Olympic Dedication

Olympic Dedication
February 11, 2017 Gary Shotton

An athlete that wants to compete in the Olympics normally has a very high level of dedication. The same applies for doing business. #000093

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Olympic Dedication

By Gary Shotton

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hello my name is Gary chaton I’m here in Guadalajara Mexico we’re about to get on a plane to go back home we’ve been teaching on entrepreneurship conference and today I’d like to talk to you about the subject of the Olympics and draw a few analyses from the Olympics and hopefully this will be entertaining and not too noisy in the background so we’ll see what happens so I watched just recently the Olympics in Rio of 2016 ended and I was amazed at the dedication of these athletes and how hard they work and how dedicated they were I mean these are youngsters and many times younger people they’re not sleeping in till like eight in the morning they’re up at five-thirty and six or earlier and they’re going through rigorous training for months and months and years I mean their life is on the line as far as their goals for life and that’s the Olympics and so I look at my situation I ask myself am i working hard enough to be successful I mean I want to be an average business or do I want to be a no link Olympic level is you know that’s something that’s just a personal thing I’m never suggesting that you be so dedicated that you arm the relationship you have with your spouse or your children or other things that are important to you but at the end of the day TV and other sporting events and other things that you might want to do I have to set on the shelf if you’re going to be really really really good are you dedicated number two you better know the rules as a dad some 25 years ago my oldest my youngest son was very good in World Cup football of course we called it soccer in the United States but we’ll call it work poor old muscle just to distinguish that from American football now the youngster all the way through the practice hard he made the team and he made what’s called the Class B team I had to learn the rules as a dad I was amazed playing real competitive real football like that and I had some rules allowing us understood for example the out-of-bounds line I was the understanding I was thinking that when the ball touches the line surely it’s out about no no no when the ball is completely outside and over the line even to the point is the sliver of the non line on the outside of the field not including the lilac piece of green can be seen it’s out of balance so I was out there yelling at the ref and everybody shut me down because that was not a bad call that was the right call now what’s how’s that related well in business do we know the rules are you sure you understand your financial statement do you understand your test when do you understand your quality do you understand your production expectations if you’re in the service business do you really know your customers are you survey and your customers are you asking them what they want our youth mobile are you changing I mean the rules in our case keep changing Marion and world cup football they don’t change that much but in our case we better be up on the rules related to our business and be willing to change and implement new things that’s necessary now let’s talk about the referees our referees in any any sport are important and one of the important things is that they do not alter the game and certainly not the score of the game that means they need to know where they are supposed to be positioned at all times as the field goes back and forth no one’s going to stay at the far end where there’s no ball they’re going to come down where the ball is but each of the referees each the linesman those exactly where they’re supposed to be and in one particular case I don’t know who it was I don’t know what a game it was but this referee was clearly out of place in the wrong spot and the guy that shot on goal actually hit the referee now it was out in the middle to field the referee is neutral territory you just keep playing but this was a mistake I mean the grandstand went into an uproar I’ll bet you this guy lost his job but he’s no longer revering because it was that big a deal well the referee should assure that the game is being played Farrell that the rules are maintained and they should facilitate the speed of the game that and not interrupt they should not be playing in the game they should not affect it well here’s how government should be in my opinion sir our government should not we should not be looking to our government to bail out in a regular basis companies have had bad business we should not be looking to our government for major subsidies I know what happens we should be looking to our government to basically like in football stay out of the way don’t mess with this and don’t mess it up because i want to consistent operations I want you to enforce the rules and a fair way so that I’m competing with other people in my city my fate state and in the world and I have the chance to compete with a fairness that the government in this case will maintain and not not not fall down on their job that’s how I see the government and I would ask that they they really stay out of business and whatever they do things like you know hell I’m sitting here in front of a restaurant and you know we should have the government involved they’re not affecting the game if you want to call it that when they have health inspections and food inspections they’re not affecting the game in many cases but other ways they tend to get in and mess now let’s talk about the scoreboard almost every sport including the World Cup book has a score and the score is what goes down in history which is archive which is is remembered and so whatever that score might be to 21 or 320 I mean we will remember that if your that’s your your that sports fan and there’s some kind of a they have a special season to that game then you might remember that score for five years but there’s a lot of subscores there’s a lot of shots on goal there’s a lot of stops stops on a shot on goal that’s a sub score there’s a lot of if the ball was basically turned turned from offense to defense and we scored on it there’s rules how many red cards and yellow cards I mean there’s other sub score but none of those have the weight none of those have the value none of them are lasting like the actual final score now those subscores could be indicators you can know you can learn a lot by watching subscores so in my case in business we’re always looking at the sub score we’re wondering how many on-time deliveries we have how many non-conformance which was basically being scrapped or bad parts what’s their percentage of run times that ran over the estimate why did we run over the estimate do we log that yes we try to log that to get better but ultimately the score is profit without profit we’re not a for-profit business and we need to be constantly aware that the score the final score the big score the ultimate score is did we make a profit we do we make a profit that month normally not less than that did we make a profit in the last three months I typically look at but every every month yes or no did we make a profit how much I’m not worried if we lost some money one month but I sure look harder the next month because if we lose money two months in a row then we’re already talking about it just a little bit we’re already talking about what would we do because if we lose money three months in a row you better believe I’m making some changes I’m going to make sure we are a for-profit and profitable business because what am I going to do I am out of business how they continue losing money so the scoreboard in my case in business and it’s my opinion that the scoreboard is consistently the level the score how much profit did we make that look that season that time I hope these are beneficial to you I hope peace is a easy to understand i hope you will share these videos with other people would really be a blessing to me if you do that because we as a organization want to make these videos free to those that are entrepreneurs wanting to be entrepreneurs it’s entrepreneurs speaking to entrepreneurs inspiring better business thank you


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