Seedtime and Harvest

Seedtime and Harvest
January 10, 2016 Gary Shotton

Could finding and hiring good employees be connected with the law of Seed-time and Harvest?  This law is well known by farmers but all business owners should consider planting good seeds of “putting over someone else’s vision” and you will have workers help you at the right time with your vision. #000076

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Law of Seed-time and Harvest

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and I’m going to talk about seed time and harvest and how that applies to you in the marketplace well I’m proud to say that I’m a second or third generation farm kid i was born on a farm where we drove tractors and planted wheat in fact we had two tractors and three boys and I was about 11 or 12 these tractors were safe and wasn’t too hard to drive a tractor and my other brothers and I would almost have a fight on who was going to get to drive the tractor because again a limited number of tractors because the third person out had to help my mom either wash the dishes do the laundry or work in the garden and so we wanted to work on the tractor planting wheat well guess what you plant wheat you get wheat we didn’t plant corn but if you planted corn you get corn you know it works all the way around if you plant love you get love if you plant a friendship you’ll get more friends if you plant strife envy jealousy you’ll get strife invis envy and jealousy back it’s a law you don’t need to have to believe anything but look around it is the truth so we’re going to talk about how that applies to you in the marketplace now just a little bit about Auto turn manufacturing you’ll see here i’m in my plant i own this place i’m proud to say that we have about 65 workers we’re going to be around nine million dollars this year we were about 11 million last year in total sales we have about 35 CNC machines 45 machinists the rest of the employees are support shipping and what-have-you equality and so this is an operation certainly not the biggest in town but it’s okay size wise and I have a lot of people ask me how in the world do you get such good employees well I believe its seed time and harvest I believe without patting myself on the back being egotistical and nothing like that I’m just stating a fact that i am a seed planter of helping others i have a lot of seed in the ground i have been planting seed towards this almost 45 years at least 40 years let me tell you a little bit about this well back when I was newly Wed on our first job working for the big oil company I was also a member of a local church and I did virtually everything you can think of in this small church in the state of Wyoming I helped my pastor be put the church over I was not only the treasurer of the small church I also was a Sunday school teacher at that small church when we added decided to build a double the size of the building structure know the structure wasn’t that big it was like adding on to the house but I was in charge of construction at the workplace I made sure that company an oil company i did my very best to put more time in than i was paid for i work hard in saving money i planted good seed all of those nine years then in the mid-1980s i moved to the town Broken Arrow Oklahoma to go to Bible School well that’s fine I also join the local church I was instrumental in that local church we had another building project having another building project it was natural that I helped poor country I helped put up sheetrock I also was in charge of teaching the youth for multiple years probably seven or eight years and in the process of time I was a seed planter I mowed grass I help any way I could at that church I’m not patting myself on the back I’m just stating fact I help those pastors two different masters over almost a nine-year period become a successful small church then I’m part of a mega church that was in the early 90s and I helped teach junior high it was a little bit challenging because in this larger Church I had between 75 and 107 seventh and eighth and ninth graders that’s 11 12 and 13 year olds and they can be challenging I enjoyed that and after that I help on the usher and I’m still an usher at that church I help pick up sheep droppings we call our people in the body of Christ sheep because we have a major Sheppard and when they leave a lot of trash in the seat after the end of the service us with the ushers of the other people to myself we pick that up sheep droppings I was also involved with our local band program because I have two kids that are in the high school band a very high level band I drove truck I help with the band instruments I committed myself to make sure that band that local church wherever I map I’m the best helper I could possibly be and I like I said currently I continue working at my church I’m involved volunteer every time I can and I want to be sure that i am adding value to wherever i’m working well seed time and harvest I have so much seed in the ground it doesn’t surprise me I’m not elevating me my me me me and I I’m just saying that when I put that much seed in the ground it’s coming back over and over and over into the parvis that aren’t enjoying now I have the best plant manager you could possibly ask for I have the best quality managers that as for I have the best Executive Assistant we have the best person taking care of payroll and taking care of invoicing we have the best buyers and estimators everywhere down the line I have now the harvest of the seed time of harvest that I’ve been participating in over a 40-year period keep in mind this is not a temporary this is not a short-term this is not a once in a flash in the pan idea it’s a consistent life stuff a consistent way of helping people I want to be committed to those people I’m working for so I want to plant the seed of commitment that’s staying with me I don’t want my workers to change jobs for a quarter an hour I’m committed to my vendors ice plant seed I have a harvest coming from the fact that I don’t jump around from my vendors so I have customers that stick with me this is a deep subject it’s a never-ending subject and I hope you learn that this is something that is inherently of value if you own and operate your own business or if you’re a manager in a business plan good seed you’re going to have a good harvest come your way I hope this helps you I hope you can be a benefit to you and your business walk and I just thank you for listening


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