Pathway To Financial Success

Pathway To Financial Success
December 8, 2019 Gary Shotton

When looking for your pathway to financial success, it is nice to step back and get an overview and determine your position on that pathway. By Gary Shotton #000328

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Pathway To Financial Success

By Gary Shotton

Hello my name is Gary Shotton and today I’m going to talk about the pathway to financial success and I’m going to give credit to my senior pastor,  a founding pastor of my church shared this at a men’s breakfast and his name is pastor Willie George.  I’m not going to do nearly as good as he did and, on our website you’ll be hearing or be able to hear his entire message but I’m going to summarize here and give him due credit.

First, you got a pathway to success financial success then you’ve to take this as a high-level view. This is not the details, let’s look an older view of the four possible steps of you getting and gaining success with your finances.

Point number one is that work is your first and foremost primary way for financial success. Work is a honorable thing, work was part of creation before this sin entered the Garden of Eden and there was weeds but God said to Adam and Eve a plant and till the soil that means it didn’t happen automatically so work is not a cuss word it’s not a hard word and you’re going to be able to first  gain work experience and then you’d be willing to work  throughout your life. It doesn’t mean you have to be physically all the time but I think a little physical work doesn’t hurt us,  but don’t be so proud you can do some things can’t carry out the trash can’t mop the floor can’t help out so work is one of the foundation things and you’ll find out that through your work efforts.

Number two, wisdom. Through you working with people in situations and it doesn’t have to be the aspiration to be working with the high-end business person I want to work for them because I’ll learn this from this because is in a high position or high status many times the lessons you need to learn are right out there with your team or with people in your workplace people that are non assuming have a little responsibility when you’re working side by side you’ll figure out that work is something that brings about wisdom and you’re going to be thinking wow there’s always a better way to do something.  Remember,  money by itself is not an evil thing it’s either a good thing or a bad thing based on how we handle it so when we have an idea we have  to convert that into money and there’s wisdom and normally that comes from being out there  in the process of doing something where these ideas come and I know that’s true,  for me the best ideas come while I’m in motion doing something and so be sure that you’re willing to take the work level and look for opportunities to improve things,  then from there you’re going to find out in life. Some people never really find this out but if all you’re doing work for income and you’re using the wisdom and you’re not producing a product that’s number three.

Products can excel you faster then  working so much in an hour you might  make a couple of hundred dollars ,  but you’ll find out that you’re still limited  to yourself you might find that you start employing other people as a manager and you’re gaining income off  their work but at some point you will  say that when we started producing these products,  I have a chance to make money above and  beyond. Basically spending my time I can briefly refer to my daughter who has a lesson on our website and she just detested charging even though it was a very nice rate for her business consulting she didn’t like charging people by the hour it just didn’t seem fair so she came up with an a well known plan to basically charge a monthly fee for anything and everything she didn’t have to keep track of her time. We call it birdie RA a monthly payment that we make to her and it isn’t tied to time. Products are something like that you can make a product and you can take that product and make a higher margin based on your ability to sell based on your competition. That is number three move your work to wisdom come up with ideas, work into a product and now you’re at the level that you can go to the fourth.

Investments capital, now that you’re starting to get the head it’s a little bit farther along.  I’m in that category I have several investment properties where I’m letting  time increase my personal net worth because I bought some houses in this case, one house 16 years ago it’s more than doubled its price in 16 years plus people pay drip on this all the time and it’s now free,  I mean if not free its debt free so it was a huge savings account and I actually borrowed most of the money to begin with, so capital investment has the chance of really leveraging yourself ahead buy some land and improve it, buy a building and improve it by something and rent it by something with capital that will leverage you even further ahead. These are stair steps pathway to prosperity a pathway to financial independence and I believe that you will have wisdom to do this if you just set out and ask God’s help in this God is going to help you,  he have your processes in place I mean if you want to have the right motives price not a good motive Eagles not a good motive envy and strife those are not good things but generosity an attitude of giving willing to obey God in the laws of giving and so basically how can you grow financially and still maintain balance in your life that’s very important thanks for being a part of Inspiring Better Business.


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