Selling Eggs

Selling Eggs
July 15, 2016 David Kamanzi

To sell lots of eggs you need to create a solid chicken farm that can expand rapidly. – Uganda, Africa – By David Kamanzi.  #000020

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Selling Eggs

By David Kamanzi   From Uganda Africa

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Because then it reminded me of this successful very good friend of mine who is doing the chicken business and this man in my town is doing very well. I remember other friends of mine who have tried the chicken business but have failed. But I’ve been learning, watching this friend of mine very closely how he has set how He has set his quality standards. I was his good friend. He one time called me to visit his farm but when we were coming close to his farm, he reminds me, he said you’re going to leave your car a few meters away from my family. I have asked myself, “Why? Why is he rude to me?” and then I left my car there and then I see he came and told me also here we have gumboots, we want you to put on these shoes as you enter our farm. We want you to dress up and put on gloves and he gave me a soda and and then after I was asking him, “Why? Why all this?” and he told me that the experience he had in his chicken business and all the diseases and he realized that though he was doing this chicken business he was paying a lot of money on treatment. Treating the chicken and all kind of diseases he had in africa here. We have a lot of disease, infections, and all that. And so this guy has stayed in business and he has the most successful business in town because he has set standards. He has set standards, you know. Though, you’ll be many times you’ll be discouraged, this guy didn’t. He was not discouraged. Though there were friends though there were close close friends He told them this are our farm standards when you are coming to a farm you have to wear, put on gloves, put on the elements and the boots and leave your car very because he wanted to set quality standards. He didn’t want his chickens to to get sickness and all that so this man has a successful chicken farm in our town. And he has our big market. People can rely on him. He is a very successful man. This was an addition on setting qualities in our businesses. You are going to succeed. You were created to succeed.


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