Spiral Up

Spiral Up
July 4, 2017 Gary Shotton

Spiral Up = A steady progression upward in a circular motion. In business, you want to continually “Spiral Up”. #000113

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Spiral Up

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello, I’m Gary Shotton and today we’re going to talk about the “Spiral up!” What do I mean by that? You know if you’ve ever watched something, an event, or people, or life in general; you’ll see they are either growing and gaining traction, they’re gaining position, they’re gaining wealth, they’re gaining status, so their life is spiraling in a very positive direction. There’s not a jump up, it’s a spiral, it’s around kind of around again the next year just slightly higher. I’ve been able to watch and talk to some people that had some kind of extra initiative or extra funding and man they could spiral up really fast. But they’re continuing to spiral up in their lives and in their personal finances. Then there’s other people I’m around and I when I’m around them very long at all, I start seeing that they’re actually on a spiral down. There their life is not totally out of control but if they’re are not careful their life is is in a direction that every year since a little worse than the previous year. Their cars are a little older they’re breaking down a little bit easier. They are breaking down more often. They’re washing machine breaks when they didn’t expect it. They’re out on the limb. They don’t have what we would call “margin” in their life you know if you have a printed paper on on any kind of a white sheet of paper. If you have the ability to change what’s called the margins on both sides of the paper. If you have too little of margin you know that doesn’t print right. Well, that’s true with our lives. How much margin do we have in our life, so that we can handle the bumps that come to all of us? Some people are spiraling down and a bump hits them hard and now they’re in a catastrophic situation. They’re actually spiraling out of control. It’s said that a fairly high percentage of Americans, anyway I know this is for people all around the world. The rest of the world looks at America thinks we are all rich and everything is going well. But we’re pretty financed, in other words we owe a lot of money as a nation and as a people group. So, something can happen in a person’s life like a major health issue, or a loss of job, or something significant like that, and their spiraled down just accelerates. It’s said that many people are just one paycheck away from living on this street. I’ve had friends, I have acquaintances that lost their house they had no place to sleep. And in one case it was a very awkward but the person the single parent actually had the family living in the van and they went into the local stores to use the bathroom and slept in the van for several months. That’s a spiral down. Well, let’s talk about business. You in your business, you should be able to look back from just a slow small distance back, not not too far back, look as from an overview and ask yourself, “am I spiraling up or am I spiraling down. Up means I’m able to pay my bills just a little bit faster than that week before or the month before. I’m able to take a little bit of money out and put it in my reserve, my margin, my savings account for my company that’s different than your personal. I’m able to have some equipment that I could actually buy cash rather than borrow that it for that equipment. That’s a company that’s spiraling up. We are wanting to be that kind of a company. Now, obviously the others crew that when someone has a company spiraling down they don’t have the money. I have a situation with a company that we work a little bit with it so it’s a peripheral company up in our similar business and they’ve called me several times because they needed paid early. They did work for us, they have no money to buy materials for their next job. They have no money to fix their equipment. It’s a company that’s spiraling down and what do I want to do? I kind of stay away from that company. I can’t stay I can’t depend on them. They’re nice people but I can’t rest because I don’t know when it’s going to spiral out of control to the end. Well, I want our company, Auto-Turn Manufacturing, I’m sitting here in my company, and I know that we have seasons of cycles (that’s another subject) but I know that we are spiraling up. We’re spiraling up. I just faced a situation of about 15 to 18 months of a low economy, low business volume, down about 40% from our normal sales, and we were not spiraling down, we were not going up much, but we were spiraling up, slowly. But as we came to the end of that cycle we’re in a position to really gain traction, to gain business, So we’re on a heavy ramp up right now and we’re spiraling up pretty quickly. What did I do? Even before I had a full vision I took the face step and gave major reviews, major pay increases, for virtually everyone in our company, 50 people. It had been a while since they had received a raise and so I purpose to not just give them a small little bitty incremental increase. I wanted to give them a significant enough increase, that they had what I would call a WOW factor. That’s really good. I asked for them in getting that raise, that I need their help. Because what pays for that raise is for them is to be more efficient. We’re providing the systems and policies and procedures for them to step in and help us be more efficient. I’m you were spiraling up. We’re spiraling up as a company. With our employees were paying more than we did before by quite a bit. there was a little lag for two to three years. Some of them not had a raise and we made that jump and they’re on board and they’re now very interested. They were good before, we had a good team, but they’re really looking for us in how to save money, by reducing expenses or coming up with ideas. And I’ve already told them that the raises that I gave them in the last two or three months is not the last one. I’m of a mind that if we can continue to spiral up we’ll be in more and more demand, higher and higher quality, better and better employees, more revenue to pay raises, again. I intend to spiral up another notch or two until my personal goal is to pay every single position in our company at 20% higher than the norm in our region. I don’t compare with somebody else hundreds of miles from here because we have a particularly economy. But if you want to go to work for Auto-Turn, my company, you’re going to go at a high return for your services to our company. And you’re going to be expected to produce and a higher than normal rate without being beat over the head and criticized to get there. So, I encourage you as a business to look at your business and ask, “Am i spiraling up, or am i spiraling down?” If I’m spiraling down, what needs do I do to stop the free-fall? How do I get past that? Normally, it is to trim back on what you’re doing, not grow. You can’t grow into more efficiency. But if you’re spiraling up keep that spiral going. Keep it going up, up, up, up. And, I tell you what, you’re going to have a company, not only that’s profitable, if you ever want to sell it, you’re going to have a wonderfully good opportunity to sell your business. Thanks for listening. I hope you’ll tune in to IBBTalks.com. I hope you’ll spread the word, that we’re here to “Inspire Better Business”. Thank you very much!!!
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Gary Shotton
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  1. Tim 3 years ago

    Always inspires, I want to spiral UP… thanks for sharing from your real life learning experiences from the school of hard knocks.

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