Spinning Plates

Spinning Plates
April 20, 2018 Gary Shotton

Until we learn how to manage and prioritize the use of our time, we could feel like we are part of a circus and responsible to keep the plates spinning.  By Gary Shotton #000185

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Spinning Plates

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

my name is Gary Shotton and in this lesson I’m going to talk about spinning plates what I mean by that well it’s really a topic on time management and how we all have the same amount of time but it’s the difference of how we use that time and I’m not going to claim any kind of perfection of this if you had a thousand people talk on this subject you’ll probably have a thousand different ideas probably some of them will line up very similar than we’re very logical but I’m just going to talk about what I do I was asked to do that and I have quite a few different responsibilities for Florida grampa stage so I don’t have any small children that changes a lot I’m married though and I have responsibilities at the home and with my wife I have this company I’m sitting in this company right now we have 60 plus employees I’m the CEO the only outside salesperson and the CFO where I handle all the finances and yeah at the same time I’m involved with this nonprofit called inspiring better business and then I have my own things of church and I helping usher in church and help out so I have a few things spinning if you want to think of that curve and the idea of a spinning place is that if you’ve ever seen that analogy somebody is spinning maybe 10 15 20 plates maybe that’s a little bit too many maybe 12 plates and they get the first one spinning they get the second one spinning and they get the third one if things aren’t up and pretty soon they got a run back and make sure that that plate that they got the first fitting they gotta push it again they gotta think it work well I don’t want to do that I don’t want to be running around with my head cut off by the way when somebody tried to approach me and they’re like all freaking out because they’re in an emergency that is no reason for me to jump in to their situation had be totally disorganized and jump into their emergency I want to stay stable and try to maintain consistency no matter what situation is if it’s not life-threatening or for so basically we’re here to talk about how we manage our time first of all I’m gonna mention my phone almost all of us have phones and from a technically they call stay employee I use a calendar on there and without it I personally would be totally lost I don’t have a secretary that much lines up my appointments are no some people do that that wouldn’t work for me I have my own I set my own schedule of our own plans but the good thing is I can in this 30 seconds or two seconds I get to change an appointment around because I’m very good with my calendar on my phone I have to use the software called Outlook I’ve used it for years and I can put an appointment that I believe it’s going to be every week like a meeting that’s every week and I can put it on repeat and every weakness of them do a mock our noon on Monday or whatever it is and then I could delete that moving around if I said an appointment I have a way of disciplining question marks on the subject line like I’m going to meet somebody for lunch and if I put a little question or thought if that means it’s not confirm him I’m just kind of tended to believe thinking about that we need to confirm that and so I very seldom this an appointment it’s happening but very seldom because I use my phone very very effectively not perfect but very effectively now let’s talk about the philosophy well first of all I’m a systems thinking I are then dubbed that by some of my business for any business system and I think I think in systems on a day-to-day basis what do I mean by that well when I have a task in front of me I start immediately thinking almost subconsciously is this what I call a one and never do I need to learn to do this is it something that’s going to come up once a year is it going to come up very seldom well I don’t want to put time and effort into the one and done kind of there you know my taxes okay that’s somebody else I hire and how do my taxes I don’t think I have time to keep up with the tax laws and fill out all the forms other people disagree with it they want to do their own taxes that’s right but for me that’s a category of one and done something that comes up just on an annual basis or every six months not the same thing over I try to delegate that I try to hire that down I try to do something that I don’t try to get into that and learn how to do that so then it goes to what am I good at there’s something I’m just not good at I’m not good at English and spelling and word structure that’s why I’m kind of being lazy here in a way that I talk these things and let somebody else then clean them up make them sound good they can detect look good because it takes me a long time for me to get the English right and and punctuated right and at the end of trying for maybe an hour on an 8 minute teaching it’s still done right if somebody else looks at how you look over it so if I’m not good at something you will not be good at some things try to get rid of those don’t put those on your plate don’t try to make yourself good at everything then on the system there are some times that I see that they’re just no way I need to learn how that works so that I can maybe not do everything that’s involved with it but I’m gonna be in there enough that I just got to put the effort well what I bought this company I had no choice I didn’t know much about the machine shop so I’m in learning because I’m gonna be in this with my life with my finances my future now I’m never run a machine like these bins behind me but I I stopped short of that of course and I’m not gonna run a machine but I know how the machine works I dug in and continued to dig in and stay on top of them let’s talk about the nonprofit inspiring better business I hired someone to create the website our current website by the way when we get a thousands of teachings I’m gonna hire somebody else to create a new and better website but until then I do a lot of the editing I do a lot of this work on these these videos and these teachings first of all I’m trying still structuring that in a way that that I can do that efficiently and doesn’t take a lot of time at the same time if you go to our website right now you’ll go under participate and you’ll see you I sat down and did a video teaching so that I’m teaching other people how to translate and transcribe because I’m not going to transcribe the translate I’m creating a system we have a system for others to get involved so that’s probably the biggest key for what we’re doing is creating systems for others and that creates a scenario where you’re actually working on here companies are on your project or on your nonprofit not in it don’t you find yourself log there honey in the weeds doing some routine things all the time and it takes a lot of time you probably need to find somebody else to do this create a system well this is not going to answer everybody on everything but you have total latitude and executive to a number of things differently than what I do maybe something to help you for what I said though we’re here to Inspire Better Business.
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Gary Shotton
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The founder of IBBTalks.com which was formed to "Inspire Better Business."
As an astute businessman, he is passionate about helping others in the business world achieve maximum profits. He has a keen interest in international business. www.InspiringBetterBusiness.com


  1. Alla Pavetic 4 years ago

    Really enjoyed this teaching, very simple but important things. I must admit I am often guilty of trying to spin one too many plates in my life ))) I am learning how to structure things and experience of spinning too many plates really helps to understand what things to eliminate and what things need to keep spinning. So I would not call this experience completely negative – it forces you to organize yourself.
    The background noise was too loud though ))

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 4 years ago

      Alls, We all can improve in this area. It is hard for me to say, “no” to certain things that are interesting to me. Blessings, Gary

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