Skoplje, Macedonia

Skoplje, Macedonia
October 17, 2017 Karl Michael Pilsl

IBB Talks Event: Balkan Tour
Skopje, Macedonia
November 10, 2017

About Skopje

Skopje Macedonian: is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Macedonia. It is the country’s political, cultural, economic, and academic center. 51% of Skopje active population is employed in small firms. 52% of the population work in the services sector, 34% in industry, and the remaining is mainly employed in administration.      The unemployment rate for the Skopje Statistical Region was at 27% in 2009, three points under the national rate (30%). Unemployment in Skopje mainly concern men, who represent 56% of job-seekers, people between 25 and 44 years old (45% of job-seekers), and non-qualified people (43%).  Unemployment also concerns Roma people, who represent 4.63% of the city population. Unemployment concerns 70% of the active population in the community.  The average net monthly wage in Skopje was at €400 in October 2010, which represented 120% of the national figure.   The average wage in Skopje was then lower than in Sarajevo (€522) Sofia (€436) and in Belgrade(€440).

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UL Kosta Kirkov br 11
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Friday, November 10, 2017, 18:00

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