People Skills

People Skills
March 27, 2019 Nahum FaubertPaulin

One of the most important personal skills that all business people must develop is the ability to work well with people by Nahum FaubertPaulin #000275

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People Skills

By Nahum FaubertPaulin

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hi my name is Nahum FaubertPaulin, I am a resident of Tennessee originally were I was born and raised in Haiti it used to be the pearl of the Caribbean so I want to share with you just as a businessman just like you the the culture or principles that I embraced that helped me throughout my career as an employee yes and throughout my career as as a business as a businessman Iker I’m currently working with the corporation managing a call center to provide customer service for for the company I think one thing it comes down to what I’ve learned from my experience the principle number one it’s remember and know the businesses it’s it’s about people if the business is about people in other words it it means that the people that are your customers the people works with you they are your business the question for you is how good are are you when it’s come to relationship with people how great is your people’s skill that one thing I always embrace and cherish throughout the years that I’ve worked with people from and in different fields of expertise and different from different culture people always embrace and admire on the field included when they field when they feel being part of something bigger and they feel accepted how good is your people’s skill it takes a lot of work to get to the point where you can make someone feel important make someone feel comfortable and working with you it takes a experience of course that comes with time but also the key thing and relationship the relationship with people is trust how do you build trust with your employee with your peers with your partners if there is no trust in the business but there is no Avenue for a reliable transaction I’m gonna leave you with that today think about it


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