September 6, 2019 Tim Walterbach

A person or business that is very organized in the way they do business has a greater chance of profit and success. Disorganization could lead to disaster. ; By Tim Walterbach #000308

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By Tim Walterbach

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Organization is the forming of systems procedures and proper protocols to fulfill the vision most effectively with the least amount of wasted effort think about that the proper protocols best systems always keeping in mind the vision that we talked about last segment most effectively always adjusting readjusting planning to effectively move your company forward with the least amount of wasted effort it’s a lifetime goal it’s one of the more difficult things we can do usually people in business starting their business or type-a personalities and we hate to take time we hate to stop hate the plan it’s difficult but there’s a process that all successful people go through i’ma give a few key words and and and in this process but I think you’ll find everybody who’s ever accomplished anything of any significance has will wittingly or unwittingly gone through this process it’s a gathering of vision and objectives that will turn into your goals which turn into strategies that will provide your programs or business directives you go from there to to structure and from there to an org chart to a scope of work and budgets and until you come up with a business plan the best time to do this is when you’re you know before in the middle and after their business plans written at the beginning need to stay flexible it’s a process that we’re always going through and always needs to be reviewed but you’ve got to start somewhere you gotta start with setting aside some time honestly most of us type-a personalities have gone out and started one and there comes a time when we see our lack in planning and we go back and that’s really not a bad fitted to it either because you’ve got to experience a little bit to really zero in what your objectives are you got a really think through what your mission is what your values are what your vision is you got to be in the market place a little bit to to understand the best strategies going forward what programs what business directors are going to work in in your community and let’s structure what form it’s going to take it’s harder to come up with your org chart when you’re the only guy doing it because you’re working early in the morning to late at night and but to go to that next level let’s let’s talk about that a lot of times those things that we neglected just in the pursuit of putting food on the table and making sure the doors stay open we haven’t taken the time to do that but after you’ve been in a little while it’s time to take a step back and go through this process I’ll give you an example all these examples come from my time working on the foundation that I shared in the last videos like I said my my responsibility was to go and review the different nonprofits that were seeking funding and just make sure they were operating with best practices there’s a story from my time working at a foundation and they serve as a great illustration of the value of organization there was an inner city school in Detroit that was close to my heart I knew the principal and he was always calling with an emergency the gas is going to be shut off or the kids are going without lunch food you know food for lunch and and so we talked about it the founder and I talked about it and he said watch you go up and see what’s going on and take a check with you well let’s let’s see how we might be able to help them be maybe become more sustainable we’re then I always operate in an emergency mode so I go up and and view this school was he approached it it was an old 1930s 1940s elementary school and in right in the heart of inner city Detroit way past its prime but they got a bargain on it and they were having school there I was just so amazed with what how hard they worked with what they had and the spirit in the school the sacrifice of the teachers the respect that the students showed the demonstrations they put on it was just it was very touching very moving and and I was thinking and praying about how we might be able to help them a long term and later that night at a Detroit Tigers game we were discussing our the day the events of the day and I was talking about the principal of the school that in the Southside in the suburban area and I was just amazed at the order the spit polished floors and the kids and their uniforms and the excellent leadership it was just spoke organization when you walk through the doors and I we were this this older man that that served as superintendent of the school was was a mentor and so I asked how far that that mentorship could go and maybe how provide some more organization because he was so desperate at this time this principal was so desperate this time he just had to admit he wasn’t as organized as they needed to be it just wasn’t his skillset and I said well it obviously is for this principal in this South Side Christian school so we had a visit the next day and and sure enough that’s what happened we we discussed it and he really in a new way took them under his wing with the idea of helping them become more sustainable through better organization so I I left and since that time have heard that that weekend and what happened that that weekend saved that inner-city school here’s what happened they start sending student teachers over they came back excited word got to the board the board got excited about what what they were able to do through these student teachers and some gifts and and and left things that they you know took for granted were necessity over there and they’d had work days and and pretty soon one of the board members caught the vision and joined the other board as well as the Southside board he was now on West Side Christian Academy board and he came in there with the commitment to provide 30 thousand dollars a month until all the bills were caught up gets here way behind and shortly after that you know these things have a snowball effect because he helped reorganize the board he he reached out to a friend of his who also gave $30,000 a month until they could get the place fixed up and remodeled you know so this provided an opportunity for us to engage with them on a whole different level because we saw this new board you know where as it was the board was made up of his wife and a couple teachers didn’t give us a lot of confidence to invest a lot of money with them but now they had a stellar board and they had one man on there was an accountant and when this accountant approached our foundation with a very good business plan for a thrift store we invested I think it was eighty eighty thousand dollars to remodel a Big Lots door a one that had been empty and they filled it up with you know all the donated clothes and in a thrift store for the ministry and provides some sustainability for them all this came because this this humble principal in the heat of battle like I started at the beginning this talk sometimes we don’t do all the planning upfront and it’s hard to do all the strategic planning that front you almost have to be in the battle a little bit but it comes a time when you step aside and it will produce great dividends thank you for joining me


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