• David Kamanzi – Uganda, Africa

    Please meet an entrepreneur and my friend David Kamanzi from Uganda, Africa. His stories will inspire you!! My name is…

  • Business Culture

    If you are the business owner, you are responsible to set your business culture.  If you don’t take charge someone…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Write It Down

    When you fail to Write Down Critical Information, it could cost you a lot of time and money, besides causing…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Training

    Training employees/team members can be a challenging task if you don’t have a plan that includes easy documentation.  Developing your…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Don’t Be Fooled

    Remember, «If it is too good to be true, It is not true».

    By Gary Shotton
  • Market Share

    Knowing your percentage as compared to the total available business is knowing your «Market-Share». This can be a valuable tool…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Writing Your Business Plan

    Don’t expect money and support from others unless you know where you are headed with your business.   Writing your…

    By Gary Shotton
  • Feasability

    Many people start with a business idea that has little to no chance of becoming profitable.

    By Gary Shotton