Taking Ownership

Taking Ownership
March 7, 2021 Gary Shotton

Ownership of a company that employs people other than your family is a rewarding and difficult.  Making God directed decisions is critical. By Gary Shotton #000433

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Taking Ownership

By Gary Shotton


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Hello, today I’m here as a part of inspiring better business and we’re going to talk about “taking ownership”  you know our videos and our teachings are really strongly focused on ownership we’re not here as a technical training center, where we might teach you how to cook or sew or weld, we’re not even here to teach about managing like a leadership and how to be a better shop manager or foreman or something these are all very important things but we’re here primarily to teach about ownership and how you can become an owner starting small growing step by step and grow into something that’s significant enough that you’re actually hiring and employing other people you see there’s no without ownership without entrepreneurship without a business then there’s no need to hire the technical people or those that we call managers or gift of administration because they do have nothing to do many times we have tech schools in developing nations and we teach people to weld and sew and build things with their hands when they graduate there’s just no job so there’s responsibilities that come with ownership and in this discussion I do like to just share that there are three major responsibilities I’ve already alluded to them that you need to identify in order to actually have a good solid company so as mentioned number one of those is identifying those people that are gifted in the technical aspect of your business in my case I have  had in my previous first business I had people that were able and skilled at driving large trucks I had a trucking company and they had to be taught how to drive the truck we had to get a license to drive these trucks because they’re very big trucks and we talked to technical things because we’re moving furniture how to load the furniture so that that you didn’t scratch it and you didn’t scratch the floor you didn’t scratch the walls that you didn’t cause a problem with the customer and you knew how to collect the monies and so that’s a technical thing on our current business I have a machinist and so we make metal parts and how do we make the metal parts is that skill that’s learned and somebody that learns what we do and have the skill sets over a period of time they can get a job anywhere in the united states because there’s always a job for those that are in the technical side of making metal parts take somebody that’s in a foreign country and you decide that you want to have a wedding cake you want to make wedding cakes well that somebody has to be the cook knows what how to put the ingredients in know what the temperatures are know how to decorate those are the technical things and at the beginning of your ownership you probably will need to be as for sure on your first business very gift not gifted necessarily but capable of understanding the technical side but at some point you’ll probably discover that there’s other people even more gifted than you and you need to move on move over to something else because you can’t do everything you’ll have to be willing to train somebody  and trust them and guide them into systems and processes so that you can manage now that would be another level many people that are doing the technical I have a friend that’s making jewelry and they’re making jewelry in the country of Zambia and so there’s a number of ladies in this case that are making jewelry so they have a training for these young people they’re ladies primarily that are capable of making the jewelry that’s they’re creating that system now in all of these examples the next I call it a level but it’s not a sin priority level but it’s just a reality you have to have people that will manage and that’s somebody that’s I call in the word of god the gift of administration but there’s also the need for the gift of administration as outlined when we talk about the person Joseph was never owned a thing he only administered the wealth of first Potiphar’s household he was sold as a slave came in uh from below ground zero he was a slave but through his gifting of administration and managing somehow we don’t know the details he rose through the ranks and became in charge of absolutely everything part of her head and then later on he was lied about he was put away not fair to him we’re going to have things that aren’t fair to us well there’s an example it wasn’t fair but he started over in the dungeon and whatever happened he rose to the top by administrating the things in the dungeon to the level that he was in charge of everything and you know what over a period of time in a series of events he’s now to the position of managing the wealth of the world under pharaoh everything was under his control what a great example so you as an owner have to have some technical skills at least to able to identify and get someone in that position then you have to have some managing skills or administration skills but once again you would want to get somebody in that position because you are called as the owner to some more important things now these have to go all simultaneously as you grow but one of those is the spiritual aspect of your business you see as owner you could be working hard or as even any person could work hard to have things in order but then if you don’t acknowledge the spiritual side you won’t have the fullness of what I think god would have for you this morning in fact in our local church our pastor read these words and so I’ll give him credit uh pastor Whitney George from church on the move and he says you will never accomplish god’s purpose in your life apart from god’s power in your life you’re going to have to have god’s power in your life to really succeed let me explain you see somebody could own a business and do it without god and they will gain some level of success they can actually gain a quite a bit of success and quite a bit of money quite a bit of wealth they can actually be quite rich with what appears to be god’s not involved well I tell you they don’t realize it but they learn one way or another the laws of business and applied them in a natural sense with the natural parts of ability accounting and management and leadership and things but they left god out of the picture but what you want is to have god right in the center of all this because there’s a lot of things that money can’t buy and money is just a part of your life you can’t money cannot buy a happy marriage do you know how many businesses rose to some level of wealth and success and because of uh other things in their life there’s a divorce or strife at home and this whole thing maybe doesn’t go into the ground with nothing but it certainly is affected when there’s a divorce I’m not down on divorce I’m just saying that’s a fact you know there’s other things like uh like raising your children and sometimes the next generation needs to know that there’s god in their life so that they can have a happy life because many wealthy people can come without god and their next generation be a mess there’s also the issue of health how are we going to have there’s certain things that that wealth and money can’t buy in our health so without the spirit of god without will never accomplish god’s purpose in our life apart from god’s power in our life and there’s a whole study on learning how the spirit of god works in our life will guide us and direct us and that’s what we want we want that leadership from god in a way that works in harmony with these other two aspects there’s another pastor that talks very openly about that it’s a combination of applying our natural God-given gifts plus the power of god is kind of saying the same thing together unleashes a mighty force and success so we want the whole package I want you to have the whole package I’m working towards it I’m always working I’m not arrived I’m not perfect I’m not making everything sound like I’ve got it all together I’m just saying that’s our goal is to have a complete company a complete view of life so that your enjoys with life with peace and harmony with god and mankind thanks for being a part of Inspiring Better Business.


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