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If you are a seasoned, experienced businessperson and would like to share your knowledge with others, consider submitting your videos to IBB Talks.

Watch the following video for instruction on how to upload videos for consideration on IBB Talks

Speaker FAQs

1. What length should the videos be?

The best videos present a great idea in 7 to 9 minutes.

2. Any particular subject matter?

We are looking for talks on business that are Biblical based in general.

3. Should I use specific business examples?

Speakers are expected to incorporate personal examples to demonstrate their personal experience as it relates to the subject. Expect no less than 30% of the talk to be examples.

4. Any suggested format for sharing content?

We have discovered that the concept of 1. Tell the audience what you are about to tell them in the first 15 to 20 second,  2. Tell them in the body of your video for 6 to 7 minutes and then 3. Tell them what you told them in the closing 15 to 20 seconds as a quick review.

5. Am I sharing my own experience or that of others?

Refrain from re-teaching someone else’s materials, using a guide or book prepared by someone else.

6. Are motivational skills needed?

In our experience, motivation is derived by learning how others have achieved success in the business world, not because the speaker has been trained in motivational skills.

7. Any age limits for speakers?

There is no age limit, but younger speakers particularly should be prepared to explain their business history  and experience levels.

8. Any No-Nos?

This is not a place to recruit others to a marketing plan or pyramid scheme.

9. Any Technical Guidelines for Video and Sound quality?

Video must be HD720 Quality or higher.

Subject must be shot in a medium close up in the foreground of the shot.

Audio must be clean and of LAV quality.

A shotgun mic is allowable if it is close enough to the subject.

Audio levels must not be clipped. Keep them at -6db or lower.

Final video needs to be sent in mp4 or mov formats.

10. Any Shooting Tips?

Be prepared! We can shoot as many videos as you like during our time.

The more prepared you are with your script, and location, the faster we can shoot.

Prepare your teaching in advance, the better you flow, the easier and faster the edit.

Do your shoot in a location evocative of your business.

For example if you own a restaurant, try shooting with the kitchen or expo in the background.

Motion in the background makes for a more interesting shot, that also makes your business seem more exciting.

If you would like to participate by submitting your videos, please submit them through the following form. If you have any difficulty in uploading your video, any questions, or any suggestions please use this e-mail — gshotton@gbsf.org — Thank you!

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