Spouse Not In Agreement

Spouse Not In Agreement
June 2, 2019 Gary Shotton

The bigger the business decision the more important it is to be in agreement with your spouse about that decision by Gary Shotton #000287

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Spouse Not In Agreement

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and I’m a part of Inspiring Better Business and I sure am happy you’re with us here on this talk and I’m sure enjoying this as most of you know there’s two main parts of our work here is to produce these teachings so that people can access and number two is to call in and support small groups especially in foreign countries to answer questions for them and keep in touch we try to do that weekly and it’s become a highlight for all of us that are doing that because we get to talk to people in the real life and one of the things we do is we say ask us questions so I’m going to talk about a question that was asked and it’s a kind of a good one that would we could all discuss after through interpreters and through what I could tell this person in the group in a foreign country was asking that they had a situation where the spouse was very hesitant or expressing hesitation to move to a new city where there was a business opportunity for this couple and the question was what should we do about that and so first of all I gave three good point three points I hope they’re good points and number one I wouldn’t move my family to a new location for business or for a job without first checking the most important thing the spiritual aspect of the move you see I asked and understood that this couple our family was involved in a local church had a good pastor and I’m not just being churchy here but I’d say if you’re going to go to a new town you all go ought to visit that town several times if possible and establish your Christian foundation where are you going to go to church what are you going to do for your family’s well-being spiritually that’s pretty important and that would be top on my list number two the agreement of a spouse in such a move is pretty important when you go to a new location there’s a lot of changes already there’s change in family changing in friends change in home you’re gonna live in your really disrupted and so if the family mainly the husband and the wife both are not in agreement on this then you’re going to have another uphill battle I’ve seen people move to other locations and they didn’t address the harmony in the family first and it didn’t get better typically so that would be number two then number three of course is the business opportunity now even there I would go and be sure that this is not some fake kind of opportunity that’s real didn’t go into detail with the business I did a little bit later you’ll hear it in a minute but you know if you’re entering into some kind of agreement with someone I would spend some time with them in that other setting it would be worth going for three or four or five days a couple times that’s not wasted time because you’re gonna start seeing the real character of the individuals involved and and you’re gonna start seeing how they deal and handle you personally and how they react it is just a like a a new friendship of much deeper than a friendship it’s like a a marriage in some degree because you spend a lot of time with this new business encounter if there’s other people involved so that’s my suggestion to them and then I made comment to this individual through the interpreter that it really sounded to me more like they were moving for a job not to start a business so I asked tell me more and what kind of business is this and it is presented to me that this was a shop like you were selling hardware and pots and pans and general hardware kind of goods maybe some vegetables I don’t know but a small store and I said you know why would you move to another town many miles away to do that and so I asked the size of the town that they lived in currently this was the Congo as one of the larger cities I can’t tell you which one it was from memory but they told me it was over six million people and I’m thinking you know let’s talk about this you’re moving to another town to create a shop a retail shop because you have a better opportunity maybe all you need to do is move and find a new location inside your own town every town has demographics meaning there’s economic sections of town that are more that are better than others there’s traffic flow where you could have your shop but you would go to another town not to move there but maybe to learn some of the things that you could find a pattern or a model for your business not move your business there but learn from them I did that several times I went and looked at another town similar to my town and I looked then at the location in that town that was similar to where I was considering a business opportunity and I interviewed several towns in one case I went all over to maybe 15 different towns different cities I didn’t actually act on this in a big way but I was determined that there’s a similarity from town to town of the people that are in each town and you can find economic prosperity or economic lack in any city and so why would you move to a new location disrupt your family now we never make the decision for someone we want them to make their own decision but I’m strongly suggested to this individual through the interpreter that you should look at this why would you not just relocate your business maybe even five miles away or five kilometres or two kilometres are just have a better location in the in the traffic flow this is not a reason in my opinion to move your family to a new location for that kind of a business and I felt pretty pretty strong about it now again we don’t make people’s decisions but we try to encourage them from our experience to say listen let’s look at this from a standpoint of a big brother kind of in essence talking to a little brother and giving some brotherly advice and so this could happen it all started with kind of an irritation that the spouse was resisting the move well maybe for good reason you know we joke about it as men but a lot of times God sounds a whole lot like like our spouses our spouses sound a whole lot like God or God can speak through our spouses in a very definite way so if we’re prone to not listen to them we’re probably not listening to God now I didn’t make them God I’m just saying and you men that are married understand what I’m talking about that we kind of you know become resistant to some of the suggestions that are pretty sound based on where it comes from well again we’re here to help you help people in the opportunities grow starting growing and excelling in businesses and I hope this has helped someone that’s listening and I hope you might pass this to someone else I hope you’d become more of a part of this than just a little little bit of a listener thing so thank you for being a part of Inspiring Better Business thank you


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