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  • Congo, Africa : 9.17.2019

    IBB Talks Mutwanga – DR Congo Subscribe To Our NewsletterInterested in getting updates from on featured content and new…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Haiti : 9.14.2019

    9.14.2019 – Group Meeting “Report of the call to Haiti. The goal is to help people start their own enterprise,to…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Tanzania, Africa : 9.23.2019

    This is kilakala kkkt ,we discussed about the issues of how to markert our product som3 they do chicken raising…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Congo 2.2.2019

    IBB TALKS – Goma today, Discussing two questions: 1. Are there methods to fight poverty. 2. How to keep the…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Tanzania 2.12.2019

    At this group  there is a person beside me  who inspired  me with his story  how  he started making  business …

    By Gary Shotton
  • Tanzania 2.26.2019

    Today I got time visit small business  people  and I visited  a woman called Mrs msonga with her  team they…

    By Gary Shotton
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