Peer Group-Happy Customer

Peer Group-Happy Customer
January 20, 2019 Gary Shotton

There is power and benefit when 10 or 12 business entrepreneurs gather together on a regular schedule to discuss business and encourage each other by Gary Shotton @000256

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Peer Group-Happy Customer

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and in this discussion I like to name it inviting peer group or peer club leaders well I’m excited about the future I’ve been in many countries around the world at least 12 or 15 countries of Africa in Asia Europe and I’ve noticed something that the developing nations really want what the rest of the world have there’s no question with the the proliferation and the commonality of cell phones and the Internet there’s no hiding that the rest room of the world has it pretty good and if you’re in a developing nation it’s not that exciting when there’s 30 40 % unemployment and people are living day to day week to week paycheck to paycheck or worse going hungry so our focus in is to really try to help the developing nations individuals in the developing nations start and grow businesses and in that process I’ve visited many countries and as a result we have had Americans or Europeans or our Western world people come try to help but it’s very difficult because it’s really outside our normal level of experience and a lot of times people just send money well if we just send some money we could just really take care of that I’ve learned and I hope you see that we’re not against money by any means but it’s never been the answer it’s not going to be the answer and we believe that these teachings in IBB talks calm are a significant element a part of changing the nation’s changing first of all individuals that change communities that change regions that’s change counties that change countries that change a continent it’s not going to be necessarily fast but we’ve already seen it happen in some of the countries we’re working in just a little bit by no means can we claim that we’ve changed a nation but we’re on that path and in that path we’re continuing to produce these kind of videos as you see on our website and especially want people to observe and watch and listen to those that are from their own native native language or culture for example we have about 70 lessons to a hundred lessons that are taught from the speakers in East Africa Uganda Kenya Tanzania Kenya and we don’t have 70 speakers some of those speakers have presented 10 or 12 topics to put to be listened to and we’re going to have more and we believe in other parts of the world we’ll have people from those cultures that will step up that have experience that will learn the value of being a mentor that’s another invitation we’ve invited those mentors to help us but what what do we do well we believe that if you as a group inside a country as an individual step up and here’s the point you would become a leader of a peer group and help that process in a group of 10 or 12 people that is your peers meaning your basic income levels your basic situations you’re in life together with these people now they’re not all from the same business you could have people that have haircut or salons hair salons you can have someone that’s got a tailoring business to making clothes you can have someone that has chickens for eggs we can have some people to have transportation companies we have all this we had somebody in the Congo that is making and selling wigs so ladies wigs in the Congo that’s fabulous so it doesn’t we’re not talking about having the same businesses but we’re talking about dealing with business and learning how business works through interacting with each other as a group as a peer group feeding on and encouraging each other to to press on it sometimes or help being an evaluation of someone else’s business not stealing their ideas we separate the ideas of a business lesson from the technical side of a business we’re not saying that you should share everything regarding the secret sauce for your special chicken that’s something maybe you ought to keep secret because you will have people copy that and want to be your competitors we know that but the elements of business are globally true true to you to your ear the all of these business like happy customers like having repeat customers like learning how accounting works like learning how systems and processes work like how to start start small grow step by step that’s what we have on our teachings from multiple teachers on how to really learn business now when you really learn business you’ll know what to do you’re not gonna be asking somebody else what should I do now no you’re gonna start to learn at the step by step over the process of time you’re gonna make some mistakes don’t know freak out if you make a couple mistakes anybody that says they are never made a mistake is flat lying to you and so basically make sure that you are learning though and these groups will be very helpful helpful for you to learn because as you learn and you rub shoulders and you deal with things you’ll all gain a confidence but we need a leader that’s where we’re coming up with you would you be a leader of these groups and we need a co-leader we need two leaders in each group leaders that want the best for the other team are not going to be jealous if somebody gets ahead they’re gonna rejoice and be happy that’s one of the peoples of the group is really doing well and they’re gonna get behind them and support them not steal not discourage them and there’s gonna be a co-leader so if one of those individuals is gone like the leaders gone the co-leader will continue to lead the group for the next week you can decide Wendell II meet and how often to meet but we’re here to help you we’re gonna try to recruit what we call peer mentors from developing nations Americans and Europeans that will call in by Skype or whatsapp and and give you a bit of encouragement but you must lead the group we’re not gonna take over we’re not gonna send money we’re not gonna we’re not gonna we’re gonna tell you the mistakes we’ve made so that you can we can help you many groups are meeting weekly that’s great or every other week and we’re getting them forming right now but we need leaders to step up you could be that leader and then inside your group you might find that somebody’s really stepping up the plate let them encourage them to spin off of your group and be another leader of another group this is in order for this to be a movement in order for this to make an effect in a community there needs to be many groups in the same community they’re not tied to us you’re not taking our name go to your local church be a church member we’re not forming churches we’re here to help the churches to help organizations so please consider being a peer group peer club leader and then join with a second person to be Co leaders and then start picking a time and communicate back with us there’s ways to do that through our website and we’ll if you’re hearing this you have a way to get back in touch with us we’re interested in you being connected with us and we’ll try to supply based on time now there’s time zones that difference so we found out that many groups meet at 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon based of the African time that’s the European our African time so that’s fine for us because that’s an 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning but if it’s a we’ve got to be considerate of us also I don’t think I’m going to get up at 2 a.m. to meet with you on a regular basis I mean I’m sorry but that’s a little asking a little too much for our leaders work to have a good time to meet well contact us we’re here to serve and help you we need some more group leaders that means peer mentoring group leaders to step up the plate and lead would you do that thank you


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