Miracles And Managing Money

Miracles And Managing Money
October 10, 2020 Gary Shotton

Learning how to manage money over an extended period of time is a pre-request to receiving miracles from God regarding money. By Gary Shotton #000401


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Miracles And Managing Money

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello, I’m Gary Shotton and I’m here to talk to you about miracles from God.   And I want to share this in a way that does not bring attention to me but hopefully gives you some encouragement as how miracles of financial miracles from God can be a part of your life. And I’m going to go over a series of lessons at least a dozen lessons for myself of miracles that I believe are a notable miracle that I want to share with you along with a couple are a few from the Word of God how miracles happened in, especially the times of Jesus and kind of lay away a pathway for you to understand that miracles are really a part of God’s plan for you. He’s never decided to just give us a book and give us instructions and his he’s, he’s and hands off. He’s a God that wants to have his involvement with our lives in a very tangible way, but we have to do certain things, learn certain things in order to for those things to happen. Well, this lesson. That is probably one of the most notable and most financially rewarding miracle in my life. I was a young boy in southeastern Colorado and my father. Being a farmer and rancher had moved some 10 years after the Dust Bowl their era into the land area where was most commonly known as the Dust Bowl where dirt and wind and very difficult place to be a farmer, and over a period of time he was a diligent and all that he’s, he’s done and the lesson I want you to know in this one is that he taught us how to manage money. And when we manage money, God can trust us with his money. So, at an early age we were young just young boys and we got paid for little things like our minor little payment if we got straight A’s on a report card and if we matched it we got a certain $50 in savings ourselves from a little things we did not just chores but working for mom and dad then if we got $50 mom and dad wouldn’t match that we put in the savings account. We were four older boys in our family of five. And we had just two tractors and so what we got to work for dad we got paid a quarter of an hour, an hour, and that was really good money we thought, and it was and we’re excited but most of that money went into the savings account. We didn’t just spend it we didn’t go to town and eat candy and, and we had many good things in our life but that money was sacred. It’s something we set aside. And as we got older, this opportunity for my father to buy some land, had been very limited because the people that own land didn’t really want to sell it and that was a candidate to buy land but at one point though there was a large auction and this auction was to handle a large quantity of land and a big portion of this big auction over 2000 acres was near our existing farm operation. And at the auction. In October of, 2019 71. This land was auctioned off in a certain way that the parcels of land. Sometimes there was 160 acres and times some were 640 acres that’s a square mile, and these little parcels and these parcels were auctioned off separately. And then there was one final auction where one landowner one auction attendee could bid high enough that the sum of the entire land added up to what was best for the person selling in other words if the sum of all of the little pieces of parcels individually was more money for the seller then that’s what what happened. But if one person bought all, then they got all of the land that was included in that group over 2000 acres. Now the unique part of this was, in order for the land to gain its highest value. They had included not only what’s called the surface rights time but what also included any subsurface that would be the oils and mineral rights that are below the land and the surface rights was kind of interesting because this auction was in October, as I said of 71, and nobody knows whether or not there’s really going to be a harvest, because the police had just been planted it had just been planted in August, and the wheat, that would had been planted in August would grow all winter long and that’s one half of the acres of the 2000 acres 1000, plus acres, would be planted to wheat, and that thousand acres would come through the wintertime, and if it rained in January February and March, there’s a chance of having a pretty decent wheat crop. And then we would harvest that wheat in. Typically, the first part of June, and that would be the owners or and the owners product, the owners, the person is successful with the, with the auction would have the ownership of that week well as it was we’d had not been valued at much more than $1 a bushel for years and years and the auctioneer was poking fun at all the people in attendance and say hey we’re going to go to $2 so we’re gonna have a great week Rob. Of course he’s trying to get the bid up well guess what happened. Dad was able to walk by the land for $49 an acre. And yes, the wheat came with the land, and there’s half of that was planted to wheat, and that half, all we had to do is cut the wheat harvest and haul it to the, to the elevator and that half of the land was paid for, just in, in months, no effort on our part. That’s a miracle. Now, how did I play into this.

Well, the lesson learned was managing money back when I was a youngster. It was a case in point that this small savings I had started to build up into a sizable bit of savings. And at one point when I was 17, I had a decent older car sufficient for me to get around, but I got wind that I had this money in my bank account in my name, and I approached them. Dad with the idea that maybe I could take some money out and use it to buy a better car, and he said, Absolutely not. Well, that’s managing money he knew the difference of what putting aside something, and that’s what dad was able to buy the land with, so we had to have a deposit down, we had to have $40,000 to put down at the auction, and I had 60 $700 my two brothers had 60 $700, and my the combination of three of us made $20,000, and my mom and dad had the other $20,000 so the point is, since 1971, almost, almost 50 years I have been owner part owner of Shotton farms Incorporated. And through that time period money has come to me periodically, when I needed it as a revenue stream and I have been extremely blessed. Now the things I want to point out, I hope I didn’t take too long. In this explanation was that there was the natural side. That was my responsibility in this case it wasn’t even my responsibility. my parents were the ones that had the wisdom I remember I wanted to take that money out and get a car, and there were the ones that had the responsibility to know how to manage money. And that was passed on to myself, and especially my older two brothers and myself the older three of us, and for years, all this time period we have been good managers of money that’s come to me over and over and over again. So, when I became a good manager of money. God. Now, is in a position to miraculously, not just hand me money. But, in trust me with his money. You see, nobody that has money wants to hand their money to somebody that’s going to just blow it got a gun to run them guys costs money can cause problems in lives. And so God wants us to learn to manage money, manage money, manage money that includes saving some that includes giving some that whatever managing money means, in my case right now I have 50 employees in my current business. I have to pay bills, so I have to manage money. I cannot just be flippant with the way I handle the money I’ve had. And that’s been a part of my life for 50 years. I’m so happy that God, trained me and is training me through partly through my dad and through my experiences here, and that lesson learned, and there was a miracle of God. This land is valued it, and has been sold portions of has been sold and we still have almost 2000 acres. Still in our possession because at one point it grew from 2000 to over almost 5000 acres, and we sold some of the land. So, this has been an extreme blessing. It was a miracle from God. It’s not something I can claim. Oh, I’m so smart that I did this, no God did it. And if you’ll learn to manage money. I’m not saying that the next day you’re going to get a ton of money in your checking account, you’re going to have to do some other things, but you’re going to be in a position for God to bless you financially. Thanks for being a part of inspiring.
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