Start With What You Have #000478

Start With What You Have #000478
December 12, 2021 Gary Shotton

Many people think they can not think they can start a business without first having a large sum of money. This is not God’s best for someone starting their first business. By Gary Shotton #000478

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Start With What You Have #000478

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton, and I’m here as part of inspiring, better business. And we’re on a series of teaching God’s laws for business and we have the 12 laws that we’ve identified that are that are the major laws. And this lesson is on law number one, start with what you have.

Well, John was a fine young man. He had graduated from university and they actually had a job down at the local high school. He was the vice principal. He had been a good teacher and they advanced him to a better job than just a teacher. But the pay was not very good. And he was a young man married with no children, and he wanted to grow have a family, and he needed more money for his family to grow and have it have a child. And so he’s thinking, What can I do to make some more money? And how can I create more revenue and more value for people so I could be paid more. It didn’t seem like that was going to happen at the school because the prices of this the salaries are so locked in, and on Saturday he would make in order to save money. He had a habit and he created a habit of going the extra mile several miles away. several kilometers away to a better market than his local market. We could only get a few things he wanted to get the best selection, the best quality and the better price, but it meaning meant that he had to walk a long distance to get there. It took him 30 or 45 minutes to walk there and he was willing to do that for the better price. Well, as he was doing that, he realized his neighbor, she had used to have a daughter that helped her to take care of things but the daughter had to leave and go away. And that left her there by herself. And this neighbor lady was, was there. setting on the porch and as John walked by, he just asked, Would you be interested on going to the market to the better market? Would you want anything since I’m going I would be happy to buy it for you with if you wanted and she was so happy. Now she knew each other and John was a generous man he was willing to help his neighbor. And it this neighbor lady said yes. And by the way, I have a long list of things. And and here’s the money and, and the and John said, well, well, why is such a long list. Are you going to have a party next week? And she said No, actually not. My doctor has said I’ve just eating too much rice, and I shouldn’t be eating just rice. I should having these other things on the list. And I do need another bag of rice if you could handle that. But that’s why I’m getting so many things. Well, when this all added up, John knew that this is more than he wants to carry for that long distance and so he decided to take his wagon or his old cart that he could pull behind him and drag along with wheels, and he could load that up as high as he wanted. And he wouldn’t be a problem. It wouldn’t be slower, but he could make the trip and get everything at one time while he makes the trip and he goes to the market. And he finds this things and he returns back to his neighbor. And she’s so happy because she has all the things she needs for the next week and she got got a better price. And she was so happy to pay John some money, some tip some extra money for doing what he did for her. Well, this brought an idea. As he comes home. He’s telling his wife and his wife says well, maybe this is the business you need the side business that you could make extra money every weekend on Saturdays and you could be a great start to create that extra revenue. And we could put that away aside anticipating our baby. Oh, that would be so excited. We can work together I will even help. And so the next Saturday he does the same thing. The neighbor lady has her list and he she pays extra gives him some money. They buy their things what they had budgeted for and they added another person another neighbor and the week after that they added another and now they’ve got five or six or seven people there waiting for Saturday for him to come around and take their order. He’s making a business out of that he’s making getting organized, he’s experimenting, he’s keeping track of records because he must keep each person’s list in order separate has to wave has to have a way of doing that. And so this is growing quickly into something more than he expected. He started with just being generous to his neighbor, and it has grown into a small business. And it was what he had. He had not borrowed any money from anybody he just had the idea he had the time and he was willing to serve. Well, as time went on. He realized he could make go even farther with this and he was able to get a bicycle and that bicycle had the wagon he could pull behind it and later on he had a Boda Boda his motor scooter and even with that he could give her a ride to someone meaning he could pay charge a bit for them to ride on the back as a taxi going to one way and coming back. Of course he would have it full with all the groceries and all all the all the merchandise and this grew and grew and grew in a way that he even went from the Boda Boda and he was thinking about getting his car is only and first car that his family would have a real family that would have a wife and some children. This is his dream coming true. Now he had a dilemma though he didn’t know if this man he should quit his job. See his heart was in teaching. He was so good of a teacher that it would kind of be a shame to move away from what he wanted to do in order to do something just to make money and he decided that he could keep the business skills going that he can continue learning from the lessons he’s learning on these these lessons were teaching on how to operate a small business, how it can grow. And he was learning how to grow his business. He was so excited because he had learned from lesson one, how to start with what he had. And then Lesson Two said to experiment. He could experiment he was what he was doing. He was finding how that each time he grew to the next level he was knowing and learning new things, which was one of the lessons will grow out law of growing step by step. He was learning to do systems and processes because this is the way things work and he ensured he wanted quality. Well that’s why he went to this better market. He didn’t want the the foods that were close. By and cheaper. He wanted to pay even a little extra if he needed to to have higher quality. He was a generous man. He knew you’d have competition and he knew and have record keeping would be a part of it. Now in the lesson for start with what you had, he knew that he would. This was something even that we would say in the Word of God. That many times the Bible was full of examples like when when the very first miracle Jesus started with water and turn it to wine. He knew from Jesus’s miracles with feeding the the the large number of people they started with what they had at one time it was two fishes and 12 loaves of bread, and he fit fed a whole multitude. So these are things that he could see were God’s plan for his life. He was so excited about that. And then he was learned some things about start with what you have, where you’re at, and what you already know. He knew what to do to go to the market. He had been doing it a long time. And he knew that that that he didn’t want to start with a loan. In fact, if he was going to get a loan, it would only be in the future only for something like the car or something that had value he would never just borrow money just to pay the bills are just to get ahead. And he wouldn’t be very careful if he ever borrowed money to make sure that that he wasn’t getting in growing too fast because one of the reasons people fail is that they try to grow too fast. Well, this all shifted so that he was able to think bigger and he was able to decide that maybe he would keep his job, which he liked. And he would always be developing business skills on the side. And as those business skills develop, he might even change from this business to another business and he could still do it and gain the extra money. See he had options when he had learned the lessons for doing business God’s way. When you have options you have power, because now you can choose what is better for me and my family, not what I’m stuck doing. And so these are things that I believe God would have you know, that God wants you to think this in a good way that you would have the things in your hands that you could have options, serving God honoring God, and being sure that you you had a good quality of life.

God wants you to be blessed. I’m sure of that. He wants you to have the provisions you need for your life. Thanks for being a spark a part of Inspiring Better Business.




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