September 30, 2018 Gary Shotton

Business ownership will include a never ending series of tests. With God’s help and instructions from His Word you are promised success by Gary Shotton #000234

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By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and I’m here as a part of Inspiring Better Business and I like sharing these lessons with you and I hope they’re beneficial I really like to share lessons when it’s really facing me face on and today I’m going to talk about passing the test are being tested or the test and I’m actually facing one of the biggest tests in my life in my business career that I’ve had for actually many years and so it’s easy for me to dig back and say hey how am I going to come through this test and still be honoring to everyone involved and so I’m going to share on two key points and some side points but one in particular is you will not be tested with any test that you’re not capable of passing now you can make some mistakes and you can not pass the test but if you’re following the principles of good solid business and you’re capable of of making the next step forward in your business or you’re just doing business in general you can be confident that with God’s help that you’re not going to be tested above that that you can find an answer to that test I’m going to use two or three scriptures at the end of this section just to show how God wants us to be tested and then number two being tested is not a bad thing it’s actually a good thing it’s not like you want to be tested but it’s actually one of those things that produces life in you produces growth in you and I’m going to talk about that as well well let’s get started well most people don’t like to take a test we get sweaty hands we feel pressured man we’re where we would avoid the test if it it at any cost of at all possible because man it’s just pressure I understand that and that’s what we’re talking about being in the games that you have some tests and we want someone normally if we’re taking on an item especially a safe D or something like that we want someone to have tested this for us I don’t want to jump out of an airplane with a parachute that hasn’t had at least the process been tested over and over and over again so that if I was to pull that or when I was to pull that ripcord that shoots kind of open I want to be tested I want somebody to do the testing and then you know it’s funny that I want even a layer of certification I want some kind of authority that that’s gonna survive regulations and certifications that make sure that whatever we’re looking at has tested and has been tested well so that’s part of life we are in that same situation we’re going through tests you’re going to go through tests and it’s a good thing owning a business is not going to be trouble 3 in fact it’s going to be a never-ending series of tests don’t start down that path of ownership unless you want to be tested because it’s not like a bed of roses some of the non owners or workers and employees and people watching they man all you got to do is own a business and all you’re going to do is count the money and take care of what you’re gonna do with all that cash well that may happen at some point but it’s not very often not very quick and and you’re gonna be tested I’ll just try to emphasize that so I’m gonna ask this question if you’re ready for business are you ready to be ready to be tested do you want to be tested do you realize that God will not allow you to be tested above that that you’re able but will with a test make you a way to get through and pass that test the reality is you’re gonna have to be tested to move to the next level and all of us are going to be tested we’re gonna have tests up to test after test and it’s a really funny thing and this is going to be the one that’s might be surprising to you one of the things you’re going to find is that you’re gonna need to rejoice in the midst of the test not for the test but in the midst of it that’s what’s going to help you get through this process well I’m going to read a couple scriptures this could fit into the biblical perspective of things and I hope that you see that this is not coming from Gary as Gary’s idea first on five 14 and 15 and this is the confidence that we have towards him that’s God that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us well we know God hears us that’s great and if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask we know that we have the requests that we ask of him Wow that’s confident we have that that we ask of him Romans 12:2 be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that by testing there’s a keyword that by testing you may discern what is the will of God and what is good acceptable and perfect well that’s pretty important because it’s by testing that we actually discern God’s plan for our life it’s we go out there and we make some tests we we experiment we go forward we we we are subject to some failure we don’t play it too safe that’s part of God’s plan to stretch out the last thing I want to do is in life and and have this thought that man I should have stretched out a little farther I want to take some tests take some risk take a reasonable risk knowing that that I won’t fail and if I take the right steps and then I’m gonna rejoice that I had a full life let’s go to James 1 chapter 2 verse 2 and for my brethren count it all joy when you fall into various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience and let patience have it’s perfect work that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing the key part of it for me there is that the testing of your faith the testing of your faith how can you be how can you be tested unless you take some risk how can you so in the business world you’re going to be taking some risk you’re going to be taking some some process of time you’re gonna have a chance of failure but not God will not allow you to be fail to fail if you’re following his plan and and and doing his will there’s always a way of escape I’ll guarantee it God will make a way well I said I was going through some tests I also hold to the fact that most of us should not just tell thousands of people all the details of the tests were going through those most people don’t have any way to relate to what you’re going through and your business tests I would find just a couple people that you can confide in that have been through the tests or similar tests that you’re going through and those are the people I would discuss this with those are the people a limited number of people that’s just my opinion and so in my case I’ll just be very general we have a cycle of business and the cycle of business sometimes for months and years it’s just prosperous and good lots of work lots of income and then sometimes it slows down and it happens about every four to six years in my in my business and that’s about what’s happened here we have for whatever reason to slow down in business and now I have some tough decisions to make but you know what I know that I’m gonna make the decisions I’m gonna make the right decisions because God’s gonna give me the answers the way to get through this in a positive way and I know there’s no chance of failure I know that I’m gonna come through this because it’s actually what I wanted it’s actually what I want and I’m going to succeed because according to James chapter 1 verse 2 3 and 4 I’m going to rejoice in the midst of my tests hallelujah God thank you that you know where I’m at thank you that you’re presenting this test and why because I’m going to go through this test and I’m going to come through it on the other side a more mature individual I’m going to be a stronger Christian I’m going to be a stronger person I’m going to have a testimony I’m gonna have the ability to go to the next level I don’t want to stay in a the junior level I want to go to the senior level I want to go on in life I want to have the tests and the big part of it is being willing to rejoice in the middle of it and you know I don’t think it’s very easy to rejoice in the middle of the test unless you can see that’s that’s part of your development that’s part of you going ahead in life and in God’s plan in business well I hope this is helpful to you I just thank God for for being a part of this with you and I asked you to share some of these if it’s helpful to you and we just bless you in Jesus name
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    Great word on overcoming trials.

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