“Stories” (Part #2) by Jack Turner

“Stories” (Part #2) by Jack Turner
April 13, 2016 Jack Turner

Jack Turner is full of stories of success (and a few regrets) and in this video he teaches as “Part #2”.   His lessons will inspire you and make you laugh.#000318

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“Stories” (Part #2)

By Jack Turner

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

I am I’m Jack Turner I’m a retired entrepreneur we’re momentarily in Mexico doing a in a conference that’s a training ground for entrepreneurs and it’s my passion and my desire to encourage these people who have been attending our conference these two days and see them light up when we can give them hope because here I am I have some what made him a success and I started out in extreme financial difficulties I mean there was there was I had her little hope in my beginning life and as I as I as I continue to go forward I almost flunked out of high school and next thing you know I couldn’t enter college without passing all these remedial courses and then when I wake up to the fact that I’m only 5 foot 8 really I don’t have a college degree I have no particular credentials that qualifies me to be a winner but I want to tell you right now I am successful I am a winner and I’m going to do everything I can do to be an encouragement to people around the world if they will inquire the enthusiasm that I believe that the Lord has available for each one of us that well that will serve him so my passion is if you please is to encourage people to pursue the area of excellence and along with that the desire to to go forward and be and in a winner in every area of life that makes you a better father it makes you a better a better employee it makes you a better business owner and there is nothing but rewards at the end and now as as we travel around the world sharing these ideas and principles we begin to find that two people are being encouraged and their darkness begins to come sunshine as they begin to smile and they begin to get hope and assurances and as a matter of fact I was in Moldova a couple years ago that’s between Romania and in Russia and it was a very depressed economically depressed country because when when Russia pulled out at the end of the of the air of the r-mo why do you call it a sense of when Russia pulled out it left mode over with no government no financial system and there were buildings that was half done left unconstructed today they’re economically depressed and and and with that it was that being the case I was so happy to share the encouraging thoughts that there is a better way even in Moldova where they have no McDonald’s for they have no KFC’s they have no walmarts and so forth and I got to go back by my good fortune one year later and like before I got there they said there’s a guy that’s excited he wants to see you when you get here and I said well that’s interesting or when we got there then I did get to see this young man who appeared to be less than 30 years old and his excitement was he said you were here a year ago and you taught the opportunities that are available to those who are creative who will seek information and who will go forward with a creative idea and there’s opportunities out there as I was teaching them and he says guess what I started having people make cookies for me all over everywhere and then I would go out and sell the cookies so in reality i assume develop a a cookie brokerage and i made some money and that made me so excited but that’s not good enough and the reason why i want to see you now is because i have just bought a taxicab company of four cars here in moldova and with that being the case then he was just dancing they’re bouncing up and down with the joy so I want to tell you you will run in to Allah of issues or seemingly insurmountable but I have this phrase that when you get up against a brick wall there is always a way my statement to you is that is not true when you help get against a situation that seems impossible that my statement is where there’s a will there are ten ways and you know it’s amazing to me with a critic salt and I’m careful about my friends and I do like to throw this in lest I forget when I I’m very selective about my friends and if the statement is if I run with dogs I i will get fleas so I’m very careful about how I associate with spend my time and so forth but anyway I just am so happy to talk to you today and my goal in life and is it and my passion is is to encourage people there are opportunities for everyone and if you have a creative mind open to the leadership on the Holy Spirit the first thing you know you’re going to be flying high successful in your area of expertise and I want to tell you how important it is for us to to be creative and winter seems no way or plus and i’d like to tell you my wife and i were married and a little a real late at night and we had about a two-hour drive to our hotel or honeymoon hotel and in my southwest Missouri highway system through those little towns and so forth the hills were up and down and they went of sharp curves and everywhere and here we are on a two-hour drive guess what all of a sudden i have a flat tire and that flat what are we going to do there’s no cars at midnight I have no light what am I going to do to change this and and you know what I just set there what I’m going to do whatever and I got an idea I said to my wife I said get out in the street in the highway stand out in the middle of the road in front of the headlight of the car and this I hope you have an an under slip on and pull up your dress and the headlight of the car then we’ll give me enough reflection that I can see to change that tire and you know what as awkward as it was for her so forth yes flood it works we got her card ours so I’m trying to tell you where there is an issue guess what there’s always an answer and that’s my desire for communicating with you today and my friend Gary and I are committed we have virtually an agreement we will go anywhere we can we will pay our expenses we have nothing to buy we have nothing to sell we are there for one person oh one reason only and that would be if we can create a passion and a desire in people to go forward and hopefully we’ll be talking to the ones that are the most depressed the most people people who are the most down and out because we are examples of what can happen with a driving desire now let me phrase say again knowledge is power do not be satisfied with the everyday my goal in life I take cruises like for a week to learn how to win a conference on board to learn how to be a better landlord and if we take conferences I just attended one it cost me one hundred and thirty nine dollars for a two-day conference with a meeting co e CEOs of a nation like Boeing like Ford Motor Company like what’s her name bill and the Microsoft enemies Bill Gates his wife was here and she was sharing these things that leaders need to be thinking about because we have the answer and that is one of being a person of a driving spirit a determined to not be a failure and I’m making pronouncement as I sends you for I make a pronouncement that everyone listening this will be a winner you will prosper you will be successful and every issue encounter is just a challenge for you to work harder and acquire more knowledge and information and you will see yourself through and guess what you’ve got problem my joke is I got a problem what is it well I’m the happiest man in town and I don’t know what to do about it because I’m a winner and I’m seeing people respond to the encouragement that a person of nothingness which I myself am and guess what my payday has arrived because of my internal satisfaction thank you for this moment of sharing it has been so encouraging to have this opportunity to work with my friend Gary shot in here in this so-called effort of teaching the spirit of entrepreneurial activity and mainly our issue is to people who have a desire to improve themselves who desperately many times are in desperate need of improvement so I sign this off and I say best wishes to you and I make a pronouncement of a real accomplishment I’m making announcement that’s you’re a winner you’re not a loser go forth in victory

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  1. Tim Rovenstine 4 years ago

    I never get tired of hearing Jack Turner encourage others.

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