Egg Farm

Egg Farm
November 6, 2017 Joel Isabirye

Joel Isabirye from Africa is an exciting and intelligent entrepreneur that has not been afraid to grow a chicken farm. By Joel Isabirye #000022

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Egg Farm

By Joel Isabirye  From Uganda Africa

This still needs some work!!

I have been talking about chicken project. I do this business personally I started with seven chicken,  actually in Uganda the local chicken are not so hard to handle.   So when I thought of the chicken project I started with seven ones.  I was working somewhere I saved some money every chicken was going for something like $10 so I saved my small money and bought the seven ones. so, these seven ones give me the lesson of what I’ve been explaining to you of how to feed them.out of the seven,five of them were laying the eggs so when they started laying eggs they showed me I can handle the eggs.I also thought I don’t need all to sell the eggs. I did the same examples I’ve told you I do have the money to buy the inch better cause it’s expensive it’s a thousands of money to buy an innovation machine.

So, this is what I did I saved some money there were seven chicken. as I told you five were laying the eggs I thought I would not keep all these five eggs because I would not again have the money to pay the each patient. so I thought of just saving something like two out of the five and I was saving the three I’m sorry I saved this small because I didn’t want to say I have 20 eggs but when I do have the money cause it’s charged every egg is charged for the each measuring system so what I did I was keeping two eggs per every. so I did it from the two eggs they laid I think the chicken late for two weeks or three I was saving until when I accumulated up to something.there were like 30 eggs so I said okay from underling 7 eat chicken now I can try this Factory,I can try 30 so I said I kept to the 30 eggs.remember I was selling the supplies I was selling three out of the five just keeping two so even from this from the three-hour selling I kept the money I didn’t eat up the money I kept the money cause I knew I would need to pay some money to Beijing muscle.   So what I did I kept to the money up,  after saving the ??Fatiha?? I took the inspiration they gave me actually they didn’t come all out of Saturday.  I got like twenty five causes the system sometime is not excellent that you can get all of them so from seven now I get five chicken. I know how to hand over his eye from I had even a small house now I had to get a bigger house for them for 25 so, this is how I did it from the 25 , I have 570 chicken.there are laying eggs and now I know how to handle the eggs.   I have hundred eggs every day and find 400 I was getting from saving.

I get to know the market so I had the people ready to help me I take my eggs and sell I have many eggs.I have the experience from what I go to the 7 of the 25 of the 50 of the 100 cause I didn’t do it all together you that’s why I am emphasizing you to can not start with 7 as I told you,you can buy one,you can buy two and do the same process as well and another thing I needed to emphasize,you can start with 2 chicken.this is the start small project so everyone can try this I’ve given you an example of the chicken project or the chicken business but there are other small businesses of which you can start small as even the restaurant it doesn’t need you to have the capital to put up a building for the restaurant. you can start if you have some people who can get it rested in your food let’s say your good chef you can start it with maybe just cooking for 5 people, if you give these people food and they appreciate then you say people after me they will tell you we love this you can feed out you can get us this, you can get us right so you get to see the preference what people want.

Before you start up a bigger restaurant or a big family so think of it think of starting small in any kind of business before you invest in or put in a lot of money the cycle will take your target is 500 it will take you let’s say two years but, remain on your target grow small by small inexperienced and growing the capital. also by the time you have a dream of 500 but you also be patient don’t just say ok have the egg. now let me save all the eggs and egg to the incubation no you’re not you don’t have the bucket for all the chicken you don’t have the market for maybe the eggs so you can do it small by target is two thousand chicken but I’m hoping of achieving this in two years maybe from now cause for this system the one I’ve told you up it has gone almost for a full year I started this last year so this is my 11 year.I mean every month coming to a full year. so it has been a system it has been a system I may achieve it in three years or four years. but I’m coming from a small level to the big level.Thank you all, God bless you for listening to me and watching me.


  1. Revocatus Kashaga 4 years ago

    This is very inspirational

  2. Revocatus Kashaga 4 years ago

    This is very inspirational

  3. Revocatus Kashaga 4 years ago

    This is very inspirational

  4. Gary Shotton 4 years ago

    Thanks for your input.

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