Quality is Key

Quality is Key
June 17, 2018 Judith Kokuletage

Our good friend, Judith Kokuletage, shares about the importance and value of quality in making her jewelry in Kampala, Uganda – Africa. #000200

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Quality is Key

By Judith Kokuletage

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello, I’m Gary Shotton, I’m the founder of inspiring better business IBBtalks and I’m here in my one of the largest malls in my hometown But a couple weeks ago in May of 2018 We’re in the country of Uganda at Acacia the largest small of Uganda and we had an opportunity to talk to Judith the jeweller her, her partner, Christina had started a jewelry business from just absolutely Very little capital really no real capital and on this topic She’s going to tell and talk about the value of quality. In a jewelry business or any business that you might be interested in quality is key. Let’s hear what Judith has to say about quality. Thank you My name is Judith and I’m a jeweler handmade jewelry, and I’m here in Uganda, Kampala. Today my subject is about quality. I’m going to talk about the challenges of You having good quality and the benefits that you can get from the your product being really having a good quality. I’ll start with the challenges. I’ll give you what I’ve been through I made her a necklace. Okay, I went to the market I bought the materials thinking it was the best quality when I looked at it I loved it and I went home and made the jewelry. I Delivered it. Delivering it it breaks When I’m handing it to the customer That is so awful. It’s a bad feeling when you’ve left home you you know, you’re so proud of yourself You know, I’ve got this, but when you get It’s so disappointing. I mean the custom is like What they heck is this? I thought you promised good quality. Yes. I love the other thing but then now this is breaking even before you leave even before I wear it. So my dear, if you’re outside there, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You’re a tailor. You’re a jeweler, you know you are buying the buttons Try to test the materials before you leave the shop. Try so hard or before you deliver tried the the product on make sure It’s the best quality. Now with the experiences I’ve been through now I can tell from the fake material and the real material. You know, we have silver metal. We have gold metal, but it’s so hard to tell What the real gold is and what the real silver is. But now with the experience I have of four years now I can differentiate from the two and You can find a customer, You try to convince the customer that this is the good quality and they go like I don’t think so I think you’re just trying to sell your product and go home with the money. But try it so hard Make sure it’s the best cause tomorrow that very customer is the one to come back and how would you feel if that customer came back and found another customer that you’re trying to sell something and in the leg Oh Madam, I bought a necklace just a day from here and look what you’ve done. You promised a good product and Do you think the customer will buy the product? Hell no Thank you. I hope you take my advice be very careful.


Judith Kokuletage
Judith and her partner, Christina, have a been an inspiration to many people because of the original start-up, amazing foresight, determination, and wisdom.


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