Pay Yourself

Pay Yourself
July 15, 2016 David Kamanzi

“Paying yourself” sometimes seems impossible but is important for creating a solid foundation for your business.  – Uganda, Africa – By David Kamanzi  #000016

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Pay Yourself

By David Kamanzi   From Uganda Africa

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Dear viewers, my name again is David Kamanzi and I’m happy to come and talk to you today about “Paying Yourself” in your business. I keep on growing in me in my journey in doing my business. I realize that there are dangers when you don’t know how much you’re working for. Because at the end of the day you’re going to find that you have eaten everything. you don’t know your pay, you know, you don’t know what you’re working for. When you don’t have and know in your mind, You can not get the excitement, the zeal, the guts, to do business. You have to know! You have to know, how much you’re working for! And so, in this business experience, I have had, you know. I missed it all because I would make money and then there would come things on the way. And, I realize all that we have some sick people. The bills have come. All these things you want to buy, a new shirt. You want buy new shoes. And a phone, a good phone has come on the market. If you want all these things but if you don’t realize. You don’t understand what you’re working for. You find I fooled myself. Paying for the things, the things I did not want. But you know, because you have money on you. You want to spend money on all these things. So you have to be really be careful. And so, in the journey I learned another idea. I had not then opened up an account and so I wanted to have my bank and I tried to be organized, so I came up with an envelope idea, because I wanted to know that, let’s say, in a month, this is what I’m working for. I this is how much I make, that comes out of my business the total that comes out of my business. And, I wanted to see those things that are so important in my business. Those things that are what we are paying for And so, the number one thing I wanted to know, how much am I working for. On top of all that you know, so I bought the envelopes. I wanted to know that I need at the end of that day to keep myself and my business in good shape. So let’s say my transport business I needed to change tires on the car. i needed to do the service. I needed, you know, to put some money for just in case of anything. Some people can’t afford to pay for insurance but you know I realized that time I could not afford insurance so I came up with an Envelope Idea as my insurance, just in case the car has a problem. so I maKe sure that each time I got all the money made for the whole month, I wanted to put aside some money in an envelope just in case of anything, I knew I had some money. I kept somewhere, if I run out of tires if I need to do a service. All this and I make sure that every month I get my money, when it comes into my business, each time I get a check, I take the check to my accountant for my business I put some money whether the car is has done the service or not, I wanted to put some money aside for just in case of anything you know something can come. If it’s big money and you’ve just been putting, just a few schillings on the side. So I came up with a figure, said this is what I will be putting down each month. So then also, some of you people, you’re going to realize that business is the only source of your income. It is where you provide for your medication, all your home needs. so you want to know how you are doing. Some of those things you spend money on, some electricity bills, water bills, and medication. Again, as you do business you have to really be in good shape. You have to be healthy. So I knew I was going to be taking some anti-malaria. I wanted to keep myself healthy, so I said I needed to have an envelope for my medication. And so I put it down also I saved some money, whether I am seek or not, I know I have some money for my health. You know, I want to really be healthy. To do business you want to be healthy. You don’t want to be sick all the time. Your supposed to be going. You have customers. And, they need you and you’re sick and you are complaining. You’re going to ruin your business. You have to really be sick. You know treat yourself. Make sure that you are healthy. So I put aside some money for my health. You can call it Health Insurance, to those who can afford to pay for insurance. So, I made my health insurance in the form of an envelope. I put an envelope for my medication. Each time I am sick, I’m not going to get money from the business into my treatment. I have an envelope. Each time I can get some money in this envelope. Yeah, if you don’t have another source of income. You have to know some of those things. Say, if you want to pay for your water bills, your electricity bill, household bills. All those things, you know. Put, maybe some money also side for these things. And then you’re done. But, after then you realize you want to know your salary, How much are you working for? You know, what keeps you in business? What keeps the excitement? And, the guts of doing business is what you’re working for. Which is your bare your salary. You have to really make sure that you know your salary. After all you have paid, all these things. You have your business in good shape. You’ve paid your your legal, insurances, your legal government, government taxes and everything. Then ask yourself, how much do I pay myself? So you come up with a figure And say okay, “this is my salary”. You know, this is my salary, then put an envelope. Take an envelope, this is what I used to do. I take an envelope, I put my salary each day . I am a Christian, so I believe in giving tithes. Out of my salary I also took out my tithes. I gave my tithes, because i wanted God to bless my business. And so I took my tithes. And out of my salary, that’s where I give also a love offering. I have people I want to bless. That’s where I get my sun. I want my business to be blessed so I give our tithes, so that my business will be blessed. I put my tithes aside out of my income out of my salary.
David Kamanzi
Empresario y Orador Público | de Uganda
David Kamanzi comenzó su carrera como empresario a los nueve años en Uganda, África, porque su papá y hermano mayor fueron encarcelados por predicar el evangelio. Él vivió en las calles hasta los 17 años, muy a menudo durmiendo en los baños públicos. Escuche y serás inspirado por sus asombrosas historias de cómo ha levantado varios negocios, cuidado niños de la calle, como sobrevivió y floreció. Si David puede hacerlo en África, tú puedes hacerlo también.


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