April 15, 2018 Gary Shotton

In trying to help someone in a developing nation, we can compare their situation, feel sorry for them, and start a lifetime of only sending money. Could I suggest that the real way to help, is to show them how to stand on their own feet, independent of foreign money. By Gary Shotton #000184

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By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and I’m here with you on this teaching website on Inspiring Better Business and I hope these are helpful to you today we’re going to talk about a kind of a funny word maybe panhandling and I got to describe what that is and but then also give the point of the lesson you know the point of the lesson first is that we’ve got to be careful how we try to help developing nations this is not just a Christian effort the Christian sending money overseas but everyone our government any all the NGOs everyone that’s trying to help a nation actually change their culture become more prosperous become more people employed in that country stamp out poverty provide fuel food we’ve got to be careful not just to send money and materials and goods we’ve got to send expertise we’ve got to sin encouragement we’ve got to send the ability for people to stand on their own feet that’s what we’re talking about now the word panhandling well in the United States you come to a intersection where there’s a distinct stop and maybe a long life with people parked for even 10 seconds to 30 seconds sometimes you’ll have an individual a man or a woman standing there with a sign that says help need help can’t find job out-of-work hungry god bless you and asking for money asking for someone to roll down the window and hand them dollars or coins or anything and and they’re saying people are kind of consistently at the same corners a lot of the time now that’s a moral issue for you and each of us to decide if we should roll down our window and I pretty was well decided not to do that because I know that there’s help available for all these people there’s people that are helping in the way of shelter there’s people that are helping in a way of helping them get back on their feet and these people by and large have chosen not to accept that help they want to just stand there and in essence beg well we’ve got to be careful when we’re helping in a nation that we don’t create beggars panhandlers with the people we’re interacting with there’s some good books that are along this line there’s one that says when caustic when helping hurts it talks about in essence that we’ve got to be careful that when we think we’re helping and we’re working hard and maybe supplying and feeling sorry or are sorrowful for someone in a foreign land that doesn’t have what we have that we need to make sure we send them money goods container full of things things that would just hand to them because we have it so good they have it so bad well we’ve got to ask ourselves is this really accomplishing anything other than the person standing on the corner at the intersection with a hand this a handout that says need food we’ve got to be careful that we’re not joining that in the book when helping hurts addresses that from all angles just from a household from from from how we do charity during Christmas time to someone that maybe is not as prosperous as we are and can’t buy the the gifts they would like for their family we’ve got to be careful if we go in with all these lavish gifts we could be a total insult to the to the breadwinner in that home that’s trying to do their very best oh yeah they appreciate the gifts but how demoralizing to not be able to feed your family and so there’s another book that says caustic charity well what’s costing that’s poison how can charity be poisonous well if we don’t allow or encourage or expect those that were helping to at some point and time fairly rapidly stand on their own feet you see I’m a person that believes that all mankind has dignity they want dignity they want to be in a good positive way to be proud of what they’re doing and how they’re doing it and I just haven’t seen very many people that feel real proud at being at the begging line or be on the charity list I couldn’t find four provide for my family so I needed to on a regular ongoing basis please understand if somebody needs help we got to help them but the ongoing on a month after month year after year I will tell you what will happen if someone is on that charity list for multiple years at the end of the time when the flow of charity stops that individual will hate you will hate our country if we as a country continue to do that they will be be absolutely hateful to us because we’ve now stopped that flow we’ve actually created them to be dependent upon us and consequently they are really in a world of hurt when they didn’t stand on their own feet there well we also have a word called ownership we want people to take ownership of their future ownership in some cases of owning a business providing income for their family through the work of their hands and through the diligence of their mind and and being getting an idea and applying it that’s what we’re about in inspiring better business that’s what these teachings are about and we hope that you see that that’s part of our plan that is ro that is our plan it isn’t part of our plan it is our plan to help people some people I think in the giving end don’t actually believe that the people in a foreign country are smart enough or have the capability of handling the responsibility of taking care of themselves you know if we’ve we’ve kind of domed them down meaning we’ve caused them to always be dependent upon us yeah they’re probably handicapped a bit but they are smart my experiences intelligent people if they could they can be trained there they’re willing to work in most cases they’re desiring to stand on their feet they’re wanting a little help here and there just to get started I’m all for that but it’s the ongoing perpetual subsidies that where I’m speaking against we need to work at solving unemployment around the nation’s well how do we solve unemployment you see in the United States we’re currently right at four point one percent unemployment that’s great especially when two point five percent will never want and get a job so we’re almost there if we can get down before below four that’s almost ready for the ready for the records there because it’s been a while since we’ve been there so it’s no wonder people want to move to the United States to work because there’s jobs here but the answer is how can we create jobs in these countries where they leave they don’t have to leave their culture and their families or they can they can be gainfully employed that’s our motive with these teachings so I’m asking you to understand what we’re doing a little bit with this lesson I’m not asking for any money from you because again our goal is to spent send videos and teachings like this we ask you to participate if you would by helping translate or transcribe these teachings that’s helpful we’ve got set four or five languages that are not major languages that many of the people don’t speak English and so they have the same capabilities as as you all and I have to to have a positive life that’s what we want they can I’m going on a trip soon to Africa and that’s my message I’m going to look people in the eye and say I can convinced that you can catch a good idea create a process go step by step by step and if you’ll be diligent at that you will end up by steps incremental steps one piece at a time one step at a time you’ll find yourself in a good place one year from now you’re find yourself in a great place three or four years from now if they’ll apply themselves I believe they’ve got God’s help in this I believe God wants this we’re not preaching on our let on our trips as much as giving just God based teaching that can be applicable in any culture any language on any time period one years ago or our next year these are teachings that are consistent globally a time-tested truth well I hope you understand what we’re talking about I hope you’ll be a part of this and any way you choose please share and spread this information it’s not meant just for overseas we want to help anyone in the you in in the developing nations are the developed nations because there’s people inside those nations that want to own and operate and be successful in that calling thank you very much


  1. Alla Pavetic 4 years ago

    Painful but very important subject. It’s hard to talk about it, but necessary. There is no easy way about it and unfortunately only through hard lessons this truth is learnt.

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 4 years ago

      Thanks for your truthfulness in sharing. Yes, this subject can be painful but with our teachings, we hope to lead people to a better way. I hate to see begging people on the street. I once was in Mexico where a lady had her children with her on the street and one was about 12 years old. This little girl was being used to get more money and the little girl did not want to show her face or acknowledge her situation. My heart went out to them but putting more money in the bowl was not going to help the situation. I believe God, that we can make a difference in people’s lives. You are a blessing! Gary

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