Not Weary In Well Doing

Not Weary In Well Doing
July 18, 2021 Gary Shotton

Galatians 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”  By Gary Shotton #000467

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Not Weary In Well Doing

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello my name is Gary Shotton, and I am enjoying my time with you as a part of inspiring better business. Today I want to talk about not weary in well doing. Well, this was many years ago, and I had determined with my family to move to a new town to go to Bible school. And after the two years of Bible school and in that midst I had started my first business it was a tough business it was moving furniture household goods, ideas, my family car pulling a horse trader and by that time I had two small trucks and we’re kind of moving down the line with a business but this is a tough business and I would then try to determine when it came close to my end of my school years my two years with my wife and our three children, whether I should continue with this business or not or should I go into what we’d be more traditionally considered the ministry. And to be honest with you, I was working really hard, and it looks pretty much more enjoyable to be in a suit and tie and speaking and administering without what I would call a more typical ministry, opportunity, but I had felt quite certain that this was God’s plan for my life to be in business and be having the opportunity to interact with people on a daily basis about their salvation because we moved people we could talk to them it was kind of undercover opportunity to talk to them, just because we’re in touch with them and every day was a new day. But I soon got to thinking man, is this really what God wants me to do. I was becoming a bit weary in my well doing, and I had to settle that I had to settle that not everything that God has us to do is instant success, and lots of accolades of people responding to your ministry opportunities and plenty of cash coming in, this was not my experience I had determined that I would follow God’s plan for my wildlife and not become weary in well doing, but it was a battle. You know this happens a lot of testimonials. Along that line that that people become wary when they trust God for something, these are a Christian man or woman that wants to get married, and they have the knowledge of other friends getting married and even having one child or two children or even three children and they’re in their late 20s I know firsthand of someone that this happened very close to me, and this was an opportunity for them to kind of fall back on their original commitment to find a godly spouse, and they could have gotten weary in well doing they did. Someone could be weary in well doing because someone else gets a raise or a bonus and you’re thinking, God, I’m here serving you, why don’t I get the raise Why didn’t I get the bonus Why didn’t I get the advantage so we have to be. We’re looking at this from a bigger view than just the start of this and be influenced by our feelings. You see it becomes kind of a mind game. When I say mind game, you can say well what am I doing wrong, why isn’t God manifesting his blessings on me. Why am I my cash tied by, why is it not actually working out really really well because I’m working hard at it, why why why seems to be on your mind, a well known, local radio station David Engels has many songs I saw on the internet 77 different songs that he’s written. He’s a prophet. He’s got great songs in line with the Word of God and one of the songs is titled Don’t use a why that’s a battle that we all have. Why, why, why, why didn’t this work out well. A few years later, just a couple years, I was having a pretty tough time just growing step by step, or part of my local church feeling committed that I was in God’s plan, going to work hard days every day from early till dawn. Early in the morning to late in the afternoon so balancing my family affairs and balancing, being a father and being a husband. And then, oh, I go home to my family farm, and this is one of the biggest harvest we ever had like three or four times bigger than we’d ever ever had on a farm, and I’m home helping a little bit, and I’ll be honest I teared up a few times, I’m thinking oh, here, I’m off here, busting my tail in this business and here’s my brothers and my family and I could have come home and been a part of that, but that wasn’t God’s plan for my life. You see, God has a plan for our lives. And we’ve got to be able to stick with us no matter what. James chapter one verse two through four says my brother and count it all joy when you fall into various tasks or temptations, or test, knowing that the trying of your faith work as patients and patients had let patients habits perfect word for it way that you may be perfect and entire wanting nothing. That’s it. I was working with and developing my faith, eventually it scrolls into faith, so it comes from a test to patience and then endurance, and I’m building my faith, and that’s what’s happened. Well, it would be real easy to quit, it would be really easy to jump from one business up to something else that looks to be better. This happens in developing nations all the time, the business doesn’t take off as fast as a person thinks it should so let’s try a different one. Let’s try a different one. It happens where people abandon their responsibilities. And this time I’m hearing reports of fathers abandoning the responsibilities to their spouses and to their children, and and their, this happens in missions there’s missionaries that that maybe didn’t develop exactly their support realm as, as they should and so they’re overseas and they abandon their calling when God’s called him to do. God wants us to stick with it. God wants us to if we know that that’s what God wants us to do. Oh there’s a time that we might change directions I always feel that the right time to change direction, is when you have accomplished, kind of at the peak of something you don’t go out because you got kicked out or you didn’t make it, you stick with it until it’s cut now okay it’s settled down, it’s in good shape. And now I can exit with with the advantage of going to something else that God has me to do. You see, The Bible talks about Don’t be weary in well doing Galatians chapter six verse nine says And Let us not be weary in well doing in for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. Wow, that says it in due season in due season. A good example of this was my father, and I always remember back on the style he had I think I have a great advantage because I didn’t live in a flamboyant type house I didn’t have to quote kind of keep up with the Joneses or keep up with the neighbors. My father was a very diligent worker, very diligent in what he did and he started before he could own any land was almost 20 years, he farmed for other people on a sharecropper rate him and he farmed on other people’s land, and then after due season, he was able to buy land and buy more land and we have the benefits of that I still have some of the benefits of that. It’s its own story. So God was in my life showing me what would be really the better way to view this, that if we don’t worry, and we don’t fade in due season we will reap that harvest. Another verses Second Thessalonians 313 Kind of the same verse, But ye, brother. Be not weary in well doing so I challenge you, don’t give up, don’t quit. It’s going to be not, it’s not promised to be no pain, there’s no promise of No, no difficulties, but there is a promise that in the middle of those difficulties, God will always make a way out, and you’re always developing faith and character and patience and endurance, and ultimately you’re building your faith, and I’m living the reality of just sticking with it, and I’m now experiencing in due season the, the abundance that God has for me in my life. Thanks for being a part of Inspiring Better Business.


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