July 31, 2017 Gary Shotton

Most business owners will need positive people skills. Respecting your employees, customers, and suppliers comes with a heart for people. By Gary Shotton #000117

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By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and I’m a setting here in my machine shop in the finished good Department because it’s nice and quiet and I can do it with the confidence and no interruptions and I’m thank you for being a part of inspiring better business and today we’re going to talk about people wow that’s just a big old subject people but especially the value of people and you know I’ve had situations face where somebody would be in a was one of our drivers I had to moving and storage company we had semis big old trucks that would go all around the world all around the United States not around the world we had international shipping but our trucks only within the United States and he came in one time from a kind of a difficult halt and he said you know this job would be great but just one didn’t have to have any people well he’s in the wrong job if he’s in the moving and storage business where you move and handle furniture and you’re in people’s houses he need to go get a long-haul job with just flat freight and you can get in that cab and you’ll hardly see anybody there are some jobs like that you know you can get behind a computer and you don’t have to talk with people you don’t have to be in touch with people but most business owners most jobs most of the people that I know have some significant interaction with other people it doesn’t have men that have to be the sales type that they’re out here selling all the time I’m not that personality and we all have different personalities but we have to know the value of people and how to deal with people in our different realms of influence that we have and so I’ve listed the five basic things that I think that I in my business world that I am very interactive with people now in this case the first level is I’m interactive with my employees you know everyone that works for me has to understand Who I am and what I stand for and at different times I get to get closer to with some many others I I’m not a direct knowing not very many people report to me directly because the plant manager oversees the workers in the in the regular production that’s 90 percent of everybody working for us and I have an executive assistant that helps in many ways and I’m kind of the outside sales until so the two guys that are more the inside sales other I have interaction with them the most but you know I still as owner and responsible to what respect those people that work for me guess what I know if I stand talk with somebody for a little while shake their hand just converse with them after a little bit I can determine whether they actually respect me or not I don’t care if they like me or not but they could respect me sometimes I’ve been in situations where there’s kind of a competition you know I don’t like those situations where we’re kind of show how important we are and pretty soon they find out that I own a machine shop and boy they can’t imagine a machine shop being very valuable so pretty soon they’re kind of scooting away they want to connect with somebody important more important than me I can pick that up I’m not stupid and I you know I know and feel that well guess what everyone that working for you knows and feels whether or not you respect them I had a little little game I play because I don’t hand out the paycheck so if I ended up the paychecks and I saw the names every time by the way we direct direct deposit so really hardly anybody gets a paycheck anymore it’s put in their bank account but if I had a piece of paper when I saw their name every time we hired we’ve hired in the last three months about 12 new 12 new employees so I get to know need to know these people I’m not talking about being their best buddy I don’t go out to lunch with them every day I don’t go out to lunch with hardly any of my employees because there’s still a realm of difference between our responsibilities but I respect them one of the ways I show that is that I introduced myself for the first time to a new employee and then after a while I’ve run into them again and I say listen if I can’t remember your name then I owe you a dollar and I’ll see them a couple days later and I’ll stab their oh I messed up I pull out a dollar I’m going to remember your name they get a kick out of that they really like that because I’m trying to remember their name it’s not that hard if I list just say it a couple times you know some of our guys we have health issues that that we try to be it pro health active we try to make sure we have healthy encouragement are just safety safety is part of the job but the health is how is it doing in your own personal life we can’t infringe too far we have those who’s issues where people always almost seem to spend more money than they make so there’s a course called the Dave Ramsey course it’s a pretty well known worldwide now we enrolled and made it available for employees to enroll in that so they could be learn how to manage their money better I respect these people people know if you respect hey what about your customers well I’m the outside salesperson so I better have respect and better have communications with my employees my customers and guess what we’re not and I the way I view it is we’re not supplying our products to any big company we are but from my mind we’re supplying those to the individual that we’re working for inside that big company you see there’s somebody on that side they could normally call them a buyer and these parts that are behind me they need to be there on time in good shape according to order and so we work with them and we acknowledge that and we show respect to them I go on a regular basis and make sure there’s any complaints they might have or any suggestions ahead I listen to them but in reality these are people not companies and I’ll tell you what happened when they know that we respect them and know that we that we are interested in them as individuals because if we don’t show up and do a good job that person’s job is on the line they could get in trouble I know that well several of these people over the years have had a reason to change employment go to another company we almost always get connected with a new company because that individual that we dealt with trusted us and then they bring us and say we want our company to do work for them so now we have a new company that’s happened four or five six times hey we have people that were our vendors or our suppliers you know the number one thing I can do with them is pay my bills that’s pretty important and they know I pay my bills they know I’m committed to being fair with them we’ve we have an issue or problem then we sometimes we can’t we kind of both kind of made a mistakes they said I’ll bear fifty percent of that why don’t we just share that mistake 5050 and and we go on we have a people in our personal life you know the way I handle people that come visit me I can’t be rude to people I almost always have time for anybody that calls me has respect for me in my time I’ll make time for them I’m an individual that wants to go out of my way I’m not bragging but I want to help people that ends up to my my church life my my social life I’m on a quest with these videos I’m here on a quest to help you I have a passion to help you I can’t become best friends with everybody that watch the watches this video but I tell you if you email me I’ll respond to you I can’t be come visit you and I don’t expect you to visit me but I can communicate by my standard simple communications methods I’ve been known to help people start businesses by by not co-signing for them but and I’m not offering that but I’m just saying that in the right place and right time with the right situation I want you to succeed it’s just like I want my workers to own a house so I’ve helped a few people buy their homes they know that I’m in favor of them I want them to succeed I want you to succeed I want you to have the opportunity to have the best out of your life and all I can do at this point the best way I can see is doing these videos and inspiring better business and helping you think through and have access to teachings on a 24/7 basis when you look it up you can hear it because you don’t have have to wait on some meeting that you come hear me talk well I hope this has been helpful I ask you to share these with other people we thank you for being a part of inspiring better business thank you


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