Not A Newspaper

Not A Newspaper
August 8, 2021 Gary Shotton

To be successful in business and finances, dedication is needed in seeking wisdom through reading biographies and other books. But, the Word of God has a many business lessons if we will dig it out. By Gary Shotton #000469

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Not A Newspaper

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello my name is Gary Shotton, and I’m here as a part of Inspiring Better Business / IBBTalks.  Today we’re going to talk about the subject, not a newspaper. What do I mean, well, I happened to be from a small town Small Farm and Ranch community, and the town itself was only 700 People in our farm was actually 30 miles from that town, but I’ve moved away and I’m now many miles away for many years, but they still have a newspaper and I subscribed to that newspaper, and here’s the sample of it, it’s called the Chi Wah County, independence, and it was well written and I receive it about weekly but I don’t just stop and read it right away I wait till I have a little time and when I read through it, I’m not really studying it, I’m just seeing what’s happening. Oh, a friend of mine from high school did this and all of these kids played sports and Oh, somebody’s got a baby, all those kinds of things and it’s interesting, but it’s not what I’m studying I’m not I’m not detailed. I don’t really care when I read about it, and I’m not trying to remember it’s just information. Same is true with people that post on Facebook a lot of that is something that’s just good information but not something you would study, but I’m strongly suggesting that as you read the Bible, that you read it quite differently than reading a newspaper that’s what I mean by not another rousse newspaper, because when you’re reading the Bible, if you’re not careful, you’ll be kind of reading it as if it was a historical event and we’re thankful for it and interesting, and especially when you’re studying the Bible regarding business and finance and and and how the Word of God is fall of business examples, and a lot of people look at me kind of funny and say are you sure I said yes, I’m telling you, if you will read the Word of God, with the eye of your understanding that the eye your eyes be open, that they may enlightened, as it says in Ephesians chapter one verse 1214 1516 Right in there that that, that more than one version talks about your eyes being open so you should start reading. On the subject of business, and when you’re reading the Bible, and you’re interested in that, and you’ll see that many more things related to business will come through. Well I read other books I’ll give you some examples here. I was asked that what kind of books do I read well once David Greene Hobby Lobby, the story of Hobby Lobby. Another one is asked Truett Cathy, the story of Chick fil A, those are in our area, and the other one is the story of Sam Walton and how Walmart got it created it started and I, those are valuable and even when I read those if you noticed, I tagged those I tagged those so that if I want to speed read it I don’t want to read the whole thing again I can just go to those tabs, while I’m studying that, because I want to learn what from somebody else that has more experience than I have. And I’m telling you that if we’re not careful, we don’t look at the word of God that way. I have two Bibles here i one that’s called the patient bible it is one that, that that is much more recent word wording, a more consistent with some days time, and the other is my good old King James Version, you know, and I have on my phone. Over on the counter there is my digital copy of the Bible. Well, I have plenty of opportunities I have plenty of Bibles I got plenty of information, but it’s up to me to read it differently, read it, you know, You can take another subject, like marriage and read the Bible, regarding how you would be married and that kind of subject but our subject is business. How does the word of God talk about business and what can I learn from it. Well, in a kind of a popcorn fashion under the word just bang bang bang. I’d like to just highlight some of those things that I’ve seen, and then hopefully that will encourage you or spur you on to look at the way you read the Bible and again you read for other things, not not just business and finance and money and you’re not reading it in order to quote get rich, you’re just reading it to understand what we call God’s Laws for Doing business. Well, here are some of those things that I like to point out in the Old Testament just right off the bat to creation. Wow, there’s so many business lessons, so many videos about the character of God from creation. One is just that, God created the earth which systems and processes, it’s real obvious he created the heavens, the moon, the stars, the oceans, mankind humankind. The, the, the fish, and then eventually mankind, and all of those were created after their own kind, that would mean every part of creation was created, so that it reproduced itself, it had a systems and processes in my body I have all kinds of systems and processes and so, my body is designed to work in systems and processes, well, maybe your business auto work in systems and processes, Maybe my body is most efficient but everything’s working in harmony and if something’s wrong I go fix that. Well, maybe in your business. If everything’s in harmony and repeating itself and predictable, the things that systems, create, then if something’s wrong, you go fix that, you’re going to have a healthier healthier business.   What about quality and creation. Well, God created so many things on the first day the second day and the third day in the fourth day and eventually on the sixth day, created humans but after each day he said, and it was good. Wow, that’s his statement of quality he put his stamp of approval on quality when he said and it is good, and I believe it’s on the sixth day, he says, and it was very good. While that means we had quality, another popcorn is no as our, you know I had a chance to go visit Noah’s Ark replica, in the state of Kentucky, and I heard someone speak on that subject and I didn’t realize that Noah was already a student and skilled boat maker is his wife, actually, his father was a boat, constructed boat so God didn’t just choose anybody who chose somebody that already has some skill sets, and you know, that’s what we look for when we’re looking for somebody to work in our company. We’d like to find somebody that already has a knowledge to be there a desire to be there, and then also that they already have an aptitude for it, and then we try to determine whether or not they’re going to actually be dedicated and committed to fill it with to finish on the course and actually make a career out of it. Well, no, I made a career of 120 years of making that arc and under the very tough situations. Well, another one day with killing Goliath, we know that story and and he negotiated the contract, you know, if you read their close before, before he actually went in and finally agreed he said tell me again. Now what do I get, he got a reward I believe it was up to half of the of the kingdom and also the king’s daughter the king’s daughter I believe. But anyway, he knew what his contract was well you should know your contract, and then he didn’t just come into a killing a Goliath like a young boy that didn’t have any skills. He had pre determined and pre created the reality that he could be with his slingshot could kill the bear, the lion, and he knew how to do that so he wasn’t guessing whether what whether or not he was going to be able to take down Goliath. He knew that he had confidence of it, but it’s because he created, and had had built his own skill sets, well, if you’re going to be in business or you’re going to have a job, create and build your own skill sets, well quickly this popcorn again goes into the New Testament, the very first miracle that Jesus performed was turning water into wine. Well, first of all, again, that subject to quantity. If you notice, when he took the wine, the sample out of the newly created on the second day wine in other words they had already been there two days, then the person, accepting that in charge of the wedding said wow, this is the best wine I’ve had are much better than what you started with, are you, and so we see again quality, Once again, there’s record keeping in that and because Jesus didn’t just say, Go get me some water. He said he got six pots of water it would record the amount of quantities of water we knew what size of water, this wasn’t some little bitty jugs, this is big quantities. Some 609 100 gallons of water, what were the now created into wine, where there’s another one part of the parable of sowing seeds that’s in Matthew chapter 13 This is a parable. So whether it’s a miracle, or a parable, I’m telling you the Word of God is full of business skills business lessons, and yes you can read biographies like I’ve suggested but you can also learn and should learn the laws of God’s doing business in the Word of God. Well thanks for being a part of inspiring better business. We want you to know that the word of God is more than a book, a textbook for Sunday school lessons, more than a book for life living, it’s also a book for doing business, handling finances handling money, and efficiency again says if you will pray that prayer that the eyes of your understanding, might be enlightened to the truth of what’s in the Word of God, I think you’ll benefit. Thanks for being a part of Inspiring Better Business.


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