Not Desperate

Not Desperate
December 17, 2019 Gary Shotton

Making a critical decision or major change in business while feeling desperate will many times result in regret. By Gary Shotton #000332

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Not Desperate

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton I’m a part of Inspiring Better Business today we’re going to talk about not being desperate not desperate you know there’s times in our business life in our careers things are just not working very well I’ve been there I’ve lived it I know what I’m talking about and in the process you come oh my goodness I feel fear coming and I am becoming desperate and you’ve got to ward that off and not take action in that state of mind because normally that’s going to be a wrong action you’re going to move outside of the best for your plan in your life there’s a there’s a tendency just to take action ahead of schedule and become more desperate or even dig the hole deeper you know if you’re in a position of unemployment you might become at a point that you’re feeling desperate and you just take the first job offer you again you didn’t think through this you didn’t analyze is this best for you is this something that that fits you in that then you’re in the work world working for someone else that’s fine but be careful not to be desperate to take the job when you should have waited just a little bit longer don’t desperation can lead to fear and that’s really what you’re dealing with fear being mostly the opposite of faith fear is a concern and a negative way for the future and faith is concerned being concerned or or view the future in a positive way here’s the way in things that can happen I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take action maybe and get a job and and get some income coming that’s okay but don’t lock yourself into something that’s a wrong pathway for years and years ahead you know there’s it’s it’s okay to take kind of what we call a necessity business it’s okay to some grass or dig a ditch or or do some computer work or or take care of children like a nursery someone else’s children there are things that you need to to just bridge the gap and take the pressure off and and as you’re in these processes recognize that work is a part of God’s wisdom it’s a flow of wisdom comes to you while you’re in the workplace while you’re doing something it’s very important because when you take yourself totally out of the work place you’re gonna find yourself in a more difficult situation not only because you don’t have money coming because you’re not flowing in the work pattern in a work flow and and don’t bypass the lessons that you’re going to learn in the work place don’t overlook those opportunities to learn things even in the most unusual unexpected situations that that you’ll learn something small in the in the process of even dealing with someone in a most elementary point of life and so it’s always good god will always make a way of escape for you you’ve got to realize that there’s not a reason that you can find to throw in the towel and be be overly concerned I mean it we’re facing a huge epidemic here in the United States of suicide we shouldn’t even get close to that yet I know that that’s a pattern that starts happening someone feels desperate desperate there’s trap they see no way out they’re not looking at the future anyway there’s hundreds of thousands of people that are losing their life that wish they had more life and yet they’re people with first perfectly good bodies and and and and and physically strong take their life it’s just so unfair and God always will make a way out and and it’s very important and there’s a when there’s a tak comes your way and there’s multiple attacks you can actually sometimes rejoice I’ve learned that when there’s face I’m faced with different things coming from different directions maybe the car broke down and I have a broken windshield at my car and then then then somebody took advantage of and stole something out of my shop and then oh I I thought I was going to get a raise at work and I didn’t get the promotion I mean multiple things that are happening especially all at once for me that’s a trigger that something’s on the horizon it sounds odd but I really mean that a lot of times right before you’re going to the next level you’re going to accomplish something God’s gonna take you to the next step there’s a period of time that Satan or his this world’s efforts are going to try to keep you at your level have you throw in the towel make you give up make you say bad things make you become discouraged and and and be desperate don’t do that hold on and keep track of God’s goodness well I’ve got to give it a couple examples here one poor tear sure is I was in the year 2009 and I just purchased this company in the year 2006 and those first three years were going pretty well and money’s rolling in and I’m buying some new equipment I bought a lot of new equipment and then in that third year 2009 our economy just dropped to the bottom absolutely to the bottom and I was basically facing every single customer had cancelled orders or not giving me orders I had no means of appeared to be able to carry on in this business but I watched what I said and I took a strong look at it and I did the Nexxus Airy steps of trimming back my workforce and I gathered my team the core team my five and six people they were closest to me and we had a meeting and I dis conveyed to them my confidence in the future I’m telling you I felt to some degree that I was lying to them but I also knew with God’s help we would get through this and I said you know we’re going to come through this a better company we’re going to have better systems and processes we’re going to come on the other side really thanking God and thanking the situation that it happened because we’re going to come through this much better off than we were before and what’s gonna happen as some of the other companies that didn’t make it through we’re gonna have their business we’re gonna and so there’s no way I’m gonna quit there’s no way I’m gonna be discouraged oh yeah inwardly I was I was concerned but outwardly I had to convey that we have a solid future and I asked my team is everyone with me is everyone willing to do what it takes to get through this and we all agreed and we went through it and it was like one year later the like the faucet turned on and jobs just kept rolling in and rolling in it was just a few a couple years after that that my number one customer called me and said you come in here and you’ve got to build more capacity for us and we build another building and added more machines and cart more workers because we push through that time without becoming desperate we kept doing the right things I kept my giving on a on a personal basis at the proper level and God continue to bless what we’re doing well I know it sounds like it’s a great summary there I wish I could give more details but I’m confident that if you don’t act in desperation and you turn to God and ask his for guidance and wisdom that you can make it through thank you for being a part of Inspiring Better Business.


  1. Tim Walterbach 3 years ago

    That is so true! It has never been the obstacles that have stopped my progress. God always has a plan to overcome those obstacles. The problem comes when I make decisions out of desperation instead of trusting God.

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 3 years ago

      You speak from a position of experience and wisdom. Thanks for your friendship.

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