Pressures Can Mold You

Pressures Can Mold You
July 15, 2016 David Kamanzi

Difficult situations in business can cause you to make needed adjustments and improvements. #000018

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Pressures Can Mold You

By David Kamanzi   From Uganda Africa

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

My name is David Kamanzi and today I’m going to talk to you about pressure. And pressure is good, can be good and not bad. And some of my missteps I would like to share with you is pushed me to think for solutions. It pushed me to think for solutions in where I was. I needed to come up with solutions to make sure that I provide, I hit the target and caused me to grow. I saw my growth and it excited me in business. Because I then in my bottle business I needed more bottles I realized. This lady was asking me to give the first step was I needed to provide to give her a hundred bottles each day and then her business was growing which caused my business also to grow and she wanted them to to give each day 500 business. Answers under pressure. I tried each day to provide 500 business, but many times I would collect a few 300 or 250 and then I realized I had to think. And then I realized that I needed to get a few people to help me and then I talked to the boys on the street said hey I need your help. I need to hit the target 500 bottles each day and if each can collect 100 each then we will hit the target and so the boys agreed and we agreed on the price I was going to pay them and so each day we made sure that each collected a hundred bottles and so we tried to look for places, hotels, all these places that people were using. these water and so we talk to them. Talk to the hotel, say if you finish using the the water please put the bottles on the side we will come and collect them. So we made sure. We were under pressure. This lady called us each time. I need my customers. I’m getting customers every day, and so I need bottles. I need you to bring bottles as we were under pressure. But it was exciting. It made us worked so hard so we made sure that each collected the bottles and every evening would sit together and encourage ourselves. And I excited my boys. So each time we corrected the bottles and and then and my business grew you know it made men sure business grew and mine also grew so because I could collect all these bottles. Could give her the 500 bottles and she paid me each time because she relied on my on my help. She relied on me for containers and I worked very hard to satisfy her demands. Again, I would like to give you a small background of this other business I came to to go into which was the business a friend helped me to start a business transportation and I Trans, I dropped children to school. I dropped people. I pick people from the airport and drop them and then I came to fall into a deal this guy the UN wanted me to take the specific people from the refugee camp to the hospital so that was a deal but also gave me pressure. Because they called me and they wanted me to check. They wanted to check the car and they wanted to look at my tires and my service and all these things and then but they said always sorry we’re not going to give you this deal because you don’t have good tires. You have not done the service, and then I was under pressure. But this time I realized oh this friend who helped me could help me with some money to buy tires and then I tried to call my friends. Hey, I have a deal but my tires are bad could he help me put the tires on my car? And as my friend said, I’m sorry this time,I will not help you. So boy, I was squeezed in the corner because I was going to lose this business. I almost lost it and Because this guy was not Helping and so I had no solution and then again I had to think. I’m out of business. I’m out of I have lost the deal so had to think and so each time I dropped the the children at school, I realized, I need to need an envelope idea so I bought some envelopes and I said I am going to put aside some money. Each time and this money is going to help me each time when I don’t have money for my tires for the business. Because I was under pressure. I don’t want each time I am called to to deliver people or to do any business I did not want to have an excuse or to think about someone that could rescue me out of this situation. So I had to save. So pressure taught me how to save a little bit for my business. I put aside some money for my business and and recently my friends were coming and they called me and said hey, would you want to come? To draw and drive us and I realized I had you know to fix I had my tires now fixed and everything and I could do the business and I could come and drive there. So, pressure many times will help you to think. It will help you to think. It will give you then you come up with solution. How do I come out of this? pressures the topic today was the pressures we get in business because many times pressures will be good. They will help us to grow they will help us to come up with solutions. Thank you viewers. Thank you for listening to me and our topic today. That pressures will help you to grow. It will help you to think. So they helped me. They can help you.
David Kamanzi
Empresario y Orador Público | de Uganda
David Kamanzi comenzó su carrera como empresario a los nueve años en Uganda, África, porque su papá y hermano mayor fueron encarcelados por predicar el evangelio. Él vivió en las calles hasta los 17 años, muy a menudo durmiendo en los baños públicos. Escuche y serás inspirado por sus asombrosas historias de cómo ha levantado varios negocios, cuidado niños de la calle, como sobrevivió y floreció. Si David puede hacerlo en África, tú puedes hacerlo también.


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