Building Your Legacy

  • Affluenza

    Being affluent is no excuse for not knowing right from wrong. We are all responsible for our actions. Click Here…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Humility

    Putting others first is a characteristic of our world’s real heroes.

    By Gary Shotton
  • Ethics in Business

    Running a business with a high degree of ethics will create a legacy, will honor your family, and honor God.

    By Octavian Msongamwanja
  • Spirit Of Faith

    You may choose a Spirit of Faith or Spirit of Fear, there will be a major difference in the results.

    By Gary Shotton
  • Making Lemonade

    When you have been handed a lemon, you must learn how make lemonade.

    By Gary Shotton
  • Don’t Talk Too Much

    Over-talking the situation can discourage people, lose the sale, and cause people to avoid you.  By Gary Shotton #000114  

    By Gary Shotton
  • Bribes

    Giving or receiving a bribe could land a person in jail in many countries, but it seems to be standard…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Influence

    Influence may be the most powerful thing a person or business has and can be used for great good, if…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Is The View Worth The Climb?

    Early in a new quest, make sure you are willing to pay the price.

    By Gary Shotton
  • Business Ethics

    Everyone in business for any length of time will have the opportunity to ask the question for themselves, “Is this…

    By Gary Shotton