now because God uses channels, very often we get our eyes on the channel instead of the source. Sometimes, if were not careful our primary employment can be looked at as the source. It is not the source. It is only a channel.God has many channels. God said I will open you the windows, plural, of heaven.So what I want you to see it’s a channel that brings blessing to you.It’s a relationship between two parties.

Money comes through channels

Let’s use electricity as an example.You get your electricity, your water, your natural gas, your cable, your high-speed Internet,everything like that that blesses you comes to your home in some kind of a conduit.It doesn’t just show up.It has to have an avenue to get to you.

People who are good with money, know where their money’s coming from.They understand the workings of the channels.Let’s talk about that for a minute.Instead of thinking about how I’m gonna get money, We’ve got to think about the way a channel works.The channel works through an exchange, and God loves exchange.What God doesn’t like is when the exchange is dishonest.He says a false scale is an abomination, but a just weight is the Lords delight.Meaning, that God loves honest trades.It’s when we exchange and we rip people off, God hates that.

There’s nothing wrong with a fair exchange, God loves that. Some people would call that greed, there’s nothing greedy about it at all.It’s greedy when you take advantage of people.It’s greedy when you sell somebody that you know is not working.God does not like that.So what I want you to see is that we operate through exchange, the whole world operates like this.The trees that we see when we go outside, they’re putting something back into us, they’re giving us oxygen.But they’re taking something from us. They’re taking what we exhale. They need our carbon dioxide so they are able to pull that out of the atmosphere and through whatever they do they push back oxygen.Same thing is true with bees.Bees think that they’re just getting pollen to make honey, but what they’re doing is they’re helping the plants, because the plants can’t pack up and go.You might not realize this, but plants are both male and female.So that little male plant is over here looking across the garden at that female over there, and he wants to get to her.And he can’t uproot and go because uproot and go means he dies, but I’ve go  to get over there, I got to connect with her and the bee comes along and he facilitates their connection. He thinks he’s just going from plant to plant with pollen, but he’s taking a message from that male plant, and he’s carrying it over here to the female, and without bees the plant life can’t thrive.

So what I want you to see is everything works on this principle of exchange.Bees, trees, and conference fees. Your goal is to find the channels that God wants to bless you through.


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