Excelling Your Business

  • Taking Risk

    Knowing how to manage risk and stay within your risk tolerance is critical. By Gary Shotton #000067 Click Here to…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Don’t Fall Asleep

    The current President of North Korea, executed his Defense Ministry just for “falling asleep in a meeting”.  Have we fallen…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Entitlement

    Please don’t feed the bears, because they will not learn to feed and take care of themselves. By Gary Shotton#000073…

    By Gary Shotton
  • You’re Fired

    The process of dismissing an employee deserves some very serious considerations.  By Gary Shotton #000074 Click Here to download in…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Business With Purpose

    Mr.  Hal Rahman from Cameroon, West Africa –  Having a purpose with owning a business is extremely important and makes…

  • Seedtime and Harvest

    Could finding and hiring good employees be connected with the law of Seed-time and Harvest?  This law is well known…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Experience

    Knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone.

    By Gary Shotton
  • Feasibility

    Many people start with a business idea that has little to no chance of becoming profitable.

    By Gary Shotton