From Passion To Business

From Passion To Business
February 11, 2019 Octavian Msongamwanja

Learn five steps to transform your passion into a business. Octavian from Tanzania shares of his passion for hiking became a business as tour guide for tourists by Octavian Msongmwanja #000265

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From Passion To Business

By Octavian Msongmwanja

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hi everyone my name is Octavian and once again I’d like to welcome you all to Inspiring Better Business and today I want to talk about our how to transform your passion into a business and I remember last time I talked about you know you can use your passion to come up with a business idea but today I want to go into details how can you take that passion in and transform it into an actual business idea and I remember into my own life you know just going back to a memory round I remember when I was in high school and at that time I didn’t when I started high school I couldn’t speak any English and what happened was I used to enjoy hiking I would go hike the guru mountains in more guru and most of the time on me tourists going up the mountain and sometimes they’ll get lost I’ll know that they are I knew where they wanted to go but still they were taking a different route but I couldn’t talk to them cause I didn’t know English and somehow something heaped on me and I realized that is a business you know I could be able if I can teach myself English if I could be able to communicate with them in English I’ll be able to bring these people to the top without you know them going on their own and then getting lost so I have five things that I want to share with you I believe that these five things will if you put them into action will transform your life will change your life and will make you closer will take you closer to your vision to your dream to the things that you aspire to do in your life and number one is knowledge do you have enough knowledge about what you want to do do you have enough knowledge about the business that you want to do do you have you done your research we always talk about research do your research know exactly what you want to do and for me talking about the tour guiding what I did I knew the name of every peak I knew how long it took for us to hike all the way from the bottom of the mountain to the very top of the mountain and I knew where to stop if people wanted to eat lunch where exactly to stop what was a good sport not just to stop somewhere but to stop on a place where there’s a good view people can still have a good view and can still enjoy as they eat to look down at the morgue or city so I knew all these details before like even you know venturing into starting you know meeting people and asking them whether they wanted to come and do a hike with me so having knowledge about the business idea having noise about the passion that you have it is very key if you want to come from where you are to the next level if you end number two I want to talk about your capabilities what capabilities do you have you know for me for examples going back to the example of hiking I could hike I didn’t have any problem hiking four or five hours in a day a total of 10 hours going up to the top of the mountain and back down I didn’t have a problem I was in facing any challenge doing that so that was my capability and then later you know I told myself in English I was speaking English I was able to communicate with my clients that was one of the another capability that I have and so for you always understand you know I also knew you know what road you know took us to which speak so all those capabilities what skills do you have you know what experience do you have do you have maybe you have worked previously what experience have you earned or have you learned from your previous job that you’re bringing into this fashion that you want to pursue or to transform into an actual business think number three that I want to talk to talk about this today is a connection whoa who do you know in that industry that we are interested to go into business if it is farming do you know our successful farmer that doing that is doing farming that you can talk or talk to them about farming about the best practices of farming do you know someone who is into – a guiding for me it was my brother you know a doctor my brother was self-employed – a guy and I was able to learn from him and how you know he carried himself out how he approached customers sometimes I worked with him so I learned from him so who do you know who is in that industry that you can connect with them and learn from them you know because it is very very important you’ll be shocked you’ll be surprised that people are more than happy to help you to support you if you know what you want and you go to them to seek for help people will be more than happy to go out of their way to share you know their life journey of success and even failures because you know in the process of you I you know realizing your dream you always go through challenges you always go through difficulties but people will be happy to share with you you know the lessons learned in the journey on the process of you know reaching where they’ve reached and thing number four I want to talk about financial assets you know it is very important as you think about transforming your your passion your idea into an actual business to know again going back to what is in your hands what you know what finances do you have do you have enough resources in terms of financial resources that can take you from where you are to the next level and I’m not talking about having millions of shillings of millions of doors I’m just talking of what is in your hands that you can start with start with that money for me even like with the two of guiding business I didn’t even need money what I needed was English I had to teach myself English once I had English that was my capital right there I started meeting people on the street and I introduce myself my name is Octavian and I love hiking and I’ll be happy to take you for their hiking to the boardwalk or Oh Hulu falso Baja to come if you want to come I would be happy to check you there and these are some of these things if we go to bar to come there’s a place that you can go and swim depending on the passion the idea that you have what you need sometimes is not money I didn’t need I didn’t need any money buy what I needed was English tried to teach myself English so that I can be able to do this business that I wanted which is to AG ID and make some money so look at what you have and if it is a long wait then it if it is a foreign language learn a foreign language if it is a skill or maybe a driving skill on a driving skill if it is playing a guitar then you know that could be your capital that could be what I’m telling as a financial asset and the last thing that I want to talk about is commitment you know you can have all the resources that you have you can have all the technology that you need you can have all the language that you have you can have everything all the money but if you are not committed in what you want to do you’re not committed your posture you’re not committed your idea your you your passion will remain to be passion your your your dream will remain to be dream you need to put to be committed you need to put action what I mean by commitment is put the option make sure you believe in what you know the things that you’re passionate about one thing that you’re passionate about and make sure that whether people support you or people do not support you make sure that you go for it I’m actually very I like reading the Bible and I’m very impressed every time I read about the story of David Joseph sorry Joseph had a dream and he told it tells his family about his dream his brothers and his brothers saying heck no you’re not going to rule over us you know they didn’t believe him but David his dream himself even even the two very close people in his in his life didn’t believe him and even they decided they wanted to kill him but they decided to sell it because they did not understand his vision but if you are you you believe in yourself you believe in your dream you believe in your vision and you’re committed to it I can guarantee you that that dream that vision that passion will come to fruition that passion will come to reality that passion the way Joseph was able to end up to be a prime minister in Egypt and I was able to save his own family during famine you become that Savior not only to your own life but to your country to your people to your community to your society to your neighborhood you’ll be someone that you’ll be able to create employment to your friends to your family members and your community and a society as life thank you very much and thank you for watching Inspiring Better Businesses thank you


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