Starting Small

Starting Small
July 15, 2016 Joel Isabirye

Being willing to start small on your first business is not only practical but may be your only option. #000021

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Starting Small

By Joel Isabirye  From Uganda Africa

This is Joel from Uganda. I’m going to talk about how someone can start small to a very big business. So, I’ll come up with a very simple example. Let’s say the chicken business. How can someone really start with very small money?  Let’s talk about something like $10 or $20 to come up with billions and billions of monies out of the chicken business. I will bring up an example, you can save some small money.  you can ask from a dad or a relative, someone can help you with this small money to buy one chicken. We are talking of one chicken and we are targeting at this chicken making us to become billionaires. How are we going to do this now? So, we get our one chicken, we start keeping it in a small house. Now this one chicken will help us to frame or to train us how it’s, how we feed it, how to prepare its house. So, we have our one chicken now, we are watching it. Let’s say it can take for two or three months, then it starts laying eggs.  We are trying to come from one chicken and see how we can get like five chicken and lay us like 100 eggs, so we look at our chicken, we feed it from the start. It’s one month, its two months.

Then here it starts to lay the eggs so when it starts lay the eggs, yes, you’re reaching a level, you’ve seen the eggs But it’s also another level in this business from the start you had, it’s now going to let you know how to handle the eggs. Before you go up for the big business you have a thousand eggs, you need to know how to handle the eggs. So, it will start with one egg. Let’s say freeze one egg. Eggs are delicate. If someone doesn’t know how to handle them really it breaks. So, you will have one egg. You can maybe mess up with one egg and say okay if I mishandle it, it will break down. So for the first egg, let’s say you’re missing it. But for the second one you know how to handle it now. So you can have the second egg, the third one, the fourth one, and you know how you get to know how to keep these eggs cause sometimes eggs don’t need to be just put anywhere. They can get broken so you can get to know how to handle these eggs, how you can handle the eggs. So now after maybe the chicken has given you something like 10 eggs, now we can think of incubation. We are trying to see how we can turn from one chicken, to become like ten chickens, I mean ten chicks. So, we have 10 eggs now. You can ask around, and as I go on, I always emphasize if you’re trying any business, you ask someone who has some experience. So, let’s say you have your eggs you can ask around who knows about incubation? Who has the incubator? You may not be having the money to buy the incubator because it’s an expensive one, but someone may be ready to help you with your 10 eggs to incubate them and become chicks. So, you can ask around. Now, you’ve seen someone maybe a friend or someone in the same business, help you to incubate these eggs. It takes 21 days, we can wait. Every business needs patience, seriously. So, you wait for the 21 eggs, so now we have 21 chicks we have 10 chicks, sorry. So after getting these chicks now these chicks are now going to put in another environment of how to handle for the young ones, the small one is from one day, but we need to put it up to four months so they need to, can start laying the eggs. So, with these small chicks here, we will know the feeding. It doesn’t mean that what you’ve been feeding the grown-up one is the one the chicks are going to eat; no the chicks need a separate or a different kind of food. So here you can ask around. Or, practically you can even maybe get some small, maybe small grain and crack it down to small bits and small particles Then this one you can see maybe if the chicks love the small particles then you can know, oh yes they can go for small particles. The big chicken can eat even a full grain I mean for it, it doesn’t matter if you crack it down or not, but the small one now needs like feeding them, getting them something small because remember their digestion is not yet ready for the big particles.

So here we have the chicks, you know what to feed them. There may come another level of vaccination. Actually, if chicken business is concerned and as any other reason it has levels. From the chicks before you put them up to five month or four months, they go in vaccinating them at every level. So here you can go ask someone like or if someone is having a chicken project around you, then you can say okay have my chicks. They are five days. They are ten days. Do you know the vaccine? Do you know how to apply it? Can you help me, or can you train me how to do it? Remember, we are having ten chicks now. This one will help you if someone tell you the vaccine or you can apply it yourself. You may apply to the ten chicks and mess up with one. Maybe the one die and you remain with nine. This one will give you a lesson. To know if now I have like 100, I don’t want to do this to this or to kill the 100. So, you’ll go to vaccination, so you do the vaccination at every level. They are growing from one day, to weeks, to a month, to months. Let’s say they are three months now, so it means as they are growing up they also changing the feeding, the feed, or the food you used to feed them when they were like days, it’s not the same feed you’re supposed to feed them when they are months. So, you get to know how you go on the levels of feeding them. So, we go to three months now. We have nine chicks, remember we lost one out of not knowing how to vaccinate, we lost one, we have nine together with the big one we have ten. So now let’s say the nine ones we got, eight of them were chicken and maybe the ninth one was a cock, you know. For eight ones we won’t keep it for eggs because it can’t lay eggs. So now we get the eight ones we add them to the first one we had, now we have nine. These nine ones let’s say the eight one start to lay eggs also, so we get to get eggs, not from one we had, but now we have nine. Let’s say everyone is laying every day, so it means you have a guarantee of getting nine eggs every day.

This is business. If you’re planning at just selling the eggs you can try. You can say okay now, I don’t want all the nine eggs I can sell up the four and remain with five for the future incubation or what. So, selling up the surplus or the balance will also take you to another level of knowing the market. You had the chicken, you are not selling it, but now you have the eggs, you need to know the market, who needs the eggs, not everyone is a fan of eggs. So, you here go up to the public you go to the market ask people who need the eggs? Out of there before you’re getting every day you may find that you get a demand of like people need more than four eggs so this one will give you motivation and assigned so that what you’re dealing in as market, so you can proceed. You can say, okay I’ll save the five eggs every day and wait until when I get like 50 eggs or 100 eggs, then you go to incubation, you go to the friend or to the compound or cause some countries like let’s say Uganda we have got big compounds who do just the incubation work. You can go with your eggs, ready for incubation, you pay some small money. Let’s say you’ve saved the money you’ve sold; you’ve got out of selling these four. I mean, you’ve said I’m saving five eggs out of nine, and I consent to sell the four. So, now these four will help you to get the money of paying to the man, or to the owner, or to the company of the incubation so that they can help you incubate the one you’ve gathered. It depends on like cause the one under nine or less than nine they give you example how they can eat, so you can see now I can… If you can feed 100 then you can incubate 100 if you can feed 50, I’m sorry that was 100 But I’m talking if you can you can just look I said okay now I can go for the number of 20 so you can incubate 20 if you have the feeding capacity, if you can feed them then you can go for the 20. So, this one has helped us.

We came from one chicken, it gave us the eggs, we went for the incubation. We go to see the chicks, we go to see the vaccination, we go to see the market for the surplus eggs we got. So, it will give you a basis of how the business can work, then someone thinking I need to get millions and go buy 100 chicks. No, you don’t do that because you don’t know how this young chick how the chicks feed. You don’t know how they handle the eggs, so it means you can buy you can use your 100 million as capital Maybe you’ve balled it somewhere, and if you don’t have the experience, if you don’t know how to handle this, you may end up missing all the capital. So this is why I still emphasize, before you think of getting a million, before you think of getting $1000, think of something like let’s say $50 think of something like $20 you can get this, then you will start with this small, help you grow up in this business, and get the experience.



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