Time Management

Time Management
April 3, 2020 Tim Walterbach

Time is the most valuable commodity we have as humans and managing it well result in the best life possible. By Tim Walterbach #000353

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Time Management

By Tim Walterbach

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hi my name is Tim Walterbach with IBBTalks I’m gonna be talking today about time management as you can see this house behind me has been put put together over the last six months and I probably have one more month until it’s completed to get this done on a timely in a timely fashion so that it can be profitable take some some thought some pre-planning so first of all the most important thing in time management is is personal time management you got to get a hold of your schedule I know of too many subcontractors that roll up on the job at ten o’clock and then they’re rolling up the cords at at two o’clock and they’re wondering why they can’t get anything done and and why their prices have to be higher than the next guy sometimes they complain about some of the help some of the other subcontractors that work longer hours they they complain about some there are some some different nationalities that work harder sometimes then than they do and I tell them I said listen they can they can underbid you because they’re coming at 7:00 in the morning and they leave at five o’clock and so they can knock 30% off their price and undercut you it’s it’s based on how much time you have on the job whether you’re profitable or not so it starts with starting your day right for me I get up before the Sun comes up and so first thing in the morning what I try to do is spend a little time in God’s work just spend some time reading and praying to kind of plan out in my day ask God his opinion on how to address certain situations asking for directions he can guidance wisdom justice knowledge understanding all the things that God promises particularly I always read a proverb in the morning it seems to always have something to do with my business day that day so personal planning you know personal time to to plot out the day it’s probably the most important thing but I put my see even though I’m self-employed to put myself on a schedule I’m leaving the same time every morning what generally is about 7:00 a.m. in the morning and and it gives me time to get to the job site get set up before other others come other subcontractors come and then I don’t quit until you know Leyton late in the afternoon as an entrepreneur as a business owner I try to be the first here and the last one to leave then you know to do a project like this if you just go into it haphazardly without having that timeline always in the back of your mind of when things are to be done that six-month project can creep into nine months really easy so it begins with for me putting a budget together and from that budget then I know they’re not kind of on the side of the the financial budget I put a time budget and I’ll have a timeline now there’s there’s all kinds of systems for timelines and you can google that and and there’s a lot of weight but I’ve just adjusted to to my needs and and most importantly even after I write it out is that internal time clock that’s always working in you got to develop that you got to to to if you’re going to be self-employed you’ve got to be more disciplined than the average person I remember I first started a business and I was working out of my house I realized that I was kind of getting to the office later and later and taking longer breaks and and I realized that this was not going to be very productive after a while you know there’s a proverb says the diligent shall be made rich the diligent shall be put in charge and so I realized that I was had to discipline myself because I didn’t have a boss that was going to lay out a schedule for me so what I’d actually do even though I worked at home I’d get up put my suit on put my suit and tie and like I was going to work and once I went into my office everybody in the house my wife was raising her kids knew that that dad was at work and and it kind of set me and is a good precedent for me for the rest of my life that if I’m gonna be in business for myself I’ve got to master my schedule you know there’s a a friend of mine said we were talking about being entrepreneurs and how much we have to work and he says yeah you know what I like about being in business for myself is I get to work whatever hours I want whatever 80 hours during the week I’m gonna work I can work because that’s if you’re going to own your own business it’s not going to be a 40-hour we go you’re gonna put in 40 hours with everybody else but you got to prepare beforehand and you got to prepare and take the care of things afterwards also so if if that’s your calling in life that’s your goal know that you’re gonna have to be a little more discipline than the next guy so I hope this was helpful to you and thanks for joining us


Tim Walterbach
Founder and CEO | Walterbach Homes
Not only is Tim a successful business owner, author, and speaker, he has specialized in creating the turn-around for several non-profit organizations in Georgia, New York, and Oklahoma. His success is featured in the book, "Finish the Vision".


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