Not All About Me

Not All About Me
February 11, 2018 Gary Shotton

A culture of focusing on the needs of others above your needs will spread throughout your company is so positive that others will notice. By Gary Shotton #000174

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Not All About Me

By Gary Shotton

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton and I’m so happy to be with you here today and we’re talking about things that would Inspire Better Business. We hope you’re enjoying these teachings and you’ll share those with others today we’re going to talk about a subject not all about me, you see in life you’re going to write in to people that you can sense right up. Front that they’re all about them man they’re climbing the corporate ladder they’re stepping on people all the way up they have no relationships that’s last. They’re making issues over every little thing that might make them look bad they’re making sure that they look good. They’re with the right people that they’re seen with the right people they manipulate situations so that they’re always at the right spot. Always in the candlelight, always in the spotlight, you know those kinds of people I don’t like to hang around at all because you know what they have very shallow relationships because there’s all about them.

 It’s everything centered around them. It doesn’t always out quite that strong at first, but it’s after you get to know them a bit and you start seeing you know they’re only climbing the ladder they’re only trying to use me to get to the next level. I want to suggest that as you own a company like I own this company that you get that or rid yourself or train yourself to recognize that’s not going to work. It’s not going to bring harmony in your company it’s not going to be a harmony in their surroundings you’ve got to create an atmosphere a culture in your company and it comes with a stock the top you may be the owner you may be a key manager you may just be an influencer or inside the company but your actions are read loud and clear you are the one that are setting in motion the things that need to be corrected and creating a positive culture is one of those things you see the culture of a company there’s no company has a culture it’s the some of the attitudes of the individuals inside of that company.

You know those individuals when you stack them repeatedly and the majority will rule in this case many times and yes one bad apple can spoil the bunch that’s true, but you must maintain that we’re moving forward with relationships that are very positive for you. Your customers your employees and your customers especially they can sense them. I have a machine shop we’re here taking these videos where it’s quiet and I have a lot of my friends come tour through the shop. I invite them because I want them to see I’m proud of our company I’m not bragging but they walk through with me, and I talked with my individuals as I’m walking through say hi to them check with them just a little bit in a normal way and our observers our visitors many times says man you’ve got a wonderful culture inside of your company well let me tell you one of the keys.

I think I don’t have and I’m not bragging but I don’t think I have the attitude that this all about Gary’s bragging on the company the individuals inside of the company and these individuals know that it wouldn’t be unusual for me to walk up to a machine with my guests. And say hey why don’t you explain what you’re doing here and let them explain what they’re doing that gives them honor that says that I’m they’re important to me guess what I cannot make a single part there’s not a single thing. I can make here my job is to increase sales make sure I have happy customers make sure that I have pay the bills make sure I have money for payroll, but I can’t make a single part so we’re here as a team you see I’m always asking, and I don’t, and our leadership is always how can I make things better for you it could be something simple. I noticed that in one of our offices somebody is fighting with a simple stapler you know like a five-dollar stapler, and they pushed the stapler and then it messes up and it takes like 15 30 maybe a minute or two to dig out the staples.

And maybe it works and throw that stapler away and go buy them another stapler it’s not about me it’s about them how can I make things easier better.  We don’t buy old drawn-out junky pieces of equipment because we found out that our workers or employees are it’s better for the company to have high-quality machines and equipment especially on the high dollar CNC computer driven equipment that breathe is required to do these jobs. We may buy a used piece of older equipment that is not significant to us still important but not significant, so we try to make sure we have good equipment. I’m always asking how I can make things better what can I do to help you what’s the most important thing, that if I could fix could I fix to make things better and a lot of times they joke with me. And they say well why don’t you just get away go on a trip get away from here because you keep bugging me well, they know I’m joke that I know that they’re joking with me, and I know that.

When I’m gone everything runs fine without me, but I want to think they make things better for them examples we have quality equipment you know we have measuring devices. I just purchased a one hundred and forty thousand dollar what’s called a coordinate measuring machine because it will make quality better to put that in place. I am spending about fifteen thousand dollars to romantic want to leave the room that’s the room to put it in a room that’s a large now that would hold this piece of equipment that’s going to make things better again i buy equipment that make things better. I ask about tooling I say you know why we would use some old tooling or certain things necessary to make our parts. It must be innovate even come up with new ideas suggestions and improvements to make things better because why it’s not all about me. it’s about the workers here and that propagates down into their attitude towards each other they’re now a culture say hey how can I make it better for the next person in the process of making these parts.

Now we don’t make these lessons all about just business we’re going to talk just a little about marriage and relationships at home you know this is a good tip for you that, if you over relationship is that relationship based upon how you feel are you asking that partner whether. it’s business or marital or just a dating relationship are you always saying well man if they make me feel good, I’m happy but as soon as they don’t, I’m getting a new one well that won’t last very long. I will tell you that and you would be better off saying to your significant other or that relationship it could be a friendship how can I make this better. How could I make our relationship better asks sincerely it’s not just a flower on Valentine’s Day how can I make things better in our and then do some things you know maybe your wife is kind of fed up with an old vacuum sweeper and it thing is it is absolutely a piece of junk and you’ve had it for several years and to be honest with you.

I don’t know how many vacuum sweepers I bought but I bought a bunch of them because when my wife says this vacuum sweeper doesn’t work very well, I go ahead make a little effort to make sure there’s not just a plug filter or something and I go buy her a brand-new vacuum sweeper. Because I want her job to be better you know what that goes a long way since our relationship now, I must do other things that just buy her a vacuum sweeper, but she knows that I appreciate the job. She does in that area, and we bought a brand-new washer and dryer the same thing I’m not having her wash our clothes with an old piece of junk where I’m driving me a new pickup truck, we’re here to help you we hope it helps in business and life in relationships. We thank you for being a part of Inspiring Better Business please share these with others we thank you very much.


  1. Alla Pavetic 5 years ago

    People who work under a boss that helps them develop their full potential are truly blessed. Great topic Gary!

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 5 years ago

      I think this would be a much better world if the bosses of the world were aware of the potential for positive change in people’s lives. Yes, we hope to help people to become more a aware of the influence they have in the workplace. Thanks for your comments, you are a blessing!!

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