Key To Wealth

Key To Wealth
October 2, 2016 Gary Shotton

Thousands of books have been written about how to become wealthy.  This lesson comes from the best book ever written.  By Gary Shotton #000035

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Key To Wealth

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton,  today I’m going to talk on the “Key To Wealth”.  we could have many sees the wealth but i’m just going to talk to one key to well and I think it’s a pretty important I’m actually probably buy one and not only but my first key that I would pull out if you want to be a wealthy person now I’m not putting myself off this multi-millionaire with lots of well but I’m doing okay there’s a lot of people with more money than I got so that’s not the point that i’m not in in some kind of a rape now I’m going to ask you to allow me to read from a book it’s the most published book ever published in all of mankind you know that this video series is not a creaking station but i’m going to talk from the buys so don’t be offended bear with me if you don’t really adhere to that because i’m going to talk about one teaching from this historical book that talks about this and i want to read the parts of it it says in Matthew 25 29 we run to everyone that has shall be given and two he that shall have and he shall have abundance but from the he that has not it will be taken away from him okay you know something about the Bible these were written by different people at different times and we can go again to later on or earlier on in the book of Matthew here’s the same basic verse again for whoever have in him shall be given and do he shall have more abundant but whosoever doesn’t have it will be taken away interesting same basic piece 12 the chapter 13 and one 25 now let’s go to another book now we’re going to go to the Book of Luke chapter 18 and chapter 18 says take heed therefore how you here for what River lose for whosoever hath to him shall be given and whosoever hath not from him shall be taken even that would be seamless you have almost word-for-word almost identical let’s go to the fourth one will quickly go to the fourth one and in that passage it says almost the same thing Luke chapter 19 26 but i say unto you that unto every one which shall be given and from him that hath not reason they’ll be taken from you interesting now let’s go to our last one the point I’m making here is that the water that the most written book the most published book on earth is the Bible and yet in the third book that’s mark chapter 44 verse 25 it says for to the one who has more shall be given and from the one who has done even what he has I’ll be taken away oh my goodness this doesn’t sound like a very fair deal I mean would God actually write that he’s going to take away from those people that have-not and give it to those that have well that’s not what it’s talking about it’s saying that those that have the ability to handle what’s given to them read the whole context I didn’t do that God will empower them and give them more responsibility wow that’s the key I want to talk to the key to growth and wealth is not getting more not trying to get more not growing not trying to get bigger the keys to wealth is taking care of what you have you take care of what you have and you’re going to find out that more comes to you well let’s talk about our small children our grandchildren you know that’s just a principal just as plain as we all know it that if we have a child at any age bracket and we’re trying to determine are they growing up are they maturing are they getting older we’re going to judge how did they take care of the responsibilities we’ve given them before we give them more responsibility and we train them to take more responsibility so that we can give them more responsibility it’s a process it’s all the way through every part of life the key to growing and wealth is not to try to get wealthy the the growing and wealth is to take care of what you currently have now I’m going to give a couple examples you’re from my friends you might be able to figure out who this these people are but I’m going to call it banker number one he is a banker he’s a friend that’s been a friend for over 35 years i banked one way or another with his bank for many of those years you know what this banker has decided that he would want to open and own a bank guess what he is known so well by so many people that have money that they know that he will do it so good why because the banks that he’s managed and had part owner Jim in in the past he is taking care of business so good he has no problem no problem getting investors someone else that doesn’t have a track record we’re gonna have to put the big put together a big portfolio you’re going to have to convince people they’re going to have to persuade people people are going to be hesitant but I’m telling you banker number one just has to ring the bell and say I’m ready for you and why because what he has had responsibility for he’s taken to taro I’m going to refer to banker number two he’s a younger banker he’s well-known in our community I heard recently and I know this to be true he has not only president of his bank on the side he’s part owner of 27 different companies Wow well who handles this well he’s created a system so that i was told that on saturday morning which is not bankers hours from 5am to 8am each one of the managers of each one of these 27 companies calls him at a specific time you do the math probably talk for five to seven minutes explains what’s going on keeps him abreast gets approval for any purchase over fifty thousand dollars and he goes to the next one in three aunts hours he is managing overseeing 27 businesses guess what he could go to 57 he can go to a hundred seven businesses it’s his choice because he takes care of what he has and people that are stuck with money that’s not making a good return are glad to invest with him they’re glad to trust him because he has taken care of business I feel like I not in those categories of each one of those gentlemen but that’s what’s happened with me I own this moving is this machine shop here because when I own the other company I wasn’t perfect I didn’t make every perfect decision I made tons of mistakes but I made it right I’ve I apologized I did what was necessary to make a profit to pay my vendors my bankers new me one of these same bankers i just referred to was instrumental on the loan for this business so they knew that I had taken care of business so it came time to get alone for this business I got the loan and then at each step they looked at how I paid my bills they look at my financials they they look and communicate with me as to how I’m doing in business and they see what I’m taking care of what I have so you know what now bankers are calling me you’re saying Gary could you please take another loan would you take some more money no I don’t want your money I’m trying to pay you off I want to be debt free what a change and atmosphere it’s quite fun to be on I’m not bragging on me I’m not bragging on my bankers I’m trying to help you to understand the keys one or the cheese too well is to be responsible and take care of what you have I didn’t always do that by moving in sorry today that business I had a little bit of the attitude you know I screwed that one up I messed that one up let’s forget about that well let’s go on to the next customer I didn’t dig deep and solve the problem and in that business I had struggles financially I hope these help you I have asked you to consider sharing these with other people


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