Time Wasted

Time Wasted
November 17, 2019 Gary Shotton

Time may be the most valuable asset a business owner has in his control. Wasting time is a formula for disappointment.  By Gary Shotton #000325

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Time Wasted

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and I’m here as a part of Inspiring Better Business,  IBBTalks and today I’m going to talk about the pursuit of money man is that dangerous and I’m going to lay out why that is dangerous and even though we all I think have an objective to do well financially and that we create an environment where we can enjoy life in a pleasant way we have plenty of money to pay our bills and extra even our extra to lift our children or our children’s children I mean it’s not bad to have some goals in the area finances and and and your personal net worth I read I mention that in some other recordings that it’s desirable in my opinion to know where you stand it’s another teaching but to actually create a very basic financial statement that shows your personal net worth that’s what you’re worth when you would die well that’s what would be shared with your heirs or your inheritance or left or your spouse and so I think that number should go up all the time it should be one number and a year later it should be a higher number not going down those are good things but if someone enters into the business world in my opinion and their pursuit their desire their focus is getting rich I think it’s dangerous ground I think that I have have seen many people even coming out of good homes and even Christian schools I’ve heard him say man my goal is to be a millionaire when I turned 30 years old I’ve heard that several times they were all pumped they had new ideas that are hitting but you know what happened it’s kind of like cold water it comes out in the real world and many of those people didn’t even come close some do and I’m okay with goal-setting and I’m okay with somebody being a millionaire but if the pursuit is money then you’re going to be far far disappointed let me success something different the pursuit is doing good business the pursuit is providing a quality product as a fair price the pursuit and is is being able to create processes and systems the pursuit is being able to others your pursuit is the ability to identify your competitors your pursuit is doing things differently expanding your horizons or doing research all of many of the things we’re talking about and the profit or the making money is the actual byproduct in other words don’t be so worried about whether I made the money or not focus on doing good business when you do good business and you keep track of things and you make job costing and you know having to understand your accounting I mean this goes on and on keep refining your skills in the area of doing better business that’s why we’re here that’s why we want to help you that’s what we want to do is to help you do better business not get rich but the process will produce money profit and progress and wealth and we are very passionate about that because we believe that the world especially the developing nations don’t have enough entrepreneurs that are willing to take the risk to make a challenge to step out and in ultimately be able to hire other people that are more gifted in administration or in doing technical things and so we’re here to make things better well some of the mistakes are is is come up when you’re pursuing pursuing wealth or proceeding getting rich is that you tend to take unnecessary risk in other words if you’re plotting yourself and you see man this is not going as fast as I want I’m going to take a risk outside the realm of what I should be doing at this stage in life maybe it’s premature maybe it’s ahead of time it’s a really classic and we can teach it in many different ways but growing too fast that is a problem if somebody is outgrowing their financial stability I’ll grow their ability to maintain control on their systems and processes outgrowing their ability manage their banking or their financing they’re on the path for destruction it may happen it may you may be slip by it but growing too fast and that many times comes from the pursuit on wanting to get rich and so taking unnecessary risk growing too fast will be very definite indicators that this is a mistake now I must also say that in my observation I’m a little older than many of the people watching this that the concept behind getting rich many times is that if you get rich you’re going to become satisfied you’re going to come to a level of satisfaction I’m of the belief that money in itself is not satisfying it buys toys it it buys some forms of pleasure it devise some luxuries luxurious type things that you may not have obviously without money but there are a lot of people with very little money that are very very happy and content people and there’s probably an abnormal number of people that are very wealthy that are not happy they’re not satisfied they’re not tuned into their life their family their kids and you know that’s just what it’s all about I’m talking about balance in your life I’m talking about creating a balance where money and riches and finances are a part of the picture and they pay the bills but they’re not the goal this is not the goal to be the wealthiest I’ve said this many times I’m not going to be the wealthiest man in the world so why would I try at this point I want to have a satisfied full life now for those that are know me well you know here for a minute I’m going to talk about God we don’t allow preaching on our website what we do refer to God in a very positive way you when when appropriate and I’m going to tell you that happiness is not going to be in my opinion complete without knowing where you face in eternity where you face with God we’re too and recognize that he is the difference maker that he is the the person that shines the light in the darkness and makes the difference and he’s the one God in the way we learn him so I would not only dis pursue violence pursue the business knowledge but I would personally gear into a solid pursuit of God where you put all the pieces in place your health your family your kids all the things that really do satisfy you and again wealth and money is just a part of that so allow me to encourage you that in that direction and forgive me if that’s offensive because I believe that from the bottom of my heart so let’s pursue satisfaction in doing a good job and not pursue money let’s pursue learning solid business skills and passing those on to the next generation you know there’s certain I’m going to refer to the Jewish race they’re well known for passing on wealth to the next generation that does not mean they pass on money they pass on the ability for their kids and their grand-kids to deal and handle money in a wise way that’s what I want I’m part of that family and I’m gonna do it the best of my ability for everyone in my family and I believe you should too well thanks for being a part of this inspiring better business
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Gary Shotton
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  1. Tim Walterbach 1 year ago

    Time, everybody’s got the same, some people use it better than others. Time management never ends we are always adjusting and re-organizing to get the best most productive use of her time. It’s good to hear from others to get ideas on how to be more efficient .

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 1 year ago

      Thanks for your comments.

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