No Shortcuts

No Shortcuts
June 28, 2020 Gary Shotton

Taking a pathway in business that is easy and quick will most likely end with some disappointments. By Gary Shotton #000375

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No Shortcuts

By Gary Shotton

Most people could visualize a coach that has expecting to get his team in condition, and after the day of a long process or they’ve been working out hard doesn’t matter the sport he says.  Hey, it’s time now to run two miles and he gives you the route to run and inevitably there’s going to be somewhere and those somebody in that group that’s going to look for a shortcut. And they can snow they can cut across kind of wait for the rest to get there and then kind of jump back in. And act like they run the entire distance that is not going to win the team win the game, that’s not what you want to do, and this subject is there’s no shortcuts.

There’s no way to just come to the top get past certain things without a little pain, without a little endurance, without someone just testing you see it’s kind of like someone that plays the guitar. Oh I don’t play the guitar now but I did when I was much younger, and I had to when I first started playing the guitar I had to Cal us up my fingers the end of my fingers those wires hurt. And so a real guitar player you can tell because those ends those fingers man they’re calloused they’re full of good calluses because they played and rubbed against that wire so much that’s what it’s going to take you’re going to have to do some of that no matter what.

God seems to take us off the easy pathway because in going on the more difficult pathway, there’s a lot more to learn and there’s a lot more you can learn and a lot of times God’s taking you on that path to teach you something. He’s putting something in you that you’re going to need down the future again. I’ve talked many times about don’t be the employee working for somebody that’s just biding time trying to get through, this day trying to get through the week and on this other side on the side man they are over here just planning this if this business is doing something. But you can’t take a shortcut in in the fact that that you’re that that while you’re on the job there’s many things that your pathway is going to take that’s going to take you

I would recommend that you volunteer for the difficult things I would recommend that you be the first hand up in the air, when somebody says’ hey, we have a real difficult situation here, I need somebody to and you look at and say I’ll do that, and they’ll solve that problem. That’s a great way to advance yourself in that business. But also advance yourself in the kingdom of God in the way that you’re going to own and operate a business.

God is not interested in where you’re going, he’s interested in who you’re becoming you are becoming someone based on the track record you have. And shortcuts are not a part of that you see as you go down the pathway there’s going to be a time where there’s some difficult things, you have a chance to try to detour around those or take a shortcut around those or go on through those and learn the lessons. So  take the lesson don’t harm yourself don’t create any harm here but there’s lessons to be learned in everything you’re doing,  every time you go to work every day you go to the work you could challenge yourself to put yourself on the spot and learn a lesson that day, learn from somebody it doesn’t have to be from that boss doesn’t have to be from the professional learn from the others around you be a learning be a asking a question  machine . Asking questions, asking questions, there’s no shortcuts and in this process, there’s got to be a place in time that you’re going to decide, hey it’s time for me to go on to something new and different you see

It happens to have an attitude that at the point and time that I couldn’t learn I wasn’t aggressively, learning I’m not talking about just in one day, but I can see that this is tailing down and now I’m going to be kind of a clock puncher. Okay I punched in and got paid and went home, I punched in the next day that kind of an attitude that’s when I started looking around and say hey, I think this gig is ended, I think I’m ready to move on I don’t want to go through life, just putting in my time I want to go through life learning. That caused me to jump around a little bit not radically.

I was nine years my first business then I moved to this town and created a movie. I went to Bible School for two years at the end of that I started the Moving and Storage Company. It was tough seventeen years of that then at that I took six years where I did ministry and invested homes and in real estate. And then I’m in this machine shop and you know if this ends or when this ends I’ve got another thing planned, so why would I change around I would only change when things not when they get tough,  you don’t want to change when they get tough you want to see it through when it’s tough you want to be on to the end and see that through you  want to leave.

Things are going well and you’ve learned what you need to learn in that spot I at the old person named Cassius Clay who is now Muhammad Ali he may have died,  I’m not sure but he wasn’t long ago Muhammad Ali as a world heavyweight boxer his original name was Cassius Clay, and when he was that age I watched at the end of he had won his second World Championship heavyweight boxer of the world and then he lost it. And he was being interviewed and they asked what you are going to do now and he says, I’m coming back I’m not going out of my boxing career when I am on the top I actually held on to that for most of my life. As I decided I didn’t leave a job because it was tough, I left it because I had finished my tenure. There I’d really learned all that I aggressively could learn in that spot I’m ready for something new and different

I changed complete professions so I learned something new and different can see I’m I don’t care about the technical side of making these parts, I’m learning business and I can learn business from being applied into a new business, a different venture, a different area, and that’s where I’m that there’s no shortcuts. Stick with it, be aggressive don’t waste time, come through it on the other end and you’ll be happy.

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