Plastic Recycle

Plastic Recycle
July 15, 2016 David Kamanzi

Recycling plastic bottles was the only source of revenue to a 10 year old boy. #000017

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Plastic Recycle

By David Kamanzi   From Uganda Africa

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

My name is David Kamanzi and today I want to talk to you about starting your business small because I had to start my business where i was I had to look for the things I needed to start the business and starting your business small I had to start with anything I had to start with anything and then by then by that time I was had to I was doing the bottle collection those were doing those days when i was still living on the streets nine years old no experience in business and so I had to start where I was and then it was the street on the street and I remember oh on the street people throw things and people throw empty bottles and all kind of trash on the streets and i remembered i had seen a friend who was selling what they call me busherra the people drink busherra, but she lacked enough containers and there were all these reusable bottles that people were using and throw on the trash so my starting small was you know collecting everything I hard you know collecting all these bottles but the first I had to go talk to this lady do you need the bottles in big numbers and she said yes that would be helpful and we began and I knew how much she was going to be paying me and so I collected the bottom each day I collect I made sure that I correct a hundred bottles and so i corrected them and I showed her that i’ll be correcting a hundred dollars yeah a hundred bottles each day for your business and so I collected and I made sure I woke up in the morning and collected, started collecting bottles and so steady slowly by slowly she had business did very well because she had containers she had people to come and take have drinks and could buy and take with them and there was a lot of demand for her business so I realized i think i will need as she began to ask me would you come up to 500 bottles so I was, I realized all my business was growing so I needed help and so I told the children I had on the streets we need more reusable, empty bottles to collect more so that we can you know hits this target you know give this lady the bottles to sell her drinks so I then asked my fellow street boys to help me and by then I needed just for boys plus me so each day the five of us we made sure that we were going to collect each a hundred borders so what we did I realize that the bottles on the trash we’re not going to be enough so I went and talked to the business owners hotels you know in all these places where they were selling, we’re having doing drinks and asked them if I could collect their bottles and then i used them for my businesses and so they’re allowed to say oh yeah you’ll be helping us with the trash and I had no problem collecting trash and because also I had cracked a deal with the the town council and who we’re collecting trash and said we will be collecting some of this trash in this trash, garbage area and so all these people needed my help so I went and I asked them we need to collect, we want these bottles if each time your customer uses it please this is where i will keep a make sure that you keep these for me on the side and that I would be coming and correcting them and remember from 100 that I used to collect each day I had asked my four other boys on the streets and I give them at a target and are going to say each one of you will correct a hundred bottles, so exciting so it would make sure that each boy was going to correct a hundred bottles as a target so each collected a hundred and so we had 500, you see how from 100 from just the three hundred bottles to a hundred now we are correcting 500 and so our capitol grew we had money each day to meet our needs


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