January 9, 2019 Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson shares about the importance of quality in his family business, in high end cameras used in the dental business by Brett Wilson #000255

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By Brett Wilson

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hi everyone my name is Britt Wilson I’m coming to you today to talk to you about quality quality in products in your business and the people that you hire run a manufacturing company in the dental industry here in the United States and quality means a lot to us we’ve built our brand based on that we set out to be the industry leader in our space and so we focused on in our case it is high resolution video cameras that fit inside of your mouth and take photos of your teeth to help patients understand the treatment that dentists are communicating to them that is needed well there are a lot of interest in the dental business namely there’s birdy around the world I would say we win on image quality every time the reason we do is because we’ve set out to be the industry leader in that position we made that decision early on I read a great book it’s called the discipline of market leaders and it says in that book that you have to make a decision are you going to be basically high priced right so high quality typically equals a higher price would be an example of a high quality high price industry-leading type of a product Nike for example Nike is a great company they have great products and they’re higher priced right then other companies in the marketplace and so that’s the decision that we made other companies have made a decision nothing wrong with it they just base their decisions on being the low cost leader so what would be an example of a low cost leader Walmart Walmart’s a low cost leader every decision that they make they make based on how low can I get this product for my consumer okay they’re not as concerned about high quality they’re concerned about lower okay Southwest Airlines is another example of that and just delivering a lower priced fare okay customer service is another one okay customer service is another category you can choose to be high price low price or customer service driven it’s very very difficult to be all three you can set out to have parts of all three but really you need to choose one and base all your decisions on that category okay so high customer service what would that be for an example here in the United States we have a company called Nordstrom Nordstrom let’s say you have a product and you want to return the product it’s easily done through organization no questions asked you can return it and it’s all about delivering an amazing customer service experience for their consumers so let’s go back to quality so quality for us is is measured and the types of product that we build the types of the ingredients if you will that goes into we spend a lot there’s a competitor in the dental industry that sells a product for three hundred dollars online doctors buy our product for five thousand dollars yes for five thousand dollars per product now we spend more on one piece of our camera in this case than they do on the entire camera right so only one part or one component cost us more than there’s even selling their product for and so what do you put into the products that you’re building it does matter every part in piece matters when you put into whatever it is that you’re building so we source the highest quality we go around the world to find what is the best that I could put into my product to make it stand out amongst the rest so very important to make that decision and when you’re selling value to customers if your product is a differentiating product if it’s better know the reasons why it’s better and be able to communicate that because that adds value and when you can add value to whatever it is that you’re bringing it could be in a church for example and the experience that you bring you put more attention to the value that you bring to that experience that quality that excellence and so excellence in our product is how it looks how it feels how it works and performs in the field but then the support behind it so you can have an excellent product but you also need that excellent support when something goes wrong and it will at some point in time you really need to provide a solution that if your choice is to be excellent and to be an industry leader make that decision to not only provide an excellent product but then to provide support after that one unique thing that we do is we repair the cameras that we build even after the warranty period there’s not another camera in the world that will do that in the intro camera dental industry space and so that’s one differentiating item that we provide and that’s a story we can tell so when it when a doctor says why is your camera thousands of dollars more than others we can say this isn’t a transaction to us this is a relationship this is a partnership I want to work with you through the life that you own this product not just sell you something and turn around and walk away so that’s part of that quality that you build in you want to build that quality into that relationship with the customer that lasts a long time not just a quick little in and in and out so it says the word and Titus 2:7 real quick show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works in this case it’s specific to quality make sure that’s the decision you make put the best in and then back it up with a story to be able to tell that really does present how different you are than anybody else and it goes beyond just the product remember it’s what you do after that that really makes a difference it’s so next time thank you


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