Racial Injustice

Racial Injustice
October 30, 2017 Gary Shotton

In today’s business climate we all must be very conscious of our words and actions to not be judged as racial injustice. By Gary Shotton #000162

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Racial Injustice

By Gary Shotton

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton. These lessons I hope they’re helpful to you I enjoy doing it and today we’re going to talk about Racial injustice. I think around the world we have a lot on TV we have a lot going on we have all kinds of accusations and a lot of them and they are true I mean we have all the way from one side and I’m not naming any one race I’m just saying there’s a racial injustice attitude  in the news media. I’m not sure if it’s quite representative of the American public and of the world because the radio the fastness of being the ability to get news so fast we can see something that’s a fed live in Face-time or on an instant messenger or whatever name you want to use and we’re watching it in real-time that’s what’s changed now I am not at all suggesting that racial injustice is okay it is not okay but I suggest that we be careful that we don’t get caught up by the media unintentional remember newspapers news media must sell papers, they must sell the news it must be exciting and so the good guy doesn’t get as much air time as another shooting certainly a racial and justice issue so the question is where am I at in this issue what am i doing about it but more of it as a business owner what should you do? Well I have some hit tips now first of all I’m sitting here in my machine shop we have about 60 employees we’re not all cross the range racially diverse for whatever reason but we have had some Asians here at different times some African-Americans with us at different times and so as much as we can we certainly have an open-door policy not at all discriminating based on Race Religion.

I know that I am not racially prejudiced I know that well why can you say that Gary well one thing I wasn’t raised in a racially prejudiced family we are farmers were farmers in in the middle of the United States we had zero I can not think of one non-Caucasian in my entire school from first grade through twelfth grade there probably was there but I didn’t notice them and I don’t remember anyone I go to a engineering school this is in the late 60s early 70s there was no one other than foreign people that had come because they wanted it was an engineering and mineral school so they had come for that purpose but Americans I wasn’t around I played around racial in comparisons I wasn’t with people that I could even be in having injustice I played football I made it possible for the a team to practice this I wasn’t that good but I played football in college there wasn’t one non-Caucasian on our football team wow that’s kind of unusual it was again a small engineering school so I came through life and today I know I’m not racially prejudiced because I love to go to Africa I love to go to China have African friends Chinese friends, German friends, Austrian friends. I had this last weekend all in one weekend I had my friend from Ecuador my friend from Austria and my friend from Tanzania all over the one weekend I’m not bragging I’m just saying I’m not prejudiced so what’s going on you better be aware of the climate you better be conscious of being setting up to be sure no one has arrests and that’s sexual also you better because that is a buzzword very important how do you make sure that well everybody that’s hiring everybody that’s involved with the process of bringing onboard people they’re there they don’t show signs of prejudice and we’re careful about the leadership here and then so I also make sure that if someone comes into our gathering whether it’s a church or at business or someplace I go out of my way to make sure someone that may on their own opinion feel inferior or feel not a part of our world I go out to make my way to make sure I shake their hand get to know their name talk with them let them know they’re just another person they have no favors and they have no discrimination against.

So, I think we have a lot that we can do as businesses we can be on guard of course we should be on guard of our own promise process and procedures not to discriminate to be sure that we’re being fair with everyone that’s in our in our control and that’s kind of hard to do sometimes not it’s not it sets out it’s easy to be fair but it’s always an element of judgment was I fair some people can look from the outside on an issue and they don’t know the whole story they don’t know only what they want to see or hear and they think we’re unfair no we don’t have a big problem there now occasionally I’ve had someone even from a minority make a joke about themselves they might say I’m another and then they just name there now they’re there their slang word about them an okay slang word but a slang word and you know you better not pick up on that you better just let that lie you can laugh with them they called them it’d be like me  I’m a little overweight  but don’t call me overweight  I’m a little bit bold you can I can say that but don’t call me a little bald because I don’t really appreciate that so it’s the same things true in this arrangement that when someone in your company even on their own takes it on themselves to make light of maybe their  skin colors different don’t bite on that just let it go treat it laughs if you want go on with life it’s going to be ok but don’t take the hook now we have so much going on we would say you go the extra mile you go whatever it takes to make sure that and it’s not just racial it’s someplace that even a that has a physical defect or something that’s not normal. I have a very close relative that  doesn’t look normal when they walk well am I embarrassed to go to the restaurant with him no I’ll go right with a restaurant I will make sure that that I’m walking with them talking with them being with them I’m not embarrassed to be with them.

Back to the work environment you do have to be careful on things that the person could do the job of course you can’t hire just because you’re filling I think that’s a big injustice if we’re trying to fill a position with some form of a minority in order to show that we’re none that we’re not discriminating in my opinion we just discriminated against the person that could have gotten the job we look for the best qualifications it’s like a sports team we talk about it all the time we said hey when we had to slow down we had to lay off some people we just wall went right up right up front inside the company and said who is our best team we’re going to keep our best workers our best players on the team and then when we come back we’ll build back with even better when that happened we actually were able to get through again we were actually kind of sweep out some of our sub part there okay employees there are ok machinists but they weren’t the best we’re able a down swing is not a bad thing always it’s sometimes a good thing because you can kind of clean house just a little bit we were able to do that and then hire and we’ve got a great  group of workers here that are very motivated very intelligent very intelligent very dedicated and makes life go ways here then go on the other out hey I hope this helps thank you for listening please share these help these hope these will be benefit to you thank you we want to “Inspire Better Business”. Thank you.



  1. Alla Pavetic 5 years ago

    I especially like the part about not “taking the hook”, not picking up on certain jokes.

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 5 years ago

      Thanks for taking time to watch, listen, and give feedback.

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