Expand with Quality, Faithfulness, and Integrity

Expand with Quality, Faithfulness, and Integrity
June 12, 2018 Alfred Mutua

The laws of business are globally true. Alfred Mutua from Nairobi, Kenya demonstrates the truth of Quality, Faithfulness and Integrity in his auto repair business. Africa #000203

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Expand with Quality, Faithfulness, and Integrity

By Alfred Mutua

My name is Alfred Mutua, the managing director universal Auto touch limited. Universal auto touch limited is in Kikuyu, Nairobi Kenya. We are involved in repairing and servicing of vehicles; we have been here for the last three years. And for the three years by the grace of God, we have been able to get good business because of several things. We have been able to pursue one quality, two faithfulness and integrity most of our clients whom we’ve targeted and Pastors Bishops by the grace of God for the last three years. Since we began we’ve never liked a bishop’s car or a pastor’s car in our garage and through working for them. They’ve been able to give us very good referrals to their church members to the other bishops, to the other pastors. This has helped us to grow day by day, We’ve seen a difference day by day how most of our staffs we always emphasize on integrity faithfulness and to do the right thing and the right time.

  We have a system where because most of our clients are too busy, where we target them, where they are. We have people who goes to their offices to pick the vehicles through their homes to pick vehicles. We usually give an extra service if a car is broken whatever time it is wherever it is, we have a service vehicle which goes to tow it to bring it to the garage. And we work on the car and then we take it back to the client actually by the grace of God, we have clients who have never stepped to our garage who does not know where Universal Auto Touch is. But their vehicles have been here for the last three years and they bring them here. They give us referrals day by day So this is what good for us still in our garage, we have people who target different even age groups, because we are like this age group of people of workers who are up to 30 years they have their own challenges with their vehicles.

To handle them, we need someone who can relate with them very well these young people from 30 years to 40 years. They still have their own challenges. There are customers with a different in different challenges. We have somebody who handles them in their level from 40 from 60, these old people they have their own challenges those one I handle them personally. Because I am very patient I know how to deal with them and they like the kind of service I give to them. They like being approached where they are, they like people can listen to them and these are the people who have the money. To give the business so that one has worked very well for us and they have given us referrals day by day. Thank you. Universal auto touch limited. We are involved in repairing the vehicles, Servicing fabrication and at this point now we are going to making publication making buses, Lorries their bodies.

This story started where my passion was when I was a small boy I used to make vehicles toy vehicles to fabricate them, is a story that has taken a lot of time. Sometimes I feel like I could not continue with it. I remember at one point I went ahead to begin the hotel industry to do hotel, which I failed miserably. And then I went back to repairing of the vehicles. And I remember it was not easy because sometimes I was struggling to do the business. To remember, to work on vehicles. I remember the first time I went to business to repair somebody’s car Somebody gave me a radio to fix a radio for him in a vehicle. He had just bought a car from Japan and My lecturer had told me a red wine is positive so I went to repair this Toyota vehicle and to install a radio for my client. And I did exactly what my Lecturer I had told me and I remember fortunately for Toyotas and the wires, red wines are not necessarily, does not mean positive.

So I use this positive wire I fitted it and the smoke was and the radio blew Out and I was very discouraged the car was full of smoke. I was very discouraged but then after that I Still had to continue and from there by the grace of God. I went a small I went a bit by bit. And continued to borrow to ask people to give me vehicles to repair outside not even in A workshop. I could go to their homes. I repair vehicle, I get a small money I go to another client I repair the vehicle I go to the houses sometimes because I’m going to their houses. They don’t pay me. I’m not discouraged. I continue, I continue to say that I’m a repairer, I am a repairer and as I began to say I began fabricating vehicle, I had a vision that one day I’ll make a bus I love a workshop where I can make a bus and where we are today I’m at that level where I’m making a bus from the scratch to the finishing and as we continue, I will show you one of the buses that we are making we are almost finishing.

We are fabricating bodies for big lorries. We are Doing fabricating matatus, small buses We are fixing fabric repairing very damaged accident vehicles. Some of them are almost getting finished. You can see them here from small and very expensive vehicles like a Land Cruisers. We are doing them in our workshop and by the grace, I’m telling anybody who is doing business that it’s possible. You need to begin from somewhere You need to pursue the passion and the vision that you have. You need not to be discouraged. You need to stand the firm and pursue it. Somewhere, you will get to that level where you’ll achieve Your vision bit by bit not getting discouraged, going through the challenges because we must go through the challenges that where you learn. You make many mistakes like the mistake I made for spoiling somebody’s radio.

Done so many mistakes for going to repair, I used to make many mistakes from repairing people’s vehicles, which don’t work. They don’t pay me. I Remember one time I asked somebody to give me a car to do painting, I do not know how to paint and We never put, mix the chemicals, right. So after one day the car never dried up. One week the car never dried up after two weeks It was not possible the car to dry until I lost all the money and we had to go to it again. So is good to pursue and not to get discouraged and to continue, to continue until you get to where we are. I’m still going far. I’m not where I want me to want to go. I’m still pursuing from making the buses to making very new ones. So I what I’m saying is good for people to follow their passion.

I have seen other people who are followed like I have a friend of mine who decided to Do the business of vehicles, like the way I’m doing and he missed it very miserably and later His passion was to do, he’s born from the central province, Where they are farmers and he has a passion for growing potatoes for selling cabbages and he decided to pursue that passion of doing Vegetables, selling vegetables, selling potatoes and the fruits and by the grace of God He has been very Successful through that the business he’s able now to do, to build his own houses he is able to make his own rental houses and So what I’m saying is whatever passion you have. It does not matter whether he’s selling vegetables is selling charcoal is selling water, is the collecting garbage, ease and Going to dispose it. Follow, whatever you are following and you will be successfully.


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