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Get Started – YouTube Text Editing, Transcribing, and Translating

Volunteer Text Editors, Transcribers and Translators help spread ideas to a global audience. Our target languages include English, Russian, Spanish, Serbian, and Swahili (with more to follow).

Text Editing transcripts for print (and translation)

These instructions for text editing video transcripts for print/translation was prepared by our good friend, Susan Bauer:

 First, thank you for volunteering to help get this valuable information into the hands of entrepreneurs around the world!

The purpose of your work is to make a Word file with content in standard English that’s clear, concise, and easily translatable into many languages. The font style and size are not critical as we have not settled on this. You could send in your favorite, as we will standardize as we put your work on the website.

Please do:

  1. Watch for and correct any sound-alike or other wording or spelling errors in transcription.
  2. Condense to avoid unnecessary repetition. Generally, clean it up for print.
  3. Remove regional or American slang, which is hard to translate, and replace with standard English, such as “gonna” becomes “going to.”
  4. Keep in mind this version is intended for the reader’s eyes, not video or audio. It should look more, in style, as if it’s a chapter of an online book.  It should read smoothly.
  5. Break the large block of text into paragraphs, using the content of each section as your clue.
  6. Imagine you are an online visitor briefly skimming the article. Then bold a few key words and phrases in each paragraph that highlight the main ideas the author is communicating.

Please don’t

  1. Rewrite the article or remove the author’s perspective, examples, or intent.
  2. Add any of your own thoughts and ideas to those of the author.

Questions? Feel free to ask.

Thank you again for serving Christ and sharing biblical business wisdom in this way!



 1. Getting Started – General information about using YouTube to assist in the transcribing and translating of Talks.

3. Transcribing –  Community Members help transcribe Talks in their native language.


4. Translating – Community members that know two languages assist in translating the Talks to assist specific language groups.



For instructions on how to transcribe or or translate videos and become a essential part of our team watch the short video tutorials (above).

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