“Stories” (Part #3) by Jack Turner

“Stories” (Part #3) by Jack Turner
April 13, 2016 Jack Turner

Jack Turner is full of stories of success (and a few regrets) and in this video he teaches as “Part #3”. His lessons will inspire you and make you laugh. #000319

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“Stories” (Part #3)

By Jack Turner

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

my friends today I’m Jack Turner and I am like to share with you today some issues we’ve been discussing we’re here in Mexico with a two-day conference on teaching marketplace possibilities and with a spirit of excellence and my life has always been one I want to do better and there’s no way to do better and be a second-class citizen to the extent that you your i like to use it an example I don’t like a dirty car and I want to make sure that my lawn has kept right and as we go on then when I begin to get into the business arena as an entrepreneur and this we owned this ben franklin store which was kind of like a small Wal-mart store then as we got in there was all kinds of grounds for improvement and i made a decision that there is no substitute for the attitude of excellence so i began to pursue every possible opportunity to learn issues that would make me have a more my business to be more presentable and successful i remember for example i rented an airplane and i flew from southwest Missouri to men and Nebraska to visit another store owner and he had adventured into an area of retail in his Ben Franklin store that I was very interested in and guess what we flew up there took my store manager my wife and when we got up there he gave us a complete tour and guess what that was a very successful tour because I decided that is not for me and we continue to go this attitude of excellence we always made trips out to visit someone else who is more successful in something than i am and i found a trick that I want to always be the best in Venice I want to be the best wherever I am and frankly as a family person in my church and of course in my bed us and and I developed a policy I call up people near and far who know more about something then I know and I I call them and say I want to invite you out to lunch and with that with that issue i say i’m paying and so generally speaking they always accept and when we get to that luncheon event I my first question is I invited you I want to ask you what is working best for you in your business operations now and they would tell me they’d give me examples one after another and guess what generally speaking I could apply that information but then another very important thing to avoid mistakes and errors and my next question was now tell me what is not working and they will always tell you beware of this and that and because of this attitude then guess what the first thing you know I can add this information to my already a growing list of goals that I want to establish for myself and so my my goal actually begin to become to be a dominant leader in intervention industry back in the 80s and 90s as the leading sore in a min Franklin operation across the united states as being a great winter into crafting and quoting industries and i found out that every area that I could use to improve our presentation I pursued it even to the extent of extending or advertising I got an idea that that I think I could if I could just buy radio time and and write my own script and read my own ad in my own voice and and I did that and of all things it proved out to be highly successful and first thing you know we’re on five radio stations over our area and and people begin to fog in because of this unusual type of a business that is pursuing excellence and people enter into it and they see and the any experience what we have been attempting to make a presentation to them on and without being the case I have had people come in and they would say because of this driving force and so forth there is something different about this business what is it and the first thing you know because of our driving force and I have to do better first thing you know I had developed a highway billboard company which allowed us to have 28 hi interstate highway billboards advertising this unusual store Turner’s calico country and Ben Franklin store nothing like it and you know with that being the case the first thing I know I begin to be interviewed by the the writers of the area newspapers begin to do do stories and I won’t tell you folks that creates a joy of being successful and the more I pursue the excitement of being better the happier I become but then the next thing it happens it causes me to want to share if it’s working for me it will work for you and so I go near and far were ever invited to share some of the ideas and my driving force that there’s no no room in this economic society for people who are not pursuing this attitude of excellence and with that attitude then guess what you’re a happy person and you now can make a pronouncement I am a winner but the joy comes is when I begin to tell people if I can do it then example and I guarantee you positive road results the first thing you know you’re going to be a better father you’re going to be a better business person you’re going to be a better a better employee you’re going to be better as myself in landlord II I tell people I i want to have happy and happy tenants and someone come in they say I don’t know whether I like this this paint or not and i found out that i only want happy tenants and you know what i tell them if you’re if there’s any way in the world that you’re not sure about that that you are satisfied with the color of this or anything else I would rather you not rent for me because I only want a happy satisfied residence oh I believe I’ll take it and that is the answer that I get many times from those types of issues and this attitude goes throughout this attitude goes throughout my life and it has changed my life I’m 86 years old and I’m gonna have a driving force and a passion to pursue excellence but not in my life but to see it in the lives of others now that means they will also become winners and be prospering and satisfied in their life I would like to make a another comment as I have needed a desire of mine to pursue the attitude of excellence we had 23 staff people after putting at the time when we did sell out in 1991 and part of the teaching that we gave them everybody must have eye contact and and everybody must be must be acknowledged and for these people to serve and represent me as I want them to do I tell them I don’t want you to be an employee I want you to be a member of the family and when you do this then you’re going to see and experience the satisfaction that’s in people that causes them to come back and come back and come back again therefore by pursuing the attitude of excellence in staff I know we would have two to four high school students working with us every year and when I would interview them and bring them on staff I would tell them this is not a job this is a school I want to see you pursue these ideas and areas that I myself and possessed with and if you will let me I will be your teacher where you then can we can pursue these areas of excellence and I promise you you will have fulfillment of life and then become a person of joy and satisfaction because now you are a winner


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