Not A Fighter

Not A Fighter
June 4, 2017 Gary Shotton

When conflicts come, try to resolve them peacefully. Those that quickly look to start a fight, normally lose. #000108

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Not A Fighter

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and I’m going to speak on the subject today of not a fighter now what do I mean by that why would we go to blows and fight with somebody physically we have all kinds of rampage right now where people are being upset and they go even to guns and hurt and kill people and it just doesn’t make sense there’s some things that are just not worth the fight winning is not always the best thing for you to do I was sitting with a friend of mine we meet for lunch about every three or four months he’s a very successful business owner to the tune of a hundred and forty five million a year in sales and his combined two companies and while we’re sitting there eating just the two of us he gets a phone call we both know that when our wives call that’s grounds for interruption in a meeting like that it’s casual his wife he conveyed later was expressing some problems with their car where they had a tire that was out around or imperfect or need repair and he gave them some quick guidance and then quickly after that then we became evident that maybe these tires even though they came on a car that was valued at a hundred and fifty thousand dollars was old tires like a six year old tire on a brand new 150 thousand dollar car so we got to talk about this and guy got to watch what he how he reacted to this it was pretty interesting and he came to a conclusion that even though he was a customer of this very high-end car dealership and they had purchased five cars valued at 150,000 dollars each over the last several years he wasn’t really going to fight him he wasn’t worth the fight if they didn’t treat him right simple just don’t go back why fight see there’s a reason that we don’t want to have an attitude of always fighting always bringing contention always making sure that the score is settled always being sure that everyone knows that we’re right and they’re wrong there’s things that you don’t want to do that will just create fight after fight after fight it’s not it’s not proper it’s not ethical it’s not good for you it’s not good for business it will tie up your resources it’ll tie up your mental resources there is truth to the fact that a win is not worth fighting for all the time let me get some other examples that that I had the moving business and we we move furniture like we moved 33,000 customers in a 17 year period now we didn’t crack down the revenue that my friend did this is several years ago we were right at the three million dollars a year in sales that mean a lot of moves $300 moves and $500 moves but in that process we would have furniture that appeared to get damaged some of it we actually damaged but some of it we didn’t damage that it appeared that we damaged and no one had seen this crash no one that looked close enough and when we physically move it and we said it in a new light or a new situation wow there’s a there’s a scratch or there’s something wrong with the leg we didn’t do that but many times we just said hey it’s not worth the fight you win let’s figure out how we can fix it that we can fix it very quickly and easily and it be gone that’s what we’re talking about the when the when winning is not always the objective the objective in many cases is keeping our customer have we faced it here with you’ll see here our name is inspiring better business we had a different name and that name was found to be a trademark infringement now I’m not knocking these people that trademarked that name they’re our previous name I’m not even going to mention it doesn’t matter but they have geared themselves up with legal teams legal teams that are going to search consistently and make sure that nobody’s using that name and that name to me is not worth the fight whereas my friend that has the two companies that I talked about earlier if somebody infringes on his not just name we talked about his logo you know his exact name yes but on his logo no but on the chemical makeups of what he’s doing sure they’re going to fight that because that’s that’s what who they are so you’ll have to decide when the fight is worth it now I have a key speaker someone that speaks into my life publicly I don’t have private audience with this person and they gave a history of this very subject that made me think of it that basically when they were in high school he was a football kind of guy he’s kind of ready to win going to win at every every step of the way ready to bite you if that’s what’s his attitude and they need to comes a solid Christian and there’s a time shortly after that that these boys in another town come over to challenge him make fun of him make fun of his Christian stand make front of like his reputation and he had a choice to make and he said in his public speaking that he chose not to take these guys out he could have physically done it I really believe that he was a fighter he had the capability and his attitude was this he doesn’t have to make the score equal at every crossroad he took the approach that it had happened somebody else is going to take care of those guys and so in the process of time he read or heard that some these same guys that were bullying him he could have stood up fought them and beat them could have won he let time and process take its course and somebody else came in and put them in the hospital because they were fighters these guys are fighters and they’re going to try to fight and there’s always going to be somebody will try to win over the top of them we’ve got to pick our battles we’re not always destined to be the winner sometimes it’s just easier to walk away easier to count it a loss easier to write it off as non collectible easier you’ll have to make that decision you can’t do that very often because you have to pay the bills so there is a time to stand up and make sure you win but there are other times where you’re going to have to be a willing to walk away willing to to set your ego aside and make sure that you win ultimately not every little battle I hope this helps please pass these on to others if you would I’m proud to have you listening to us we’re here to inspire better business thank you


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